science of journaling

5 reasons to begin YOUR journaling practice

journaling practice

why begin a regular journaling practice?

1. journaling helps with memory retention

did you know that there is a connection that goes on between you and the pen?  and that this act of writing helps solidify the information being written.  training your brain this way also means your brain is better able to retain other information and recall it for later use.

2. journaling amplifies your voice

it brings better clarity to your thoughts and feelings.  it provides a private space for you to let go of all the angst and pent up emotions you might be holding on to.  it allows for YOUR voice to be heard and listened to.  it is a pathway to true consciousness.

3. journaling is a meditation

much like the space you reach in meditation, a regular journaling practice can bring on that same state of calm and focus between your mind and body.  this happens most especially in stream of consciousness writing whereby you let go of all rules of writing, you're not concerned about what you're writing ... you just keep writing.

4. journaling benefits your health

the act of writing is in itself a form of self care.  writing in your journal is where you can explore issues { the good and the not so good } concerning your life.  in addition a regular journaling practice can help lower blood, lessens insomnia, improve mood and, in its own way, relieve anxiety.

5.  journaling provides insight

rereading your entries you might be surprised at the capacity of your awareness in any one journaling session.  it acts like a mirror where you're able to review your past without all the emotion connected to it and, instead, reflect on how you surmounted an issue.  you might even have a good laugh { or a cleansing cry } while reading the words you wrote, both reactions helping to facilitate a move forward.

= = = = = = = = = = =

journaling helps you reconnect with your SELF in a way that might surprise you, yet the benefits to your whole creative being are so vast and wondrous.  

and, with the aid of focused journaling exercises { part of the new program i'm working on called the JOY Work Circle* } you'll be able to tap into that side of your soul SELF you long to rediscover. { *sign up below to get advance notice of the launch of the JOY Work Circle }

begin journaling now.

take care,


i've included here an in-depth article i found on the science of journaling.