journaling with photographs

welcome back.  in the last 2 weeks we started the "beginning our journaling journey" by writing our thougths surrounding the 5 prompts in you found in my free pfd and last week, we did a bit of storytelling with our journaling. how was that for you?  tell below in the comments.  a few of you have checked in with me and i thank you for allowing me into your sacred space.

Journaling with Photos

what's on task for this week of SELF-Love journaling?

this week we'll be documenting  with photographs.  some of you are already familiar with documenting with photographs { scrapbookers definitely! }   but this time we'll be doing something a little bit different.  i want you to go to your large stock of photos of life & living you have on your hard drive or in a box or album somewhere.  have a good gander and choose 5 photos that bring up some sort of emotion for you.  

  • maybe it's one that made you guffaw with happy laughter the minute you pulled it out...
  • maybe it's the one that brought on a rush of sadness.  hold up now...don't put it away.  these types of photos are perfect to access some much needed introspection and clarity...
  • maybe its one of you as a young child or one of your kids {or niece, nephew, cousin } years ago...
  •  or maybe it's a photo of a time that brings back such vivid memories, almost like you can plant yourself in the picture and hear and see exactly what's going on.

pick 5.  one for each day this week.  tuck 4 of them in the back of your journal for later journaling and write about what you see in the 1st photograph.  let the words flow.  access that inner sanctum that you  sometimes choose not to enter.

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remember, this is YOUR space.  for your eyes only.

now go......begin your february visual journey.


do you journal regularly? you's why.

my journaling tools

i am not a scrapbooker.  i generally don't buy or collect items to do memory keeping.  at heart, i am a writer or better still, a journaler, one who chooses to record her life in two ways......with a pen and/or with a camera.

i'm lucky.  i remember things in pictures in my mind.  if you ask me where something is a picture of the item pops into my mind of where i saw it last and, usually, i can direct you straight to it.  

i remember details of all sorts of events and conversations { much to the chagrin of my kids, lol } but the feelings of any given moment surrounding those happenings are fleeting and that's the bit that's important to me. journaling my thoughts about these happenings is why I journal.  

and for me, the bonus is rereading the recordings of my life from the past, whether it be last week's musings or the writing I did a year or 5 years ago.

i am also a visual artist { mixed media in particular } and combining these two aspects, journaling and visual artistry, i get to do something called art journaling.  

now by no means is this a new thing...far from it....but for me it is a fairy new way to words AND in pictures with a little bit of colour thrown in.  haPPy place!

small SLPC journal
SLPC front

since discovering the sheer joy of art journaling and since i make books

....i'm also a bookbinder

....i've combined the two and am now making my own art journals to practice my art in with while also getting to add my writings in them as well.

i've enjoyed it so much i've turned one the journals into a class.  check it out here.

art journaling is the symbiosis of images and words ~ olga siedlecka

i believe you need to practice giving time back to yourself.  a perfect way to do that is to journal the everyday.  begin your journaling habit* now to record all those bits of your life.  

journaling regularly helps you reach far into your soul to not only find the answers you seek but the tap into the wholeness of you.  now go do some writing.

toodles, Grace

p.s. new shop update coming soon but if you can't wait, email me so we can begin discussing how to get your own CUSTOM handmade journal created { last day to order in time for Christmas delivery is November 10th }