when you’re out of alignment . . .

when you’re out of alignment . . .

Being out of alignment can be tough….on our bodies, in our minds, in our relationships with others and ourselves. When you are out of alignment what do you do to get back in, to find your center once again? In this post I give you practical tips to help get you back to center. Read on….

15 lessons to learn from journaling

15 lessons to learn from journaling

I'm not one to say write down your feelings, record your day or spill your guts. Writing your heartwords through journaling is so much more than a spillage of words on paper. It’s about getting in touch with your Soul’s spirit and allowing her words of wisdom and light to come forth. 

Coming full circle :: Putting creativity on hold

Coming full circle :: Putting creativity on hold

I put making books on pause BUT that did not stop the creativity juices from bubbling up. Y'all ever had something like that happen to you? How to let go and still do what you want/need to do.  

-Ing Factor journaling { find out how it works }

-Ing Factor Journaling

saturday's journal entry

{ see below on how to access pdf  using -Ing Factor words }

today was...

waking up early even though it's a saturday because my body clock doesn't know days of the week { yet }...deciding to go back to sleep but can't cause brain says that sh*t ain't happening...pulling out the laptop to check email and getting swept up in beautiful videos of artists creating their stuff, lots of pulling out what wasn't there before...

= = = = = = = =

tiptoeing out to the living room an hour later cause now i'm really awake and need the sweet, funny, crazy interaction of family....remembering that they all went to sleep very, very late and won't be up for couple more hours at least, then slowly turning and heading back to bed disappointed...

= = = = = = = =

not knowing what to do so sitting twiddling thumbs and laughing inside at myself because i'm usually a stickler for the the silence of ordinary days yet here i am waiting for the buzz of this family within these walls we call home....remembering also that my eldest will be leaving in 2 days for his new base and missing him tremendously already, my heart already weeping at not having him near to cuddle at will....

= = = = = = = =

feeling the nub of hunger beginning and thinking about what will not make any noise preparing it all the while knowing that whatever i eat will not bring the bloated, yucky feeling cause happily i cut out all starch and am eating more healthy foods so that my body can feel as beautiful as my SOUL-heart feels......

= = = = = = = =

dreading the housework that will fill up my morning later but then feeling good as i begin to clean cause that feeling always slides in as the mess disappears and the cleanliness takes over { momentarily of course }....getting ready to visit the tax dr { as i see them } to put 2015 to rest and glad that some person is willing to learn all the gobbledygook of brain hurt info that is necessary so we can be all good with the feds 'n state peeps for another year....

= = = = = = = =

loving intensely the silence of this ordinary saturday afternoon { yeh, smiles }  as i sit on the couch listening to the distant snores of family who are taking a catnap or probably a longer sleep { i've still got a teenager. nuff said right? }....

= = = = = = = =

remembering again the real good news we received this past week and feeling relief that the wait is over plus extreme gratefulness that we survived this period, both hubby and i going thru some serious angst and worry and despair at the loss of control but now we're back in the saddle ready to ride again. woot, woot!....

= = = = = = = =

looking around this tiny space we've called home for the last 8 mths knowing in my heart that a better place is out there preparing itself for us to move into....smiling at one of the last adventures the family and i will go on tonight knowing that son leaves then daughter leaves to begin her own adulting life on her own a few weeks later.....

= = = = = = = =

knowing that empty nest head shenanigans will kick into high gear again for me in a few weeks after saying goodbye & good luck to my 2 oldest, beautiful children and that tears will unexpectedly and often rain down my face without me knowing and choosing to sit in this space of heartache and happiness at the same time....relaxing with a glass of wine in my comfy clothes watching who knows what on the telly while also sneaking in a bit of work on the laptop.....

smiling as another day comes to a close.


p.s. download the FREE -Ing Factor Journaling pdffrom my new JLT Resource Libraryhere, where you'll find fun and helpful downloadable pdf's & printables plus videos and tutorials on all sorts of interesting topics ready to jumpstart your creative journaling practice.

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journaling with photographs

welcome back.  in the last 2 weeks we started the "beginning our journaling journey" by writing our thougths surrounding the 5 prompts in you found in my free pfd and last week, we did a bit of storytelling with our journaling. how was that for you?  tell below in the comments.  a few of you have checked in with me and i thank you for allowing me into your sacred space.

Journaling with Photos

what's on task for this week of SELF-Love journaling?

this week we'll be documenting  with photographs.  some of you are already familiar with documenting with photographs { scrapbookers definitely! }   but this time we'll be doing something a little bit different.  i want you to go to your large stock of photos of life & living you have on your hard drive or in a box or album somewhere.  have a good gander and choose 5 photos that bring up some sort of emotion for you.  

  • maybe it's one that made you guffaw with happy laughter the minute you pulled it out...
  • maybe it's the one that brought on a rush of sadness.  hold up now...don't put it away.  these types of photos are perfect to access some much needed introspection and clarity...
  • maybe its one of you as a young child or one of your kids {or niece, nephew, cousin } years ago...
  •  or maybe it's a photo of a time that brings back such vivid memories, almost like you can plant yourself in the picture and hear and see exactly what's going on.

pick 5.  one for each day this week.  tuck 4 of them in the back of your journal for later journaling and write about what you see in the 1st photograph.  let the words flow.  access that inner sanctum that you  sometimes choose not to enter.

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remember, this is YOUR space.  for your eyes only.

now go......begin your february visual journey.