dispelling the myths about journaling { part 2 } :: allowing the vulnerability

last tuesday i wrote part one { read ithere } of this 2-part post dispelling a few of the myths that people still believe about journaling. these next 2 are the BIGGIES people.  

getting past these myths are like attempting to jump over a 9 ft wall without a ladder and with your feet tied together BIG.  the ones that, once dispelled, can get you past the vulnerability gremlins { those dang pesky critters } that have tendency to pop up at exactly the time we need to give ourselves some SELF-love.


on allowing vulnerability


myth #4:i have nothing to say  or  { a more damaging thought } i've nothing worth writing about

oh dear soul...YES YOU DO! { didn't mean to shout but some of you really, really need to hear this loud and clear }.  YOU are so very worthy of being heard and seen and recognized for the beautiful person you are.  besides which, you are human and thoughts are constantly running through your mind....from what tasks you need to complete, the ideas you need to implement, why you're feeling so blue, to why that guy, sporting a polka dot yellow jacket over purple striped pants, is dancing down the sidewalk { record this little tidbit in your journal and it'll make you smile every time you read it }.

all of these are things you can write down.  where else is it gonna go but on paper { or digitally } so you can get it out AND remember it.  one simple way to start is with lists.  { a list you ask?  heck yeh i say!  don't worry......we'll get to this fun part of journaing in the final SELF-Love post next week }.

myth #5: journaling will do absolutely nothing for me

hold up! wait a minute!  back it up!!!  the power of a regular journaling practice can be totally mind blowingmind blowing i say!  my peeps, my peeps, journaling is the perfect way to map your growth, your changed perspective or clue you into an eye opening revelation.  journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered.  i'll say it again...

Journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered. 
— Grace

it helps you find your voice.  it can help you establish better habits and clue you into different parts of the SELF you thought you knew but now you see HER so much clearer.  many a times while re-reading one of my journals i'll hear a little voice in my head say with incredulity "i wrote that???" or "where the heck did that come from?".

all this is available to you by just trusting the process and writing down your thoughts.  begin today.  right now.  just 5 quick minutes is all you need to to begin this SELF-love ritual.

till next time,


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journaling can do what???? dispelling the myths about journaling { part 1 }

i know that many people think that journaling is not for them.

"what!  me.....write stuff? in a journal???!" 

yes you certainly can.  in this 2-part post { click here for part 2  } i want to dispel a few of the myths that tend to hold people back form beginning a journaling practice.  am i talking about you?   mmmh....

Journaling today

misconceptions about  journaling 

myth #1:   i need a special type book.

nah, not really.  don't get me wrong, i can totally fall in love a beautifully bound book full of pristine white pages to write in { my shelves are filled with the ones i've made and ones i've purchased } but a special book is not needed.  i've journaled on the back of a bills envelope before.  the paper DOES NOT MATTER., and i think deep down people do know this.  a book that is special to you is great but if all you have available is a composition notebook or a stack of copy paper you've folded, cut in half and center stapled it up and begin writing.

myth #2:  i'm not a writer and my grammar sucks

nope,  nada.  uh uh.  your journal is for no one else but you.  your thoughts, your way.  your writing doesn't have to be perfect.  your grammar* can take a back seat, this is about you and you alone, getting in touch with your center, your SOUL words and having a sacred place to store them.  oh love, you don't have to have any formal training at all to write in journal, you just need to tap into your heart and allow the words to unfold.

myth #3:  i have no time whatsoever to devote to it

i, too, at one point thought this.  you don't need to devote hours to writing.  i remember when i was the mother of 2 young children with a hubby who was always invariably away on business trips { i called them my single mama days }.  between one thing and another i had allowed my journaling habit to fall by the wayside.  i knew however that writing for me was a release of sorts... a place where i could go for a few minutes and just be meto be with my thoughts, work out a few issues or record the cute saying my kids were forever saying that made me laugh at.  i made it a point one day after getting into bed one night to drag out { yes back then it was a drag to pull out that book and blow off the cobwebs, lol } and write about my day.  just a few sentences.  when i finally tucked my journal away, which back then was a 1-subject notebook i might add,  and prepared to finally go to sleep i remember feeling a sort of  contentment that i'd given myself those 5 minutes to record my day.

in a whole day of 24....can't you gift yourself at least 5 minutes?



*p.s.  true confession: grammar is one of the more impossible things for me to let go as i'm writing, i blame my mummy & thank her for instilling in me this crazy, nerdy love of words }


a february SELF-Love prompt on storytelling

Story Telling with your journaling

story telling is so very much a part of the art of journaling.  it is part recounting history  { writing about events in your life } and part legacy leaving { stories you leave for the next generations }.  

imagine finding a journal written by one of your ancestors and getting to read about their daily lives....this is what you will be passing on.  plus, not to mention, being able get a fresh perspective on re-reading your heartwords.

so with all that said let's get to this week's journaling prompts for our february of SELF-Love.  this week we're writing about what we love and relaying a storyabout why we love it so, what feelings it brings up.  some suggestions to get you started....

  • your favourite person in all the world that whenever you think of them it makes you smile
  • your favourite meal { in a restaurant or cooked by/for you }
  • your favourite quote { inspiring or funny }
  • your favourite time of day  { mmmh.....yes, this. }
  • the best dessert your mouth ever, ever had the pleasure of tasting { and you can taste it right now! }
  • something sweet/funny your kid said { hint: start a separate journal just for these captures }
  • your favourite ritual { 1st thing in morn / last thing at night }
  • your favourite prayer or spiritual blessing
  • a favourite activity { yoga?  reading?  crafting?  jump roping?  sleeping?  no judgements people! }
  • your favourite phone app
  • your most comfy pj's or slippers

your writing each day can be a short and sweet "love" story or a long and involved's up to you.  however, if you find yourself writing and writing and writing......heck, DON"T STOP!  this is how building a regular journaling habit unfolds.

remember, this is about what YOU love.  reach in, dig deep, savour the memory and write.

till next time,

recording the best days is oh so much about SELF-love

it's day 2 of SELF-love February!  today i'm going to answer the 1st prompt in my FREE pdf* and that is...

what was the best thing that happened today?

officially this best thing happened yesterday but since i wrote that post already { 5 words that describe your YOU-ness } i'll use it for today's post.

i talk to my younger sister { a fantastic wedding and events specialist btw! } about once a week.  she lives in the bahamas where all my family still lives so our phone calls are a must to keep me connected to home.

Me and My Sis

so what was so darn good about about yesterday?

after talking and catching up for 1½ hrs we somehow got on the subject of cartoon characters and started assigning one to each of our family members. now you know that that means we'll be up to no good from here on out right? get the picture.

so it started of with "you know so and so reminds me of scooby doo".  and that began the ball rolling.  the more characters we came up with the more we laughed until neither of us could talk and were gasping for breath cause we just could NOT stop laughing.

i have to tell you, i have not laughed like that in ages and, because we know each other so well, all we had to do was say just one word and that would have us peeling off with endless laughter again.  we must have gone on for a full on 15 minutes this way until we said "no more!"....the rest of the family members will have wait to be assigned a character cause or else our sides would split at any moment.

THIS, people, is SELF-Love ....and the fact that i got to share it with my sis and, as a bonus, released a bunch of endorphins that had me relaxing and not thinking about some issues i've been dealing with recently.  priceless.  couldn't ask for a better way to spend some time.

oh were the perfect salve for a week that has only just began.  thanks Universe.



* if you are just joining this "begin the journaling journey" now check out this post for more info on this month of SELF-Love in February!