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how to have more spectacular ordinary moments

spectacular ordinary moments:  a recap

the other day my daughter { who is on the fast track of adulting right now } came over.  she's been living on her own for the last 3 months, struggling but still doing her thing.

when she comes over i get all giggly and stuff because 1) there's more estrogen in the house, albeit only momentarily,  2) i really love hanging out with her and  3) she gets me { see #1 in this sentence }.

don't you love it when your folks get you?

...cause living with a 15 yr old smack dab in the middle of male hormonal hell { did i write that? ...YES i did! } and a hubby who, without being intentional, is sometimes very decidedly male { there goes #1 again } can make a girl, who definitely appreciates her feminine side, so batty that reverting to my giggly phase when my girl's around somehow lessons the impact of said overflow of testosterone.

so said hubby and i decided the four of us would go out to dinner instead of cooking and that decision inspired what i like to call a "spectacular ordinary moment".

3 Steps from Ordinary to Extraordianry

we talked plenty & laughed at jokes only our family would know, with some howling at one point that i had to remind them there were other patrons around who might not appreciate that what we thought was so spectacularly funny was really not.

after writing in my journal about this experience i remembered a post i wrote about ways to bring in more spectacular ordinary moments and i thought i'd share it again with you cause reminders like this need repeating.  enjoy!

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how can you turn your ordinary day into something more spectacular?

here are 3 ways you can use to raise the ordinary factor....

1. pay attention

that’s right.  1st….become more aware.  ever so simple right?  it can be the most transformational yet, at the same time, be so darn elusive. but as you go about each day be mindful of your presence, be mindful of your surroundings, be mindful of your thoughts,  be mindful of others.

in this one activity the ordinary we encounter can become the profound.

e.g.  for 5-10 minutes sit and watch a child play.  i mean really watch.  observe how the outside world has little bearing on their interactions with their toys, the dog or a cardboard box.  they are keenly and only aware of themselves and this object that has their attention.

they are more aware in those moments of their intentions and attention but most likely are clueless to this because they don’t have the reasoning capabilities just yet.  as an adult however, you do.  becoming more aware is a skill you can master.

2. let the little things go

things get our goat.  they stick in our craw sometimes.  they try our last bit of patience and, before you know it our energy is sucked dry by something so inconsequential that if you look back you’ll wonder why the thing bothered you so in the 1st place.

let go little bird, let it go.  in choosing to let the small things go you open up all sorts of bigger possibilities { ahhh….. } and allow for more moments of awareness, the kind of awareness that can change your day from bummer gloomy to outright sunshiny & bright or peaceful & content.

for those of us who have not yet made it a practice of letting go { me included sometimes.  shocker right? lol  }, it’s hard to push past that stick-in-craw stuff but …and a BIG but here.

but being concerned with the whys and hows of any given situation, the he said/she saids that go on not to mention all the “crazy” people who you have no control over anyway, all of this is sooo darn counterintuitive to being aware and living a more mindful life.

take a B R E A T H right here.  yes! { plus you’ll miss the darn beauty of those sweet ordinary moments }.

3. create space for extraordinary to happen

by damn this is a good one!

in a nut shell this means Living. In. JOY.   nah…you’re not walking around with a silly happy grin plastered on your face, nor does it mean denying the reality of a situation { sometimes we need to accept and move on people! }.

making space for the extraordinary in your ordinary day means being real with yourself and keeping an open mind despite the crazies that can occur.

if all you ever do is complain or see things from a downward perspective then imagine what you’re telling the Universe.  ick!  instead, be open for the possibility of extraordinary to occur.  and then when it does, smile, say thank you, enjoy your special moment and then tuck it in your pocket { or write it in your journal }.

3 small steps that can bring more awareness to you everyday life.  how brilliant is that!

plus, don’t forget to join the revolution below….the JOURNALING revolution!




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daily snippets :: august 25

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

usual lazy slow morn, checking in and getting my tasks for the day listed?  uh uh.  woke up today wired for some good stuff.  had idea for a new class and had to jump out of bed to grab my workshops journal to get the ideas down on paper. ha! still totally about pen and paper... analog all the way for me most times.

btw....physically recording in a notebook helps flesh out ideas & gets my creative juices flowing )

this is def part of me creating the JOURNALing Revolution.  so excited about it i almost popped outta bed to go start but needed to outline and clarify 1st, write down some ideas, flesh it out.

will begin videotaping when Cman goes back to sch next week when i'll get uninterrupted filming time ( altho there is the hubs who hasn't a clue sometime either, lol just pops downstairs and starts talking ).  miss having a door to enter my studio.

mmmh ...what i could do tho is set up for lesson taping in the 3rd bedroom.  that way i can close the door and use my "do not disturb" door hanger.  yup, that's the plan.  Woot! Woot! ok.  back to finishing the outline.

= = = = = = = = = = = =



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daily snippets :: june 11

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

[ agrh...forgot to post this  one yesterday ]

daily snippet

he woke the bear this morn.   mmmmh....  granted he needed to talk is finals this week so he gets a reprieve ....but still.  poor thing is upset cause he woke up too late to do more studying for his last final today.  i know he's a teen but how do i help him not be so darn negative and hard on himself.   there must be something i can do to change this way of thinking.

it's maddening that he sees glass-half-empty first so gets stuck there.   can i even help him get unstuck?   how can i make it better for him?  need to call mummy and see if she has any wise words for me.   maybe i should skype her instead so i can see for myself how she's doing.   sometimes that little rascal likes to play things down on how she's faring but just by seeing her i'll know how things are going.  yeh, 2 birds with one stone.  haha.  sneaky me.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

toodles, G

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a february SELF-Love prompt on storytelling

Story Telling with your journaling

story telling is so very much a part of the art of journaling.  it is part recounting history  { writing about events in your life } and part legacy leaving { stories you leave for the next generations }.  

imagine finding a journal written by one of your ancestors and getting to read about their daily lives....this is what you will be passing on.  plus, not to mention, being able get a fresh perspective on re-reading your heartwords.

so with all that said let's get to this week's journaling prompts for our february of SELF-Love.  this week we're writing about what we love and relaying a storyabout why we love it so, what feelings it brings up.  some suggestions to get you started....

  • your favourite person in all the world that whenever you think of them it makes you smile
  • your favourite meal { in a restaurant or cooked by/for you }
  • your favourite quote { inspiring or funny }
  • your favourite time of day  { mmmh.....yes, this. }
  • the best dessert your mouth ever, ever had the pleasure of tasting { and you can taste it right now! }
  • something sweet/funny your kid said { hint: start a separate journal just for these captures }
  • your favourite ritual { 1st thing in morn / last thing at night }
  • your favourite prayer or spiritual blessing
  • a favourite activity { yoga?  reading?  crafting?  jump roping?  sleeping?  no judgements people! }
  • your favourite phone app
  • your most comfy pj's or slippers

your writing each day can be a short and sweet "love" story or a long and involved's up to you.  however, if you find yourself writing and writing and writing......heck, DON"T STOP!  this is how building a regular journaling habit unfolds.

remember, this is about what YOU love.  reach in, dig deep, savour the memory and write.

till next time,

are you 100% in? { feb journal prompt/1 }

where in my life am i not 100% in?where am i working hard to move forward but subconsciously holding myself back? ~ amber bonicci

i read these words in a newsletter i received today and got stopped in my tracks.  how did she know i was in overwhelm this morn?  how did she know there were thoughts of "what's it all for?" ringing in my ear.

Are you 100% in?

she didn't of course.  but the Universe did.  the Universe heard my query, saw my waryness and sent this message to me to hang in there, to keep going, the rewards will pay off and to....

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"][bctt tweet="Remember the bigger picture."]

and boy do i know i'm in that space of uncertainty and query when i knowingly choose to do housework instead of sitting at my desk and working { duh right? } or when i allow myself to go down the rabbit hole of blog reading { or binge watching youtube art videos..heck yeh! } that has nothing to do with what i'm doing or need to do.

yeh, i was in overwhelm and needed a jolt that came in the form of those words planted in my inbox { btw....i got that email yesterday and didn't open until today cause i didn't have the time.  today i did }.

so now your turn.

in which way are you not 100% in?

are you finding yourself a bit like i was today...dragging, trying to gather up the energy to move another step closer to the goal, wondering if you actually have it in you to do it, to attain that 1oo%?

it can be daunting and scary to be in that doubt.  i know as well that that space of tranquility and certainty can be difficult to access when the gremlins are constantly tapping you on the shoulder reminding you that deep shit is possibly on the way. but....

i believe it's in these moments, these precious moments in our lives that we need to step back from the mess piling up in our heads, to seek a different avenue, to go to our store of self-care ideas and pull one out to restore the imbalance.

i know this. i do.  and i got a reprieve.

thank you Universe.

thank you fate.           thank you serendipity.

100% is looking once again like it can be done.  i can do this.

can you?  if you find yourself in this space go get your journal and write.  write your heartwords.  release all that junk of uncertainty into a space you that's always available to you. write until you're dry of words, relief spreads over you, and you can see that 100% light again.

take care,


p.s.  if you're in a space where you need a shoulder i am over here for you making space. email me or leave a comment below and release.

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