15 lessons to learn from journaling

15 lessons to learn from journaling

I'm not one to say write down your feelings, record your day or spill your guts. Writing your heartwords through journaling is so much more than a spillage of words on paper. It’s about getting in touch with your Soul’s spirit and allowing her words of wisdom and light to come forth. 

daily snippets :: nov 14

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bitsbecause these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

events of the last week has led me to some serious introspection on my part. one of my takeaways (among a few others I've been thinking about) is to try to listen better to those with differing opinions.

I did that, really listened to my kids while they were growing up and I think I now need to try to impart that same thinking, on a much bigger scale, to the world I inhabit. It's one of the ways I can continue to contribute as an individual living her life the best she can.

soooo many other thoughts swirling about I cannot contain them all in this journal right now. later, later. maybe I can get them all out but for now, LISTEN better.


= = = = = = = = = = = =


what about you?  are you listening ...to your heart?  ...to your intuition?  ....to the people around you?  ....to the world collective?  ....to the planet? how can you, in this very moment as you read these words, allow for more listening to take place within you, around you, by you? 

5 tenets to better listening

i share 5 tenets in this minisode about how to be a better listener (+ I go into more detail on each)

  • be curious
  • stay informed
  • allow for silence
  • be open to possibility
  • trust your intuition

I believe in living these everyday.  The one for me that is most important for my daily sanity is No. 3...allow for silence.

For some this is meditation. for me at times, it literally is about just being quiet.  this means each hour in my day doesn't have to be filled with music or audiobooks or a podcast or talking or working. 

Sometimes the best stuff that comes out of me is when I allow the silence of minutes or an hour to envelop me.  It is me and my creativity, whether at my art table or at my desk ...and golden, beautiful silence.

i invite you to listen to your SOUL whisperings.  make it a daily practice and afterwards, go write your heartwords.

That’s it for now.



the corresponding mini episode on SOUL speak is about listening, or more to the point, how can i be a better listener?  { listen to audio below or click here to watch video }


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daily snippets :: oct 30

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

A revelation sitting in sb after a walk in Mount Tabor Park:

Tho I love, love making, don't want to be known for the things I make, i'd rather be known for the lives I've changed. This, my dear journal, is BIG. Finally can see the mountains for the trees & why I never wanted to nor felt comfortable pursuing individual recognition and receive accolades for the art I produced. Makes so so much sense to me now. Only took 20+ yrs to wade thru, of standing on others' shores to realise that's not how I want to sail my boat.

Ahhhh....the magic of being open to both your own truth being revealed and perfect destiny. And.......always striving to live thru authenticity.

Yes. This.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

how did this come about?

sitting in starbucks i started reading the magazine i'd brought with me.  because i'm working on a bringing The JOURNAL Collective to life { my new subscription based journal service coming in November 2016, subscribe below to hear about juicy details }.  i don't get much of a chance to do leisurely reading, it's more researching and editing content these days.  today when hubby suggested a walk in the park then a warm up in a coffee shop after i jumped at the chance to just bring a magazine that i'd been eyeing to finish it.  it's only as i read the words of artist cheryl dossey { in her response to somerset life magazine's challenge } that the proverbial penny dropped.....

"being a mixed media artist, this call roused promising ways to add texture and dimension.to my work"

don't know why her words resonated the way they did but geez it was like the old v8 tv commercial where the person thunks himself on the head realizing he "should've had a v8 instead" of whatever he was drinking.  i got thunked y'all.

things were that revelatory.

i had no paper with me { yeh, who the heck knew i'd need paper says the paper junkie!!! } so immediately i jumped on evernote, my go-to digital journal, to record my thoughts above.  for the last 7 mths i've been working on repositioning and redirecting my efforts to get them more aligned with my purpose.

in january i'll start a 9 mth program where i'll get he chance to learn the skills needed to fulfill my purpose and then....watch out world!

that's it for now.



{ here's a link to a video I recorded as well ... https://youtu.be/Bu1YvO3M124 }




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daily snippets :: aug 28

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

i've recently populated my studio with a good majority of my artwork.  cman came in and as he turned he said he like it all.  i actually value this 15 yr old kid's opinion cause he's so sincere and is very aware aesthetically of what looks good and what doesn't ( most of his "don't look good mum" i take with a grain of salt cause he is a young 'un after all and i get final veto power for things i ask him about ). 

i looked up from my desk just now and across the wall is my "circle of women" wall of art....women's faces painted by me or another practically fills the entire wall.  def makes me smile when i get a glimpse of it.  behind me is my wall of art for when i vlog from my desk.  love that!  

this all started because my alarm went off to remind me to vlog but i knew i wanted to have my artwork behind me as a backdrop and not a blank wall so found all the pieces and i had been putting aside as i unpacked studio boxes and finally put my art pieces out on display ( note to self: must get back into the habit of creating art for sake of creating cause most of these pieces are at minimum 2 yrs old at least ).  only problem is now i don't have the energy to vlog anymore.  bummer!  best laid plans....

oh well....art calls.

= = = = = = = = = = = =



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daily snippets :: august 25

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

usual lazy slow morn, checking in and getting my tasks for the day listed?  uh uh.  woke up today wired for some good stuff.  had idea for a new class and had to jump out of bed to grab my workshops journal to get the ideas down on paper. ha! still totally about pen and paper... analog all the way for me most times.

btw....physically recording in a notebook helps flesh out ideas & gets my creative juices flowing )

this is def part of me creating the JOURNALing Revolution.  so excited about it i almost popped outta bed to go start but needed to outline and clarify 1st, write down some ideas, flesh it out.

will begin videotaping when Cman goes back to sch next week when i'll get uninterrupted filming time ( altho there is the hubs who hasn't a clue sometime either, lol just pops downstairs and starts talking ).  miss having a door to enter my studio.

mmmh ...what i could do tho is set up for lesson taping in the 3rd bedroom.  that way i can close the door and use my "do not disturb" door hanger.  yup, that's the plan.  Woot! Woot! ok.  back to finishing the outline.

= = = = = = = = = = = =



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a journal addict confession


well, well, well...... my name is grace and i confess, i am a journal addict.  i own a whole bunch { no, i mean really a lot }.   it all started when i was 12 and received my first journal.  mine was red and it had a lock.  yeh, i know...you had one too right, or something like it?  i think every one had one of these.

btw....i came across mine the other day.  oh boy the musings of a 12 year old!

My 12 yrs Old Diary - journal addict

i remember not wanting to write in it in the beginning.  mainly because i knew my little brother was waiting in the wings to grab it and start reading it out loud to the whole world.  i know this how?  cause i saw his non-poker face when i brought this bright red, life chronicle home.

so i waited him out, sorta, and then began writing my 12 yr old hormonal heartwords down in that book.  i must have abandoned it early on because entries abruptly stop at one point and i don't remember what i went to after that.

i might have gone to school notebooks cause i do have loads of those filled with my musings.  maybe i was trying to trick my nosey trickster brother so he wouldn't read it,  you know...hide in plain site kinda thing.  ha!

over the next years i wrote  in my journals on and off, thru most of my 20's.  the next set of journals i remember keeping, and that i still have, were those i wrote in when hubby and i moved to nc.

those were trying times because we had no family near us { his in england, mine in the bahamas } and 2 small children, aged 6 mths & 2½ yrs.  i remember writing thru tears sometimes, pouring out my sorrow at one thing or another.

i still love to journal my heartwords

i journal more regularly these days and, over the last few years have added other types of journaling to my repertoire..... art &  visual journaling, creating lists after lists of "grateful"s and recording quotes and inspiring words i come across { i still keep a journal just for capturing quotes and words that move or inspire me }. another way i journal is to sometimes collage those words and magazine images in my "Yes, This." composition book.

the journal writing i do these days is more about my life and feelings and ideas and lists and following prompts, so much less about my sorrows—which i still experience but, thankfully, on such a scaled down version.  this i think is due to the fact that i live my life so much more authentically and am more in tune with my inner be-ingness.

"Being able to let things go & not hang on to the angst is the one of biggest hurdles journaling will help you overcome." username="kgracehowes"]

what about you?  what do you journal about?  

how has it helped it you move through your day,  a week, your life?  leave a comment below and let's have a conversation.



| Did You Know |

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....there's something new in the works for the journals I'll be making going forward. More info about this coming up in the next "Updates & Happenings" newsletter.

daily snippets :: june 11

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

[ agrh...forgot to post this  one yesterday ]

daily snippet

he woke the bear this morn.   mmmmh....  granted he needed to talk ...it is finals this week so he gets a reprieve ....but still.  poor thing is upset cause he woke up too late to do more studying for his last final today.  i know he's a teen but how do i help him not be so darn negative and hard on himself.   there must be something i can do to change this way of thinking.

it's maddening that he sees glass-half-empty first so gets stuck there.   can i even help him get unstuck?   how can i make it better for him?  need to call mummy and see if she has any wise words for me.   maybe i should skype her instead so i can see for myself how she's doing.   sometimes that little rascal likes to play things down on how she's faring but just by seeing her i'll know how things are going.  yeh, 2 birds with one stone.  haha.  sneaky me.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

toodles, G

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why is a diary not a journal?

diary not a journal

a friend revealed a breakthrough she'd had recently.  she admitted that she'd always struggled with the why of journaling. and, despite all that i knew about the benefits of journaling and wanting her to experience this beautiful connection of pen to paper on her own, even tho she'd tried time and time again to surmount the challenge, she just couldn't shake her aversion { that she now knows began in childhood } to the practice of journaling.

until the other day, that is, when she had a BIG aha moment.

that was the day she realized that what she thought of as journaling was really only recording in a diary.  in that one instance i knew that if she felt this way there were probably a lot more of you out there that also think this errant thought, lol and have probably experienced this struggle-to-journal dilemma as well { go on, raise your hand, there's no shame in admitting it }.

how do YOU move beyond thinking of journaling as complete drudgery?

= = = = = = = = = = = 

and what's a journaling revolution-er  { that's me! } to do but bring out the big hammer to dispel this myth, this yucky untruth.  oh you poor,poor souls who have this journaling thing backwards, help is on it's way.  but first....

what's a diary? 

a diary is place where you record the events of your daily life, usually chronologically ---remember those little red journals of your childhood that came with a lock and key? --- it's a list of what you ate and who you saw and what time you went to bed.  no fun right?

what, therefore, is a journal? 

a journal my friend is the perfect vessel to fill up with all your dreams  |  desires|  wants  |  needs|  thoughts  |  feelings  |  expressions

breath in


ok, let's try this.  i want you to close your eyes for a moment and let your thoughts wonder ....to anything AND everything.  no, go on....close your eyes for just a minute, breathing in deeply.  then answer the following questions.

what thoughts were swirling around, through you, within you?  what emotion and feelings surrounded you?   was your first thought your to-do list?  were you thinking about your desires for a particular object, thing, person?  or maybe you were thinking about what's to come in your life, whether good or bad.

THIS.  this is what a journal is for.

"Journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered." 

a journal is....

   —  a place to inspire you every wish, thought, idea

   —  a place to record all your gratefuls & daily blessings

   —  a place to get creative { or messy with paint like i love to do }

   —  a place to let words and feelings wash over you to cleanse your soul

   —  a place to note the beautiful, funny, awe inspiring things your kids, parents, family & friends do

   —  a place to doodle or mind map or set schedules

   —  a place to safely place your heartwords

   —  a place to witness the highs and lows of life lived

   —  a place to figure out what | how | where to go next

   —  a place to write that LIFE list { what others may call a bucket list }

   —  a place to bear witness to the wonders of nature & the world around you

   —  a place to get in touch with your inner sanctum, your inner BE-ingness { yes. even this. }

   —  a place to seek ...and find your true, authentic, warrior goddess SELF

   —  a place to shout out loud ... to whisper ... to growl ... to smile ... to inhale breath and, most importantly, to exhale the wonder of YOU living life one moment at a time.

find your haPPy place inside your journal.

write your heartwords.

take time for YOU.


total love headed your way today,


p.s.  sign up below to get my FREE pdf on how to start your own journaling practice.  read more here and here and here about the myths and benefits of journaling.

UPDATE: if you're friends with me on instagram you probably have already seen the sneak peeks i've been posting about what's to come for my shop re-opening.  stay tuned later this week for more info here on the blog.  so flipping excited y'all that my shop's coming back! { i missed creating books for you }

dispelling the myths about journaling { part 2 } :: allowing the vulnerability

last tuesday i wrote part one { read ithere } of this 2-part post dispelling a few of the myths that people still believe about journaling. these next 2 are the BIGGIES people.  

getting past these myths are like attempting to jump over a 9 ft wall without a ladder and with your feet tied together BIG.  the ones that, once dispelled, can get you past the vulnerability gremlins { those dang pesky critters } that have tendency to pop up at exactly the time we need to give ourselves some SELF-love.


on allowing vulnerability


myth #4:i have nothing to say  or  { a more damaging thought } i've nothing worth writing about

oh dear soul...YES YOU DO! { didn't mean to shout but some of you really, really need to hear this loud and clear }.  YOU are so very worthy of being heard and seen and recognized for the beautiful person you are.  besides which, you are human and thoughts are constantly running through your mind....from what tasks you need to complete, the ideas you need to implement, why you're feeling so blue, to why that guy, sporting a polka dot yellow jacket over purple striped pants, is dancing down the sidewalk { record this little tidbit in your journal and it'll make you smile every time you read it }.

all of these are things you can write down.  where else is it gonna go but on paper { or digitally } so you can get it out AND remember it.  one simple way to start is with lists.  { a list you ask?  heck yeh i say!  don't worry......we'll get to this fun part of journaing in the final SELF-Love post next week }.

myth #5: journaling will do absolutely nothing for me

hold up! wait a minute!  back it up!!!  the power of a regular journaling practice can be totally mind blowingmind blowing i say!  my peeps, my peeps, journaling is the perfect way to map your growth, your changed perspective or clue you into an eye opening revelation.  journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered.  i'll say it again...

Journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered. 
— Grace

it helps you find your voice.  it can help you establish better habits and clue you into different parts of the SELF you thought you knew but now you see HER so much clearer.  many a times while re-reading one of my journals i'll hear a little voice in my head say with incredulity "i wrote that???" or "where the heck did that come from?".

all this is available to you by just trusting the process and writing down your thoughts.  begin today.  right now.  just 5 quick minutes is all you need to to begin this SELF-love ritual.

till next time,


a great way to harness your vulnerability is thru creativity and SPECTRUM the workshop will soon be offering up a beautiful holistic and creative journey to help you access these parts of yourself that sometimes wants us to remain hidden.  no more, right?.  join me in class as over 30 healing arts instructors { including me } guide you to finding YOU.

find our more info here.

journaling can do what???? dispelling the myths about journaling { part 1 }

i know that many people think that journaling is not for them.

"what!  me.....write stuff?  ...like in a journal???!" 

yes you certainly can.  in this 2-part post { click here for part 2  } i want to dispel a few of the myths that tend to hold people back form beginning a journaling practice.  am i talking about you?   mmmh....

Journaling today

misconceptions about  journaling 

myth #1:   i need a special type book.

nah, not really.  don't get me wrong, i can totally fall in love a beautifully bound book full of pristine white pages to write in { my shelves are filled with the ones i've made and ones i've purchased } but a special book is not needed.  i've journaled on the back of a bills envelope before.  the paper DOES NOT MATTER., and i think deep down people do know this.  a book that is special to you is great but if all you have available is a composition notebook or a stack of copy paper you've folded, cut in half and center stapled ......open it up and begin writing.

myth #2:  i'm not a writer and my grammar sucks

nope,  nada.  uh uh.  your journal is for no one else but you.  your thoughts, your way.  your writing doesn't have to be perfect.  your grammar* can take a back seat, this is about you and you alone, getting in touch with your center, your SOUL words and having a sacred place to store them.  oh love, you don't have to have any formal training at all to write in journal, you just need to tap into your heart and allow the words to unfold.

myth #3:  i have no time whatsoever to devote to it

i, too, at one point thought this.  you don't need to devote hours to writing.  i remember when i was the mother of 2 young children with a hubby who was always invariably away on business trips { i called them my single mama days }.  between one thing and another i had allowed my journaling habit to fall by the wayside.  i knew however that writing for me was a release of sorts... a place where i could go for a few minutes and just be meto be with my thoughts, work out a few issues or record the cute saying my kids were forever saying that made me laugh at.  i made it a point one day after getting into bed one night to drag out { yes back then it was a drag to pull out that book and blow off the cobwebs, lol } and write about my day.  just a few sentences.  when i finally tucked my journal away, which back then was a 1-subject notebook i might add,  and prepared to finally go to sleep i remember feeling a sort of  contentment that i'd given myself those 5 minutes to record my day.

in a whole day of 24....can't you gift yourself at least 5 minutes?



*p.s.  true confession: grammar is one of the more impossible things for me to let go as i'm writing, i blame my mummy & thank her for instilling in me this crazy, nerdy love of words }


what 5 words describe your YOUness?

SELF-Love image / your YOU-ness

so you and i are starting this process of SELF-love for February.  this week will be fairly easy, especially if you are new to journaling.  you'll be using each day one of the 5 prompts you found in my FREE pdf "How to Cultivate a Successful Journaling Habit".  and the good news....i'll be journaling right along with you each week AND posting them here.  eeeeek

i'll go first and choose #4 .....because i'm a serious wordy nerd { no really, go ask my friends }

choose 5 words to describe your YOUness and write why.  

here goes....

1.  quiet - i wanted to use the word introvert, which i know i am, but the word quiet describes me much better.  

i crave alone time.  i love the quietness of the house when everyone is gone, doing their thing and there are no sounds in the house......well, except the snoring of #coopthedog.

i've never felt it necessary to fill the air with talk,to talk for the sake of talking.  i internalize things quite a lot and think them thru in my mind. what's my superpower?  being quiet.   oh definitely, yes.

2.  authentic - it's a word that's used quite often these days but it truly describes me and my outlook on life and my value set.  i believe in working and living from my core center, accessing that place inside that lets me be me and bringing that to the forefront at all times.  

one of my favourite hashtags is #inthismoment...when i use it, part of the call is stepping in authenticity with my own type of grace and power, BE-ing focused in that one moment in time, capturing all of me in one quick, fleeting instance.

3.  vibrant-  growing up i was so quiet that, looking back i think i missed out on all things fun.  i've learned over the years that not only do i have a voice but that i needed to let go of holding back and thoroughly enjoy myself { i mean why not right? }.  

for me that means belting out a song or taking dance breaks or surrounding myself with bright, vibrant over-the-top colours.  

being vibrant for me means not being afraid to make mistakes or say the wrong thing or being embarrassed by being "seen"...life is meant to be enjoyed and lived and i do so knowingly now.  a vibrant creative...that's me ya'll!

4. observant - from as long as i can remember i have been a keen observer of people, their behaviors and quirks.  

i am continually fascinated with the hows and whys of how we move thru life.  it's how i found the forest nymph, how i know my kids need a kind word rather than a stern voice {despite the fact that the wrong they did probably deserved the latter}.

i can take in a whole lot of info in at once and totally love that about me.

5. meticulous - i think i have OCD { no really.....well maybe not, lol }, it might be just OCD tendencies tho cause i really prefer things orderly

{confession: i love to see things lined properly, just a small quirk of mine}. 

i've always been more of a rule follower but, over the years, have slowly been breaking that boring habit.  because of my meticulous nature, however you'll know things will be done really well but i'm gonna have fun doing it and, if you're around, be prepared to laugh....often.

phew!  there you have it, now you know a little bit more about me...from me. now your turn.

what prompt did you choose to journal about today?

leave comments below and share what you journaled about.

toodles y'all, G

it's february journaling month y'all!

you ready?

last week i wrote about being 100% in { check out that blog post here }.

but i think it's about time i get down to brass tacks and talk about journaling.  february i've deemed "begin the journaling journey" month, especially for those of you who have yet to start down this awesome , restorative path.

an open journal
an open journal

journaling for me is such an integral part of who i am, who i've become.  without the ability to write my heartwords my mind would be a moosh of jumbled thoughts and ideas floating at sea, waiting for landfall. writing my thoughts down, recording my day or special events or even regular daily happenings that occur, whatever they may be { including the yucky bits } help to ground me in the everyday of being human and.  it keeps me sane enough to carry on.

so i thought...why don't i share it.  share the journey with others and see if they want to come along for this february ride.

{ if you're not a regular journaler just yet....don't worry,  you can download my free pdf on "How to Cultivate a Successful Journaling Habit" to get you started }.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

how we'll proceed

today let's begin with the 5 prompts included in the pdf.  for the next 5 days i want you to choose one of the 5 prompts { no need to go in the order i have them listed, just pick one for each day this week } and write your thoughts down about the chosen prompt in your journal.  allow for exploration, don't write what's expected.  when you finish just close the the book and move onto your next task...i'm a big believer in letting our heartwords settle in our hearts, our soul space a little, so be sure to follow the suggestions i make below:

  1. don't re-read what you wrote
  2. don't edit the words that flow out of you

i want you to allow the journaling you've just completed to do it's work.

the end.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

nah...not yet, lol.  check in on my blog each week in february  { bookmark here or sign up below to receive it automatically } for ways to boost your journaling plus, i think i might have one of my "grace journals" to give away.  let's talk....leave a comment below to let me know what these prompts are bringing up for you.





no more hiding out


so i'm doing it again.  hiding.  you know....not shining my light.  i know the signs.  nothing gets completed.  tasks are listed and worked on but nothing gets crossed off and i stop showing up online on a regular.  PLUS, it came out in my journal.

i don't know bout you but journaling is my go to for de-stressing { stream of consciousness writing always helps me tap into all sorts of things i'm either not aware of or don't want to face }.

over the past 20+ years i've built up quite a healthy journaling habit, most of it is just recording the events of my days, lil tidbits about me and my family's shenanigans during the week.  

but i have to tell you, sometimes i get this overpowering need to write my thoughts out and this was one of those times.

i wasn't aware on a conscious level what was going on with me but you know how sometimes as we're moving throughout our day we get the feeling that something is off?

that's what i was experiencing.  i was going thru the motions of my day but my head wasn't fully engaged.  although i knew this, i had decided to push thru cause i still had lots of tasks to get accomplished.

not a good decision right? a few days ago .....

all.  engines.  stopped.

my brain went into overload and, strangely enough i found myself tearing up talking to my hubby about a plane ticket.  yup.

twas a strange time and a strange reason to lose it.

got off the phone with him and tried walking around a bit to try to clear my head.

nada.  that didn't work.  

so instead i grabbed my journal, sat on my bed and began writing. at first i was mad at myself and it comes out on the page but as that heightened emotion subsides, my writing heads into journaling my heartwords.  

and this is where the truth of my angst is revealed.

B R E A T H.

it is said that one of the most stressful times you can experience is going thru a big move.  

uh duh!  not only are we moving house but we are moving across the country to the beautiful pacific northwest { whoops! i know for some of you this may come as a complete shock.  call me and we can chat *wink* }.

now the move itself is a good thing { a fantastic, exciting thing for our family truth be told } but my journaling showed me that the stuff and time and energy it takes to pull off this move while still living your life and, in my case, launching a product, not to mention a new website....all of this was getting to me.

one of the easiest things for me to do when this happens is to hunker down in my comfortable spot { inside my house ......that i'm trying to sell btw } and DO NOTHING.

not a good plan.

so this time, now that i'm aware of what's happening i'm going to implement a few things.

first, i usually journal 3-5 times per week. with this move happening, i'm gonna journal every day, a check in of sorts so i can catch things before they go awry again.  

if i don't have a story or event to recall them i'm gonna ask myself 3 questions i recently heard on a podcast { for the life can't remember which one, sorry }.  those questions are:

what worked today?      

what didn't work?       

what's next?

second, i'm going to realistically schedule my tasks for the day, the week.  to get things done i realised that i've overloaded my tasks lists trying to stay ahead of the game.  

no more.  i can only do so much and allowing for down time is essential for a seamless as possible next 3 months of change-your-life activity

third......i'm gonna elicit your help.  yes YOU.   if you're not seeing me more regularly in person or you think i've gone a bit quiet online ...hit me up.  no seriously!!!  

send me a text, a private fb message or even my fb page saying grace...what's up girl?   or "you've gone a bit quiet there....all is good?".  

remember i tend to hide back in the corner where no one can see me but from which place i can still observe the world passing by.

don't let me do it!  please.  

make me own up, show up or crack up over a good joke or story of yours.  help me keep my light shining.  i'm gonna do all i can my end.

thanks y'all G