Something new is brewing and you're gonna like it

 it's been a while hasn't it?

life. it gets you. and you have to deal in or check out.

#coopthedog and something new

for a while there circumstances had me checking into life hard and deep { we lost a family member in december } and everything else had to take a back seat so that i could support them and be supported myself as we planned for a thing we wished we didn't have to.

today, we're all still going thru the motions while also trying to pick up the millions pieces our lives got shattered into.

fresh perspective is what sorrowful events like this gives you.  when i got back home to my studio in january i took time to evaluate how i wanted this blog to exist, if even i wanted it to at all.

i started this blog back in 2007, or the iteration it was before i made it part of my business officially.  back then it was a place to showcase my art quilts and sell my hand dyed fabrics.  it has definitely evolved since then but, unfortunately for me, how i thought about it hadn't changed. this led to it becoming a chore and a hit and miss on when i posted.  no good right?

for the new year i made the decision not to blog anymore. i told my business mastermind group my decision and it felt good.  the pressure was off.  i could commit to just posting on insta { love that space!!!! }


i missed the sharing i did here, in this imperfect space i call my online home.

i had so compartmentalised myself, pushing what i did here into existing in a tiny, tiny space that it became claustrophobic to even think of coming here, let alone writing something and posting it.

now, after a brief time away, i'm beginning to think that i still need this space, but in a different way { that's the power of journaling ... it helps infuse fresh perspective } and i came away with 2 thoughts...

  • i realized that i needed to stop trying to be like those blogs i read.

  • i realized that i needed to stop trying to do things on my blog like those blogs i was trying to emulate.

they do their blog their way.  what i know now is i need not be so rigid in the how and the what i bring to this space because ....i've figured out my why.  phew!

{ this Soul Speak with Grace video to hear about my why }

i share this only to say that..........something new is brewing.

{ remember...fresh perspective }

Choose light and something new

in the above mini-episode of Soul Speak i talk about ..."on choosing light", cause ya know sometimes some things are just a slow dawning.

i'll be sharing a lot more videos with you { like my Soul Speaks }

...and sharing what i know about journaling and how fricking awesome it is { that's Journal Circle }

...and be more consistent in sending out the JLT Notes, my newsletter.

UPDATE: Join The Lighthouse Letters and download your Personal Manifesto Guide.

but, but, but...the biggest way i'm authentically choosing to share AND step into my light { cause i know my why! } is thru my new and most passionate calling ... being a life coach  { see * below }.

journaling has always been a part of my life and sharing this awesome and powerful way to discover more of who YOU are is what i'm supposed to be doing.

and life coaching is...well it's who i am meant to be.

remember oprah's what i know for sure?  this is mine.  { cannot tell you how good it feels to say that out loud.  mmmmh! }

so how are you coming into this picture?

for one, there is the Journal Circle, my way to give back and gather with kindreds in community.  we come together on zoom for about an hour and nurture and support and love and journal and art together.  you'll need to register first and then you'll be automatically notified when the next one will take place.

right now it's free to join us in Circle. we're still growing so i'm trying to find the best times for repeating our journal jOY......once a month or every 2 weeks.  and ya know what.....i would love to have you join us.

plus, fill out the form below to join the JOY Love Tribe and begin receiving JLT Notes on a regular.  thanks for being here and for seeing me.  I hope to see much more of you in the coming months.



btw....that cutie in the pic above is our dog cooper.  that face right?

* life coaching has fast become a passion of mine to be able to help women discover and dig deep into who they are in an authentic and supported way, to help find your joy.  right now i'm in training with kate swoboda of your courageous life and am loving this experience, this new adventure { holy smokes the girl goes deep! }.

one of the things we are now doing as trainees is to take on new outside clients.  i'll be offering my coaching services at a discounted rate while i'm in training.  if you find you're in need support around an issue in your life and want to test the coaching waters, i would love to help you gain clarity and focus and heart-centered wholeness.  find out more here.

subconscious curating your dreams into existence

Subconscious Curating image

what exactly is it?

subconscious curating is allowing your mind, your heart and the Universe to work together to bring your desires, dreams and wishes to fruition.

it's about gathering to you those images and words and thoughts in a conscious way to allow your subconscious to work its magic in the background and help manifest your life vision.

a few months back a small group of us got together to work on the the rbbp { right brain business plan } vision board with our facilitator, my friend ho'o who is excellent as a curator of the subconscious for the rbbp program.

she had us create a vision board in an accordion style book for our businesses and lives { the beginnings of the work/life balance which i will get to in a moment }.

Subconscious Curating (Vision Boarding)
Subconscious Curating (Vision Boarding)

the top images are close-ups of the front cover & the bottom strip are some of the panels of the accordion book i got to complete.

this book now sits in a space in my studio, visible at a glance wherever i am as the subconscious curator of my visions, dreams & desires and, to help me bring forth and birth these ideas into my life and in my business.

{that 1st panel is what i dream for my business .....take a peak at my about page and read the last line....that's exactly what that first panel represents }.

the work/life balance vlog

ho'o and i recently recorded a vlog about the things we need to do to begin curating a work/Life balance. we started vlogging together  last year and, with one thing and another, it got sidetracked.

thing is we both know we loved getting together and talking and inspiring other women. so we decided to have a 2nd go at it which we're now calling "work/Life balance with grace & ho'o".  every week we'll be recording a video on a theme for the month.

Subconscious Curating banner

of course you can guess what this month's theme is......subconscious curating.  we believe it's a thing [she says knowingly] and know we need to do this for us, for you and for women we're trying to reach with a message of inspiration.

our aim is to share stories, our knowledge and experience with you, along with tidbits to enhance your work/Life in order to help you access many more aha moments.

so here's what's gonna happen.  on tuesday you can read ho'o's post about the week's topic.  on wednesday we record our vlog.  then on thursday we release the video along with my blog post.

so without further ado { that saying always intrigued me but i digress } check out our 1st video.


total fun that was.  btw.....we'd love to hear from you each week as well.  comment below about what you think about the day's episode/theme/topic or feel free to share any interesting tidbits our post or the video brings up for you

{ please know that you can email me anytime to get fresh perspective on anything you're thinking about }.

we record on zoom and will be inviting guests { later  down the line } to chat with us. some of those guests we hope will be YOU as we talk about....

work/Life balance. 



i'll also be sharing new pdf content & guides i create { not to mention some goodie packages ho'o and i come up } but alas, only with my JOY Love Tribe.  so, if you're not already a member, click here to sign up.

and the giveaway winner is.....


it's been a whirlwind first week of the shop re-open.  thank you, thank you all! there are so many more ideas and designs for journals rolling around in my noggin and all will eventually be revealed but i gotta tell you, i like the beautiful simplicity of my new booklet journals.


of course they are perfect for bullet journaling...the booklet i'm using has dot grid paper { you can request to have your booklet stitched with dot grid paper }.  my blank paper booklet i use for visual journaling paper. and even stands up to all my visual journaling.  my son said to me yesterday that he loves the idea of all of the different covered booklets and has chosen the one he wants already.

now on to the giveaway winner.  congratulations....


a whole bunch of goodies including this original piece of artwork below, the mini booklet and cool flower postcards i found, are on their way to you girl!  thank you for participating!


i've had fun this past week and looking forward to many more days of making journals for you to write your heartwords in.



SPECTRUM the workshop is almost here!

{ update: SPECTRUM workshop is happening now!  head over here to take part. oh. my. word.

i feel like the rabbit in alice in wonderland.  you know.....the one who ran around proclaiming how late, late, late he was.  but no worries, i'm not that late.  this giveaway is still gonna happen.

SPECTRUM oval image


a little info about the SPECTRUM workshop

SPECTRUM, an online holistic-creative workshop hosted by hali karla of hali karla arts is going on its third year!  there are 20 NEW featured teachers in SPECTRUM 2016  { including moi! } and more than 20 returning contributors offering a variety of workshops, inspiration and invitations { see list below }.

this spectacular workshop is intended to empower, nurture & celebrate your innate creative expression, start you on a healing journey if needed and move to enhance your personal development.  each participating teacher, bringing her perspective to this offering, will use one of the following themes:

Forgiveness  |  Shifting Perspective  |  Navigating Uncertainty  |  Integration  | Alchemy    Connecting with Nature  |  Honoring Body  |  Trusting Joy  |  Expressing One’s Truth

note:  pre-registration for SPECTRUM 2016 has already begun. it starts May 2 people!

SPECTRUM worlsjo

~ to learn more details about SPECTRUM, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course click here ~   

now to the good news.  i have another spot in the  workshop to give-away to one lucky winner. this time around i'm also including in the giveaway one of my lovely "grace journals",  a mini sketchbook that is hand cut, bound and stitched by me { did i tell you i love making journals? }

Celtic Weave Red Leather Sketchbook |SPECTRUM

to enter this GIVEAWAY* click the rafflecopter link below that'll have you doing the following:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. sign up to begin receiving my newsletter {'ll get subscriber-only access to my new JLT resources library full of fun pdf's and tutorials, more added weekly }
  2. share this link on your favourite social media site ...twitter, instagram, facebook, google+, etc ...... to let everyone know about this fantastic workshop!  { feel free to tag me! @kgracehowes }
  3. leave a comment below to share your favorite creative self care technique/routine ~ be that splashing paint at a canvas  ~ doodling to your hearts content ~  filling up pages with colour in your fave colouring book (don't forget to tell us which book you're using...there are soooo many good ones out there AND where you shared }.

*p.s.  each way you enter earns you 1 chance in the giveaway.  complete all 3 and you get an extra  entry { which means a total of 4 chances in the pot to win the giveaway prizes }

remember to bookmark this page { or this link } so that you can check back to see if you've won my give-away.  i will announce the winner here on the blog April 27th.

below is a list of all the teachers for Spectrum 2016.  recently hali put together a video sneak peak of the teachers and their lessons.  check it out...

see you in class.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Spectrum Teachers { links are clickable }

Hali Karla { our brilliant host } Andrea Schroeder Angelique Arroyo Bebe Butler Beth Morey Briana Goetzen Carissa Paige Cat Caracelo Catherine Anderson Chris Zydel Effy Wild Elloa Atkinson Grace Howes  { that's me! } Gretchen Miller Kara LC Jones Kelly Johnson Kitty Oppegard Kristal Norton Lisa Hofmann Lisa Wilson Lucy Pearce Malini Parke Meghan Genge Melissa Harris Michelle Turbide Petrea Hansen-Adamidis Rachael Rice Robin Hallett Shelley Klammer Suki Ciappara Ka'Pinao Tara Leaver


{ note:  as a contributing artist, by using my affiliate link to purchase the workshop i will receive a portion of the registration fee as compensation for the workshop so please let your friends know to use my link provided here.  thanks!  }

by signing up below unfortunately you will not be counted in the giveaway.  please use the rafflecopter signup form above for official giveaway entry:



quit playing the catch-up game for good

Playing Catch Up

what do  you do when playing catch-up is not enough?  ....when the game of catch-up looks like a big gigantic rock rolling down a hill that suddenly begins to roll back up toward you?  totally not an impossible feeling, right?  what do you do?

    stop.                   breathe.               reassess.

stop the cycle.......take time for breath.......reassess the situation.

and you know what?  this is what i'm experiencing right now { what?  i'm not supposed to reveal my struggles??? }.  as i sat at my desk last week looking at my list of tasks i still needed to complete i knew something had to change.  every week i create my to-do lists. every day i pick at least 3 tasks to work on and ,invariably, by the end of the week my list looked like this.


see all those arrows *....that's carry over.  that's me playing catch up next week....again.  so i stopped, took a much needed deep breath and push my chair back.  i was outta there.

was it escape? yes.  did i need it?  yes.  i have been on the proverbial hamster wheel long enough trying to catch up each month on activities and creating content and admin and revamping and redesigning and being present online........... and yet still find myself caught out.

don't you hate that feeling, where no matter what you do it's....

just.  not.  enough. 

and truth be told......that's where i am.  i've got a got a few things going on, not able to give my full attention to any  and yet nothing gets completed.  it's bothering me enough that i've decided to take drastic measures { sometimes you just gotta do the BIG girl panties stuff and live with it! }

so i'm going underground.  don't worry, it's just for the month of april { as you have seen already with no posts on my blog yet }.  

i've been going, going, going, plus developing, filming and editing a new course for SPECTRUM { that beautiful holistic creative course with a vibe oh-so close to my heart starts in may by the way } plus also trying to ramp up my presence online  and, before i get to that space of overwhelm and burnout i've decided to stop.  take a breath.  reassess

playing catch-up

can be a dangerous game stepping back especially if your work is mainly seen online but sometimes you need to hit the pause button and take a step back.

what i'm aiming for with this pause is calmer days, a more focused presence and being able to get all my little ducks lined up much better

{ cause i'm quite ocd like that...i like things organized darn it! }.  

my word of the year is holding space....and that's exactly what my word of the year is about ....holding space.

but not to worry, i'll pop in every once in a while to say "hey y'all!" or "i'm still here people!" but, for the most part i'll be working behind the scenes lassoing that rock and rolling it down the hill to a great landing spot.

what could you do if you could hit the reset button?

let me know in the comments below how you stop playing the catchup game?

{ update: wordpress is def playing a game with me.  was brought to my attention that you won't be able to leave a comment { bummer! } but i still want to hear from you sosend me an emailinstead and let's talk. thanks! }

toodles, G

p.s.  next week on the blog i'll have one more spot to giveaway in the SPECTRUM holistic creative workshop that starts may 2nd. Look for that post soon!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


*  to keep me on task i use a bullet journal in a midori traveler's notebook.  these days i stitch my own notebooks to use in my midori.  one of those tasks that has me going underground is that i'm stitching up new notebooks that will be added to my shop soon.

p.p.s.  want more info about the bullet journal...find out more about them here.

the BIG grumbacher giveaway reveal

remember a couple of weeks ago i entered grambacher's giveaway on their facebook page?

Grumbacher Mystery Box Giveaway

a little back story

it seems that every week or so grumbacher regularly holds a giveaway of 5 mystery boxes on their facebook fan page and i just happened upon their page a few weeks ago and entered my name.  why not right? { btw....i've included the link to their fan page above so you can go and win you something}.

anyway, a couple days later a friend tagged me saying congrats but i had no idea why she was congratulating me.  i checked and lookie....I WON!!!  how stinkin cool is that right?

ever since then i've been drumming my fingers and stalking my mailbox waiting for their box of goodies to arrive.

last week the box finally arrived but, with one thing and another, i had to hold off opening it for a couple days so that i could film the reveal like i promised.  so, without further ado here's what i found in my box....


here's a more detailed list goodies and links where to find them*

Paint Markers:Molotow One4all, 4 mm tip, whiteMolotow One4all, 2 mm tip, whiteMolotow One4all, 2 mm tip, black

Brushes: Grumbacher Academy Multi Media, #00 round Grumbacher Academy Multi Media, ½" angle Grumbacher DEGAS, #4 flatGrumbacher Goldenedge, 1" wash

Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth Polycolor water resistant pencils: #6 Vermillion #46 Carmine Red #47 Scarlet Red #44Naples Yellow #67 Cadmium Orange

Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth Gioconda Soft Pastels:#7 Permanent Green Light #16 Veridian #23 Olive Gree #10 Ultramarine Light #12 Ivory Black

Miscellaneous:Grumbacher Opaque watercolor, set of 12Schmincke Aqua Gloss, 1 bottlePelikan Techno-Liner Pen 86, point 02, blue

i'm headed off to play now.....those molowtow markers are calling my name!



note:  i've tried  to link to places you can find some of these products.  where it's not highlighted means i couldn't find it so i have to assume it is no longer being produced.  please note also that some links are affiliate links. 

it's the 100 days of art :: january recap y'all!

i did it!  i've truly started and so far so good.  back in january i posted about my 100 days of art { read that post here }.  i am so excited about this challenge that i'll be carrying straight thru the whole year of 2016.

yay me right!!!

my original plan was to do a weekly recap { whoa girl..pull up on them britches a bit! }.  don't think that's feasible so instead i'll be doing a monthly recap.  you'll see all the artwork i've worked on during the month but not all of them will count towards my 100 pieces, some of them are works that i started before the challenge and pulled out to work on them some more or, in some cases, finish them.

{ if you follow me on instagram, which you are doing right???, you'll see me countdown the numbered pieces that are part this challenge }

and here goes...

playing with alcohol inks & white signo pen doodling. { you can purchase a print of this bad boy here }Doodle on Alcohol Ink-100 days of art

last year decided to wanted to work in the round...ehh, not enamored with this one, she thinked too much on this one In the Round-100 days of art

playing with alcohol ink again, research work for a class on alcohol ink i'm developing for later this year { sign up here to get email notice when this class goes LIVEAlcohol Ink Play-100 days of art

when i created this one i was feeling sick most of day but needed to be creative so a quick jaunt to my artspace and then back in bed for me { completing this just about wasted me. ha! }Experience Life-100 days of art

more alcohol ink play... flipping heck i love this medium!!!!!detail-100 days of art

inking it up again!!!  whoop whoop! Vase of Alcohol Ink-100 days of art

ok i did tell you that i'm experimenting with alcohol ink right? heehee.  this one i worked up on a previously painted page in my art journal Flowers in Her Wake-100 days of art

have been having this love affair with watercolours for the past few months.  girl cannot get enough of watching the colours move and pool across the paper. Watercolour Feather-100 days of art

"green girl"  she's one from her!!!! Green Girl-100 days of art

okay that's it folks.  february's artwork will be coming up rather soon.  gonna try for posting these monthly recaps toward the end of the month rather than in the middle of the following month.  so.....

what creative artplay did you get up to?   

share whatcha been doing over on instagram using the hashtag #ARTPLAYeveryday.  let's keep these creative juices flowing people!

toodles y'all, G

15 minutes of colour explosion { #99of 100}

when we moved to portland the only space for my studio was in the corner of our bedroom.  so the walk to work takes all of 3 steps { heehee }.  the other day feeling totally yucky but, knowing i had work to do, i gathered my computer, a notebook, my fave coleto pen and snuggled under the covers.somehow i knew i'd be working in small bursts cause as the tired 'n yucky and can-do-no-more-or-my-head-will-burst feeling arose all i would have to do is push everything away and rest.  that was my day.

...till about 5pm when the push and pull got to me and i needed a change of pace.  that's when, 2 feet away, my muse began calling to me.

you ever have a conversation in your head where 1 side says "DO IT!" and the other side says "nahhhh, let's really.....don't."?  i was fighting and urging myself at the same time.

my muse won with 1 compromise.  she got 15 minutes max then back to bed cause i could feel  my body still wans't feeling all that good but my mind needed the distraction.

i began with a swath of watercolour across a page in my art journal that had already had the papers glued down.

it needed bold strokes.  i felt the muse direct me next to a big flower stamp.  most of the rubber stamps in my collection are much smaller, less bold.  when i bought this { and another one like it } oh so long ago i did wonder what the heck i would do with them.  last time i think i used either of them was at least 3 yrs ago, but today, i was just doing as i was bid.

i stamped them twice.  at first, this unnerved me because  i usually don't use stamps in this way but then, was called to stamp a few more all over the page instead of my usual of smaller stamp used for detail work and sprinkled throughout but, as this was just supposed to be 15 minutes i didn't argue with my muse.

wanting to add more colour but not knowing where to head next i rummaged thru my art cabinet and came upon my cray-pas oil pastels.  because i love colour sooo darn much i pulled out 6 - orange, green, blue, pink, red, yellow - and coloured each flower in.  the thought popped into my head "where the heck was i going with this?".  yet i stayed the course.

there seemed to be a competition between the watercolour background and the oil pastel flowers.  you know who won out don't you?  watered down gesso came next to tone down the background a bit.  and then in a move that made no sense { since i had just muted things } i sprinkled colorburst watercolour powders all over the page in just warm colours at first { see video of them coming alive with water }.

looks a total mess right? and yet still, i stayed the course.  i came upon a quote to use but ended up using something different in the end, not wanting to add too many words.  i wrote using the white oil pastel to act as a resist to the colourburst powders.


as the watercolours powders dried the colours receded a bit.  i like where i left it but i think there's more to be done and will revisit this page another time.  for muse was satisfied and let me lie down again.


#99of100    #ARTPLAYeveryday    #redbarnstudiosart

100 days project :: a new twist

for my 100 days, you know i have to twist things up right?  one cannot be like everyone else after all. i tell ya......i gotta be me, the only me there is.

so here goes.  i've talked before about the "art every day month" { #aedm2015 } challenge i joined in november last year.  that was a total blast!  no pressure to create.  no committing to pushing out one type of artwork.  nothing but having fun sitting in my creativity pool, dabbling, getting serious, taking 5 mins art breaks or sometimes getting lost in my art.  whatever me and my muse wanted to get up to, we did. felt so damn good.

after the month finished i knew i wanted to recreate that feeling about art,  that air of laissaez-faire* that i had somehow lost whenever i approached my art before.

*lais·sez-faire { ˌlesā ˈfer/ } noun
   - a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.

the #aedm2015 instagram challenge brought it all home to me.  it let me know that it was okay to take a break for art just for the sake of art.  i mean really?  is it that hard to get to my studio { a mere 2 ft away i might add, ha! } and create?  no, not at all.  but apparently i must have rescinded permission to play.  doing any art was either for classes or for work.

so what's a girl to do after feeling that good?  step into it more often of course!  over the last 2 months i thought and thought about how i could incorporate that feeling into my everyday without feeling the pressure to commit.  and that's how the "counting backwards 100 days of art" began to take shape in my mind.

my twist on the 100 days project

i knew i couldn't do 100 straight days in a row.  i'd drive myself bonkers after day 3, knowing i had 93 more to go.  ha!  but 100 sounds like such a good and solid number to strive for.  the other thing for me was i didn't want to arrive at #57 and find i was totally bored, fed up and quit right then and there, forever left that i didn't attain my goal { that's cappy brain thinking for sure }.

that's how i came up with 100 days in 366 / 2016 and counting backwards was the twist i put on it.  i get the high numbers  out of the way and end with the biggie....Number 1.  if i get 15 finished in one month and only 3 in the next that's all right by'll all leads to 100 completed works.

sweet right?

no medium or type of artwork is off limits.  i might go thru a period of time working with just one medium...but then again, i might not.  no limits.  no parameters. no deadlines each month.

with that said, here's #100of100

No.100 of 100_100daysofart

i have a class coming up { one BADASS art journal - starting Feb 1st } using alcohol inks { AI } and wanted to explore it some more went ape sh*t crazy playing with them.  i made a few others but now, from these #artplay session with AI, i came up with a series that i'll turn into a class later in the year.  oh.em.gee. how i love serendipitous moments, don't you?

ok. now that i've let you in, it's back to work for me.




How will you bring forth your creative spirit and let it shine?   Tell me in the comments section below.

#ARTPLAYeveryday    #creativeflow    #100DaysofArt

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

p.s.  there's still a chance to enter the giveaway for 1 FREE spot in the SPECTRUM holistic creative workshop.  find out more about the teachers and their offerings here.

SPECTRUM 2016 oval image


working in the round art journal

what type of art journal do you like to use? for some reason recently i've been called to work in the round.  what is that you might ask?

for me it means working within the confined parameters of a circle, my favourite symbol and one that finds itself in showing up in my artwork time and time again.

Art Journaling in the Round

this week i began with this watercolours from my new grumbacher transparent pan set { santa must have thought i was real nice last christmas, huh }, a recommendation from this book.  the green around the edges you see is masking fluid i applied so that the watercolours stayed within the boundary of the circle.

WIP Watercolour Round Art Journal

still struggling with using watercolours in abstract { which is usually how i like to work in acrylics } i then went to my regulars and added torn paper and a birds-on-a-wire stamp.

I Will Shine My Light

i worked it a bit more, covered up my initial beginnings, got to this place  ...i will shine my light...  and stopped there.  not my fave piece by far and truth be told,at one point i even wanted to throw it away.  i didn't.  but i think i'll be reworking this so i can include it in my round art journal and, i definitely will work in the round again.

still......i got to work on some art today.  my aim is to do this much, much more often this year of 2016.

toodles y'all, G

p.s.  are you guys a part of JAM2016?  you should be.  tiare smith runs the embrace your art challenge and this year it's all about creating a "journal about me" { JAM for short } and i'm a guest artist this year.  how flipping cool right!  so look for more JAM/journaling-in-the-round journal pages from me this year and check out and sign up for the challenge. 


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one badass art journal :: one cool blog hop

today starts the "one BADASS art journal" bog hop!  Woohoo!  tiare smith has gathered some cool art journalers for this new class.  each day for the next 2 weeks you'll meet one of the 14 instructors for this BADASS Journal class { see list below }.  of course meeting them is only half the fun .....signing up for the class is what you really need to do. One Bad Ass Collage with Wordsand do you know the best part about the blog hop starting now?  for the next 2 days* you get to take advantage of a sweet holiday discount.  use  the code IMBAD15  for 15% off the set price. click here to find out more and to sign up.

{ note: the link provided is an affiliate link. please be sure to sign up for the class by clicking thru my link to help me get credit for the class, thanks y'all! }

toodles, G

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Here's the lineup for the blog hop  { links are clickable }:

12/26 – Andrea Gomoll 

12/27 – Robin Mead

12/28 – PanArt – Cristin Stevenson

12/29 – Me .....{ Grace }

12/30 – Jeanette Montero

12/31 – Keri Sallee

1/1 – Soul Whispers Art

1/2 – Susanne Rose

1/3 – Amanda Trought 

1/4 – Ayala Art

1/5 – Kiala Givehand

1/6 – Nicci Battilana

1/7 – Tracy Scott

1/8 – Tiare Smith 


*( discount expires december 27th }

the chunkiness of new journals...oh my!

chunky journals_Livia_Chiara these beauties will be spirited off to their new owners today. so stinking excited.  they are for some young girls whose interests varies soooo much. one loves monkey, the other is gaga for anything ocean themed.  had the best time gathering supplies for each   one.

cannot get over the absolute chunkiness of them { YES! } with all that yummy paper flowing throughout is flipping delightful to behold { can ya guess that i kinda get gaga myself when i see all that paper ).   and boy can I pack in the goodness!    took a boat load of pics to document them  and will post more detailed pics after i edit them, but for now....they're DONE!  Woohoo!

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i'm at it again. oh my.

i've been making an effort these last couple of weeks to practice with watercolours, taking note of how it reacts with certain amounts of water and salt and other things.  well here's an "other thing" i recently tried , lol. tcv poppy frangments stencil

on a recent girl's day trip to an awesome store, called collage, here in portland { Liz McNabb you would love it! }  I picked up this stencil { among many, many other things....heehee }.  it's a crafter's workshop stencil called "poppy fragments".  and it sat on my new artspace table staring at me as I worked.  my immediate thought was, how could I use the stencil without spraying thru it which i really didn't want to do { i'm using watercolours people! }.

what i decided to do was spray the backside with adhesive so that as I painted, the juicy watercolour wouldn't seep underneath.  welllll......the only problem with that plan was who knows where my spray adhesive is?  remember i still have at least 65% of my studio supplies in our storage units downstairs.  ugh.  big UGH.

what I did instead was to rub a glue stick on the backside, stick that puppy down and use a fine brush to paint inside the stencil.  this way i don't have to have spray over the outside edges of the stencil thereby controling  where the colour ends up.  and.......


Fleur Watercolour

isn't she the loveliest lil thing?  totally doing this again { ahem! } ....once I find the other gazillion and one stencils I own.  storage here I come again.

toodles y'all, G

watercolour-y that even a word?

the number 5

my muse these days is watercolor. once upon a time I would shy completely away from using this medium but today I love the watercolour-y effects I can get with it.

plus have ya seen the rainbow of colour I can use all in one piece? oh my! my mind is racing with all the cool things I can come up with. for now tho i'm enjoying the this playtime.

for this one I drew my fave number in pencil then went to town adding the splashes of vibrant colour { I tend to go for bold not subdued pastel-y colours even with watercolours ha! }.

I wanted the five to be in black but in brush stroke like it was written with a large sumi brush in Japanese script. it didn't turn out that way and the bold black looked a bit stark against all that colour so I added the line work in white with a signo pen { my new fave writing tool }.

loved how this turned out. the experimenting continues.

toodles, G

festive soul food :: book of days

today my festive SOUL food lesson airs on community thrive.  yay!!! we had to create a lesson based around a holiday or festival from our hometown.   most of you know that i'm from the bahamas and what better festival to celebrate than the big one that happens at the end of every year.....


book of days collage pic

for Junkanoo teams members create fantastical brightly coloured costumes to parade the streets of downtown, dancing and playing music for the crowds gathered.   my lesson is based on this concept of celebration.......and you know it had to have loads of colour, and be something you can journal in right?  of course you say!

book of days collage pic

o access my lesson and all the other wonderful, creative lessons offered by the other festive SOUL food sous chefs for the month of september use this link: { NOTE: this workshop is no longer available through community thrive but will soon be available in my classroom site.  yay! }

of course there's still time to sign up.  plus, by purchasing now the lesson will be available to you 'till december so you can work on each one at your leisure.

i'll be sharing, in the next few weeks, a few of the journaling pages i've created so far for the month of september but here's video of a quick sneak peak at one of them.

toodles y'all, G

p.s.  for more information about the Bahamian Festival I talked about above check here:


what type of soul food creative are you?

festive soul food teachers

well they've done it again!

this time you're in for a treat with festive SOUL food coming to you for the month of september.  you'll get 3 head chefs { mystele, heather & jeannette }, 9 way cool sous chefs  { see them above including this girl too } and 1 celebrity chef { danita of danita art }.

register and sign up for some fun creativity using this link:

{ NOTE: this workshop is no longer available through community thrive but will soon be available in my classroom site.  yay! }

want a sneak peek? mystele has created a free bonus lesson to get us started.  this girl is good...whoa!   click video to open in youtube and access links for bonus lessons below the video.

so c'mon along and join us.  it's gonna be good.

festive soul food is coming!

guess what? i'm hosting a giveaway!!!

why?  because you deserve it of course but there's another reason. i am one 9 sous chefs chosen to teach in.......


festive soul food banner

to find our more info on the festive soul food and see who the other sous chefs check are and what they're about, check things out here { psst.....they're all a cool bunch of artists, you'll see! }

Registration begins August 1st

our head chefs also asked each sous chef to record a video to introduce ourselves.  you can watch mine here:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Good Luck and See You in Class!

so here's the BIG plus, i get to offer one (1) spot in the class and all you have to do to win it is to enter the giveaway below and share this post on facebooktwitter or instagram and with your friends { whilst you're there go ahead and follow me }. Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know where you shared.

giveaway ends July 15th when the winner will be announced here on the blog { NOTE: I only have one spot to offer so there will only one winner for the giveaway }.

Festive soul food teacher pic