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Once a week (-ish) I send out a Lighthouse Letter. They’re really not newsletters, I don’t really like that term anyway ….more like my heartwords, straight to you.

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More often than not I’ll write about something that’s come up for me in my life that’s affecting how I show up in my business, that maybe you’re experiencing too.

And seeing how I handle a thing — plus knowing that we are all in it together — my words might show that you, too, can manoeuver your way through.

These Letters are my way of reaching through time and space and saying “I see you, I feel you”.

They are my way of witnessing you over here in my corner of the world, my way of helping shine a light for ALL of us to see better, to know better and to keep discovering more of who we are so that our businesses thrive.

Also through this space, I’ll share updates on anything worth knowing; tidbits, tips and suggestions I want to share with just you and, of course, new offerings and products to help you get out of your own way and shine your light.

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