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How to journal better

How to journal better

What if every week a prompt showed up in your inbox and all you had to do was commit to the practice. No more thinking of what you’ll write (I know that that can put a serious kink the works big time!) 

daily snippet :: june 23

everything that surrounds you is a story worth telling~ Jeanette LeBlanc ~

i'm taking a writing course from the person quoted above.  why would i?  because i want to write a book.  i have never expressed this to anyone before, not even my sisters { one of whom is a published author }.

in my family, my brothers and sisters and i are all creatively inspired { photographer, wedding specialist, musician, artist ...that's me } but the book writing has always been my sister's realm.  so i'm taking this short email course on free writing to loosen up my writing muscles.

that leads me to daily snippets, my new blog post series.


i want you to write. i want you to write all about you and not be afraid to put your life, your thoughts, your deeds, your desires down on paper.

write it all out.  everyday.

create a practice of recording even the "boring and mundane bits" as jeanette calls them.  yes, even those.  because all of these bits....the most wonderful & joyous occasions and travel adventures and what you ate, and  the 10th load of laundry you loaded even though you are dog tired are all a part of the life you live.

and that's why i'm doing the daily snippets.  to let you in on my daily life so you can see how easy it is to take a few minutes to record something, anything, about who you are and how you go about doing what you do.  every. darn. day.

i bet reading back you'll be surprised not only that you've created a practice of journaling but also find interesting what you've jotted down because as jeanette says  .....everything that surrounds you is a story with telling.

JOIN ME.  It's a JOURNALing Revolution happening y'all!

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{ thanks to my friend Liz for this awesome recording }

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daily snippet

got really overwhelmed this week. D away on business trip and am doing the single mom thing alll week. i know it makes a difference having both parents around to co-parent and most times it's not an issue for me at all but this week however, i kinda lost it this morn.

walked back and forth in the bathroom crying my eyes out because i had reached a wall....cause i'd just had stupid dealings with the 15 yr old.  why they push our buttons so i cannot tell you why, but oh boy did he ever.  but then again this is a regular occurrence ever since he hit that mark.  

that seems to be the age where they go off the rails, fall off the deep end and seems to need a serious punch in the gut a couple to times to remind them that their feelings are not the only ones that matter. deep breath cause i am not about to cry again. dammit!

1st the dog at the vet. almost $700 later, blood tests and x-rays { that are so way cool i had the vet email them to me } to find nothing definitive on what's wrong with him. lots a gas piled in his system but no idea how it got there but we got meds to help him move thru some loverly diarrhea to boot. mmmh. joy.

then we get to the boy who we just plunked down some serious money for at a corss-fit facility to get him ready for his sch soccer in the fall and he's out of it fot 2 weeks at least. injured his foot at monday's training and was immediately taken off the floor and sent home.  

doc visit and x-ray revealed no stress fracture but nothing else thank goodness.  assume it's a sprain. hopefully he gets better to get back to training. shame tho cause this time he's really enjoying it. 

then comes to today and wanted to move more things into our new apt but mister woke up late again and because of that found a little stinky treat left for him by the dog. got my knickers in a twist over that and had to hold my tongue { altho why i should have to is beyond me!!! }.  

he did the clean up and  when he began shampooing the carpet, Coop leaves droppings in another area of the apt. Poor dog. Not poor kid. He knows the dog has issues right now { why all these visits to the vet, duh! } and he needs to be more aware and vigilant. Agggrrrh! oh help me, lawdy, lawdy, help me. 

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toodles, G

i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge YOU & me to commit to something and stick with.  JOIN ME.

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