A Beautiful Thing Happened

A Beautiful Thing Happened

I invited a few friends to join me in Circle to create space around ritual and breath and to bring their ask from the Universe. I called it "A Gathering of Women" and the profound and beautiful thing about what happened is what I received in return. 

a february SELF-Love prompt on being grateful

On Being Grateful - Journal Your Gratefuls
On Being Grateful - Journal Your Gratefuls

i am super duper grateful for many things in my life including these:

...each new day { biological and special people in my life i call family }

...eyes that see, ears that hear, fingers that feel, legs that walk, etc

...the smiles, hugs and laughter my kids and i share daily wordy, nerdy tendencies { ha! }

...being open

...contentedness | clarity | peace


what about you?  what are your gratefuls? 

pop me an email to share or leave a comment below.

toodles y'all,


NOTE: This course is no longer being offered

p.s. this year, part of my gratefuls include being asked to teach in this spectacular workshop,SPECTRUM 2016.....a holistic course that is both inspiring and powerful.  find out more here.*

SPECTRUM oval image
SPECTRUM oval image

*please note:  as a contributing SPECTRUM artist, by using my affiliate link to purchase the workshop i will receive a portion of the registration fee as compensation for the workshop.

one more thing, can you do me a favour please.....share the info link with your friends so they can find out more about the SPECTRUM course as well { wouldn't it be cool to take the class together! } and don't forget to share on your favourite social media space.  my fave is instagram.  see you there and ...thanks y'all!