journaling habit

How to journal better

How to journal better

What if every week a prompt showed up in your inbox and all you had to do was commit to the practice. No more thinking of what you’ll write (I know that that can put a serious kink the works big time!) 

how to have more spectacular ordinary moments

spectacular ordinary moments:  a recap

the other day my daughter { who is on the fast track of adulting right now } came over.  she's been living on her own for the last 3 months, struggling but still doing her thing.

when she comes over i get all giggly and stuff because 1) there's more estrogen in the house, albeit only momentarily,  2) i really love hanging out with her and  3) she gets me { see #1 in this sentence }.

don't you love it when your folks get you?

...cause living with a 15 yr old smack dab in the middle of male hormonal hell { did i write that? ...YES i did! } and a hubby who, without being intentional, is sometimes very decidedly male { there goes #1 again } can make a girl, who definitely appreciates her feminine side, so batty that reverting to my giggly phase when my girl's around somehow lessons the impact of said overflow of testosterone.

so said hubby and i decided the four of us would go out to dinner instead of cooking and that decision inspired what i like to call a "spectacular ordinary moment".

3 Steps from Ordinary to Extraordianry

we talked plenty & laughed at jokes only our family would know, with some howling at one point that i had to remind them there were other patrons around who might not appreciate that what we thought was so spectacularly funny was really not.

after writing in my journal about this experience i remembered a post i wrote about ways to bring in more spectacular ordinary moments and i thought i'd share it again with you cause reminders like this need repeating.  enjoy!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 


how can you turn your ordinary day into something more spectacular?

here are 3 ways you can use to raise the ordinary factor....

1. pay attention

that’s right.  1st….become more aware.  ever so simple right?  it can be the most transformational yet, at the same time, be so darn elusive. but as you go about each day be mindful of your presence, be mindful of your surroundings, be mindful of your thoughts,  be mindful of others.

in this one activity the ordinary we encounter can become the profound.

e.g.  for 5-10 minutes sit and watch a child play.  i mean really watch.  observe how the outside world has little bearing on their interactions with their toys, the dog or a cardboard box.  they are keenly and only aware of themselves and this object that has their attention.

they are more aware in those moments of their intentions and attention but most likely are clueless to this because they don’t have the reasoning capabilities just yet.  as an adult however, you do.  becoming more aware is a skill you can master.

2. let the little things go

things get our goat.  they stick in our craw sometimes.  they try our last bit of patience and, before you know it our energy is sucked dry by something so inconsequential that if you look back you’ll wonder why the thing bothered you so in the 1st place.

let go little bird, let it go.  in choosing to let the small things go you open up all sorts of bigger possibilities { ahhh….. } and allow for more moments of awareness, the kind of awareness that can change your day from bummer gloomy to outright sunshiny & bright or peaceful & content.

for those of us who have not yet made it a practice of letting go { me included sometimes.  shocker right? lol  }, it’s hard to push past that stick-in-craw stuff but …and a BIG but here.

but being concerned with the whys and hows of any given situation, the he said/she saids that go on not to mention all the “crazy” people who you have no control over anyway, all of this is sooo darn counterintuitive to being aware and living a more mindful life.

take a B R E A T H right here.  yes! { plus you’ll miss the darn beauty of those sweet ordinary moments }.

3. create space for extraordinary to happen

by damn this is a good one!

in a nut shell this means Living. In. JOY.   nah…you’re not walking around with a silly happy grin plastered on your face, nor does it mean denying the reality of a situation { sometimes we need to accept and move on people! }.

making space for the extraordinary in your ordinary day means being real with yourself and keeping an open mind despite the crazies that can occur.

if all you ever do is complain or see things from a downward perspective then imagine what you’re telling the Universe.  ick!  instead, be open for the possibility of extraordinary to occur.  and then when it does, smile, say thank you, enjoy your special moment and then tuck it in your pocket { or write it in your journal }.

3 small steps that can bring more awareness to you everyday life.  how brilliant is that!

plus, don’t forget to join the revolution below….the JOURNALING revolution!




Need more help on your journey to extraordinary?  have you tried -ing-ing yet?  whoa! you haven’t??? 

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daily snippet :: june 23

everything that surrounds you is a story worth telling~ Jeanette LeBlanc ~

i'm taking a writing course from the person quoted above.  why would i?  because i want to write a book.  i have never expressed this to anyone before, not even my sisters { one of whom is a published author }.

in my family, my brothers and sisters and i are all creatively inspired { photographer, wedding specialist, musician, artist ...that's me } but the book writing has always been my sister's realm.  so i'm taking this short email course on free writing to loosen up my writing muscles.

that leads me to daily snippets, my new blog post series.


i want you to write. i want you to write all about you and not be afraid to put your life, your thoughts, your deeds, your desires down on paper.

write it all out.  everyday.

create a practice of recording even the "boring and mundane bits" as jeanette calls them.  yes, even those.  because all of these bits....the most wonderful & joyous occasions and travel adventures and what you ate, and  the 10th load of laundry you loaded even though you are dog tired are all a part of the life you live.

and that's why i'm doing the daily snippets.  to let you in on my daily life so you can see how easy it is to take a few minutes to record something, anything, about who you are and how you go about doing what you do.  every. darn. day.

i bet reading back you'll be surprised not only that you've created a practice of journaling but also find interesting what you've jotted down because as jeanette says  .....everything that surrounds you is a story with telling.

JOIN ME.  It's a JOURNALing Revolution happening y'all!

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{ thanks to my friend Liz for this awesome recording }

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daily snippet

got really overwhelmed this week. D away on business trip and am doing the single mom thing alll week. i know it makes a difference having both parents around to co-parent and most times it's not an issue for me at all but this week however, i kinda lost it this morn.

walked back and forth in the bathroom crying my eyes out because i had reached a wall....cause i'd just had stupid dealings with the 15 yr old.  why they push our buttons so i cannot tell you why, but oh boy did he ever.  but then again this is a regular occurrence ever since he hit that mark.  

that seems to be the age where they go off the rails, fall off the deep end and seems to need a serious punch in the gut a couple to times to remind them that their feelings are not the only ones that matter. deep breath cause i am not about to cry again. dammit!

1st the dog at the vet. almost $700 later, blood tests and x-rays { that are so way cool i had the vet email them to me } to find nothing definitive on what's wrong with him. lots a gas piled in his system but no idea how it got there but we got meds to help him move thru some loverly diarrhea to boot. mmmh. joy.

then we get to the boy who we just plunked down some serious money for at a corss-fit facility to get him ready for his sch soccer in the fall and he's out of it fot 2 weeks at least. injured his foot at monday's training and was immediately taken off the floor and sent home.  

doc visit and x-ray revealed no stress fracture but nothing else thank goodness.  assume it's a sprain. hopefully he gets better to get back to training. shame tho cause this time he's really enjoying it. 

then comes to today and wanted to move more things into our new apt but mister woke up late again and because of that found a little stinky treat left for him by the dog. got my knickers in a twist over that and had to hold my tongue { altho why i should have to is beyond me!!! }.  

he did the clean up and  when he began shampooing the carpet, Coop leaves droppings in another area of the apt. Poor dog. Not poor kid. He knows the dog has issues right now { why all these visits to the vet, duh! } and he needs to be more aware and vigilant. Agggrrrh! oh help me, lawdy, lawdy, help me. 

= = = = = = = = = = = =

toodles, G

i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge YOU & me to commit to something and stick with.  JOIN ME.

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daily snippets :: june 11

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

[ agrh...forgot to post this  one yesterday ]

daily snippet

he woke the bear this morn.   mmmmh....  granted he needed to talk is finals this week so he gets a reprieve ....but still.  poor thing is upset cause he woke up too late to do more studying for his last final today.  i know he's a teen but how do i help him not be so darn negative and hard on himself.   there must be something i can do to change this way of thinking.

it's maddening that he sees glass-half-empty first so gets stuck there.   can i even help him get unstuck?   how can i make it better for him?  need to call mummy and see if she has any wise words for me.   maybe i should skype her instead so i can see for myself how she's doing.   sometimes that little rascal likes to play things down on how she's faring but just by seeing her i'll know how things are going.  yeh, 2 birds with one stone.  haha.  sneaky me.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

toodles, G

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Red_Lattice Journaling Booklet

it's the JOURNAL SHOP re-opening y'all!

i've been working like a mad woman, lol, behind the scenes stitching up some new journals i'm calling booklets { don't worry, i can still make you a custom journal }for the shop re-launch.

these simple, totally adorable and vibrantly colourful journals will be part of my new shop unveiling.  check back here in the coming weeks for cool ways to use YOUR booklets.  i'm so, so stinkin excited that i get to create books again, this time with a purpose.... to start a JOURNALing Revolution!

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i want to bring people together to share themselves within the pages of a book.  to feel alive right now AND to find their JOY.  i have so many ideas on how these little booklets will unfold my hands can't stitch fast enough.  but that's is a very good thing, trust me.  why?  cause it's all for YOU silly! 🤗

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toodles y'all,


5 reasons to begin YOUR journaling practice

journaling practice

why begin a regular journaling practice?

1. journaling helps with memory retention

did you know that there is a connection that goes on between you and the pen?  and that this act of writing helps solidify the information being written.  training your brain this way also means your brain is better able to retain other information and recall it for later use.

2. journaling amplifies your voice

it brings better clarity to your thoughts and feelings.  it provides a private space for you to let go of all the angst and pent up emotions you might be holding on to.  it allows for YOUR voice to be heard and listened to.  it is a pathway to true consciousness.

3. journaling is a meditation

much like the space you reach in meditation, a regular journaling practice can bring on that same state of calm and focus between your mind and body.  this happens most especially in stream of consciousness writing whereby you let go of all rules of writing, you're not concerned about what you're writing ... you just keep writing.

4. journaling benefits your health

the act of writing is in itself a form of self care.  writing in your journal is where you can explore issues { the good and the not so good } concerning your life.  in addition a regular journaling practice can help lower blood, lessens insomnia, improve mood and, in its own way, relieve anxiety.

5.  journaling provides insight

rereading your entries you might be surprised at the capacity of your awareness in any one journaling session.  it acts like a mirror where you're able to review your past without all the emotion connected to it and, instead, reflect on how you surmounted an issue.  you might even have a good laugh { or a cleansing cry } while reading the words you wrote, both reactions helping to facilitate a move forward.

= = = = = = = = = = =

journaling helps you reconnect with your SELF in a way that might surprise you, yet the benefits to your whole creative being are so vast and wondrous.  

and, with the aid of focused journaling exercises { part of the new program i'm working on called the JOY Work Circle* } you'll be able to tap into that side of your soul SELF you long to rediscover. { *sign up below to get advance notice of the launch of the JOY Work Circle }

begin journaling now.

take care,


i've included here an in-depth article i found on the science of journaling.

dispelling the myths about journaling { part 2 } :: allowing the vulnerability

last tuesday i wrote part one { read ithere } of this 2-part post dispelling a few of the myths that people still believe about journaling. these next 2 are the BIGGIES people.  

getting past these myths are like attempting to jump over a 9 ft wall without a ladder and with your feet tied together BIG.  the ones that, once dispelled, can get you past the vulnerability gremlins { those dang pesky critters } that have tendency to pop up at exactly the time we need to give ourselves some SELF-love.


on allowing vulnerability


myth #4:i have nothing to say  or  { a more damaging thought } i've nothing worth writing about

oh dear soul...YES YOU DO! { didn't mean to shout but some of you really, really need to hear this loud and clear }.  YOU are so very worthy of being heard and seen and recognized for the beautiful person you are.  besides which, you are human and thoughts are constantly running through your mind....from what tasks you need to complete, the ideas you need to implement, why you're feeling so blue, to why that guy, sporting a polka dot yellow jacket over purple striped pants, is dancing down the sidewalk { record this little tidbit in your journal and it'll make you smile every time you read it }.

all of these are things you can write down.  where else is it gonna go but on paper { or digitally } so you can get it out AND remember it.  one simple way to start is with lists.  { a list you ask?  heck yeh i say!  don't worry......we'll get to this fun part of journaing in the final SELF-Love post next week }.

myth #5: journaling will do absolutely nothing for me

hold up! wait a minute!  back it up!!!  the power of a regular journaling practice can be totally mind blowingmind blowing i say!  my peeps, my peeps, journaling is the perfect way to map your growth, your changed perspective or clue you into an eye opening revelation.  journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered.  i'll say it again...

Journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered. 
— Grace

it helps you find your voice.  it can help you establish better habits and clue you into different parts of the SELF you thought you knew but now you see HER so much clearer.  many a times while re-reading one of my journals i'll hear a little voice in my head say with incredulity "i wrote that???" or "where the heck did that come from?".

all this is available to you by just trusting the process and writing down your thoughts.  begin today.  right now.  just 5 quick minutes is all you need to to begin this SELF-love ritual.

till next time,


a great way to harness your vulnerability is thru creativity and SPECTRUM the workshop will soon be offering up a beautiful holistic and creative journey to help you access these parts of yourself that sometimes wants us to remain hidden.  no more, right?.  join me in class as over 30 healing arts instructors { including me } guide you to finding YOU.

find our more info here.

journaling can do what???? dispelling the myths about journaling { part 1 }

i know that many people think that journaling is not for them.

"what!  me.....write stuff? in a journal???!" 

yes you certainly can.  in this 2-part post { click here for part 2  } i want to dispel a few of the myths that tend to hold people back form beginning a journaling practice.  am i talking about you?   mmmh....

Journaling today

misconceptions about  journaling 

myth #1:   i need a special type book.

nah, not really.  don't get me wrong, i can totally fall in love a beautifully bound book full of pristine white pages to write in { my shelves are filled with the ones i've made and ones i've purchased } but a special book is not needed.  i've journaled on the back of a bills envelope before.  the paper DOES NOT MATTER., and i think deep down people do know this.  a book that is special to you is great but if all you have available is a composition notebook or a stack of copy paper you've folded, cut in half and center stapled it up and begin writing.

myth #2:  i'm not a writer and my grammar sucks

nope,  nada.  uh uh.  your journal is for no one else but you.  your thoughts, your way.  your writing doesn't have to be perfect.  your grammar* can take a back seat, this is about you and you alone, getting in touch with your center, your SOUL words and having a sacred place to store them.  oh love, you don't have to have any formal training at all to write in journal, you just need to tap into your heart and allow the words to unfold.

myth #3:  i have no time whatsoever to devote to it

i, too, at one point thought this.  you don't need to devote hours to writing.  i remember when i was the mother of 2 young children with a hubby who was always invariably away on business trips { i called them my single mama days }.  between one thing and another i had allowed my journaling habit to fall by the wayside.  i knew however that writing for me was a release of sorts... a place where i could go for a few minutes and just be meto be with my thoughts, work out a few issues or record the cute saying my kids were forever saying that made me laugh at.  i made it a point one day after getting into bed one night to drag out { yes back then it was a drag to pull out that book and blow off the cobwebs, lol } and write about my day.  just a few sentences.  when i finally tucked my journal away, which back then was a 1-subject notebook i might add,  and prepared to finally go to sleep i remember feeling a sort of  contentment that i'd given myself those 5 minutes to record my day.

in a whole day of 24....can't you gift yourself at least 5 minutes?



*p.s.  true confession: grammar is one of the more impossible things for me to let go as i'm writing, i blame my mummy & thank her for instilling in me this crazy, nerdy love of words }


a february SELF-Love prompt on being grateful

On Being Grateful - Journal Your Gratefuls
On Being Grateful - Journal Your Gratefuls

i am super duper grateful for many things in my life including these:

...each new day { biological and special people in my life i call family }

...eyes that see, ears that hear, fingers that feel, legs that walk, etc

...the smiles, hugs and laughter my kids and i share daily wordy, nerdy tendencies { ha! }

...being open

...contentedness | clarity | peace


what about you?  what are your gratefuls? 

pop me an email to share or leave a comment below.

toodles y'all,


NOTE: This course is no longer being offered

p.s. this year, part of my gratefuls include being asked to teach in this spectacular workshop,SPECTRUM 2016.....a holistic course that is both inspiring and powerful.  find out more here.*

SPECTRUM oval image
SPECTRUM oval image

*please note:  as a contributing SPECTRUM artist, by using my affiliate link to purchase the workshop i will receive a portion of the registration fee as compensation for the workshop.

one more thing, can you do me a favour please.....share the info link with your friends so they can find out more about the SPECTRUM course as well { wouldn't it be cool to take the class together! } and don't forget to share on your favourite social media space.  my fave is instagram.  see you there and ...thanks y'all!  

do you journal regularly? you's why.

my journaling tools

i am not a scrapbooker.  i generally don't buy or collect items to do memory keeping.  at heart, i am a writer or better still, a journaler, one who chooses to record her life in two ways......with a pen and/or with a camera.

i'm lucky.  i remember things in pictures in my mind.  if you ask me where something is a picture of the item pops into my mind of where i saw it last and, usually, i can direct you straight to it.  

i remember details of all sorts of events and conversations { much to the chagrin of my kids, lol } but the feelings of any given moment surrounding those happenings are fleeting and that's the bit that's important to me. journaling my thoughts about these happenings is why I journal.  

and for me, the bonus is rereading the recordings of my life from the past, whether it be last week's musings or the writing I did a year or 5 years ago.

i am also a visual artist { mixed media in particular } and combining these two aspects, journaling and visual artistry, i get to do something called art journaling.  

now by no means is this a new thing...far from it....but for me it is a fairy new way to words AND in pictures with a little bit of colour thrown in.  haPPy place!

small SLPC journal
SLPC front

since discovering the sheer joy of art journaling and since i make books

....i'm also a bookbinder

....i've combined the two and am now making my own art journals to practice my art in with while also getting to add my writings in them as well.

i've enjoyed it so much i've turned one the journals into a class.  check it out here.

art journaling is the symbiosis of images and words ~ olga siedlecka

i believe you need to practice giving time back to yourself.  a perfect way to do that is to journal the everyday.  begin your journaling habit* now to record all those bits of your life.  

journaling regularly helps you reach far into your soul to not only find the answers you seek but the tap into the wholeness of you.  now go do some writing.

toodles, Grace

p.s. new shop update coming soon but if you can't wait, email me so we can begin discussing how to get your own CUSTOM handmade journal created { last day to order in time for Christmas delivery is November 10th }