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. . . a Soul nudger AND LIFE COACH.

I nurture, support and challenge women to step into that space of unknowing to bring light to their shadowy bits.

As a facilitator and mentor I teach you how to be more bold and embody your brave so you can get out of your own damn way and get back building your business.

Why this work? Because I believe women in business have the power to change the world! Helping you get to the heart of why you remain stuck and break out of old patterns of behaviour is my mission and how I bring change to the world.

Together, we will begin the work of shifting your mindset to bring out a more Bold, more Brave, more Badass You.

Only when we are brave enough to face our darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light ~ ~ Brene Brown




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The Letters are my way of reaching out through time and space to say I see you, I feel you. They are way of helping you see yourself better so that you can show up bigger in your world and in your business.

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