How to journal better

It's not the what or the how. It's not even about the details. It's about the journey. 


One of the things last year that I started to include in my JLT Notes is a regular journal prompt to help my peeps, my tribe, my email buddies, my JLT-ers, my troop (a bit much? nah..) jumpstart their journaling practice.

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[Update: JLT Notes are now The Lighthouse Letters]


I believe wholeheartedly in the POWER of JOURNALING. There is such BEAUTIFUL WISDOM deep down in our SOUL center that’s waiting to be revealed to each of us. 

I’ve journaled regularly since I was 12 yrs old. It has been a practice that I have returned to time and time again over the years to ground me, to guide me, to help me take breath when I truly thought there was none left.  


A few years ago, for a year on my blog, I wrote the “daily snippets”. I called it journaling out loud. I pulled snippets of my own words from the pages of my journal to share with you. Why?

One. I wanted to show how simple the process was and....

Two. I wanted to share bits of my soul yearnings and desires and thoughts and crazy bits. Because within and between all of those words were tidbits of wisdom and nurturing and opening up that helped me, and I wanted it to help you in your own life journey.  


- - - - - - -

I have a new journaling project I want to share with you. That brilliant make-me-happy-in-the-heart thing is....

An Inner Journey. 

I’ve heard from quite a few of you who say they wished they could create a habit around journaling. I know from my own experience that journaling can sometimes be hard to keep up with. 

What if you had some help?

What if every week a prompt showed up in your inbox and all you had to do was commit to the practice. No more thinking of what you’ll write (I know that that can put a serious kink the works big time!) 

With my new course, An Inner Journey, you’ll get to tap into your own inner wisdom, to get out the words you need to hear, to let go of all that doesn’t belong that's crammed up in you brain preventing you from accomplishing all the things weighing down your to-do list. 

What if by taking an An Inner Journey you get to allow space and time and energy into taking care of your spirit, your Soul, your goddess self, to open up and gain insight into what she needs.

And, in that those single moments of journaling you add to your self care bucket (YES!!!) and begin to create to your own vibrational energy around the things you want to manifest for yourself this year (click button below).

Yes. This course is THAT powerful. 

I invite you to begin the journey to you, one week at a time.

Peace be your inner journey.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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