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it's february journaling month y'all!

you ready?

last week i wrote about being 100% in { check out that blog post here }.

but i think it's about time i get down to brass tacks and talk about journaling.  february i've deemed "begin the journaling journey" month, especially for those of you who have yet to start down this awesome , restorative path.

an open journal
an open journal

journaling for me is such an integral part of who i am, who i've become.  without the ability to write my heartwords my mind would be a moosh of jumbled thoughts and ideas floating at sea, waiting for landfall. writing my thoughts down, recording my day or special events or even regular daily happenings that occur, whatever they may be { including the yucky bits } help to ground me in the everyday of being human and.  it keeps me sane enough to carry on.

so i thought...why don't i share it.  share the journey with others and see if they want to come along for this february ride.

{ if you're not a regular journaler just yet....don't worry,  you can download my free pdf on "How to Cultivate a Successful Journaling Habit" to get you started }.

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how we'll proceed

today let's begin with the 5 prompts included in the pdf.  for the next 5 days i want you to choose one of the 5 prompts { no need to go in the order i have them listed, just pick one for each day this week } and write your thoughts down about the chosen prompt in your journal.  allow for exploration, don't write what's expected.  when you finish just close the the book and move onto your next task...i'm a big believer in letting our heartwords settle in our hearts, our soul space a little, so be sure to follow the suggestions i make below:

  1. don't re-read what you wrote
  2. don't edit the words that flow out of you

i want you to allow the journaling you've just completed to do it's work.

the end.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

nah...not yet, lol.  check in on my blog each week in february  { bookmark here or sign up below to receive it automatically } for ways to boost your journaling plus, i think i might have one of my "grace journals" to give away.  let's talk....leave a comment below to let me know what these prompts are bringing up for you.





the jig is up...time for some BADASS art!

what do the numbers 16, 14, 12 and 1 have in common?  it's all about the new class i'm teaching in!

all brought to you by our amazing mixed media artist and host, tiare smith.  this girl knows her art journaling stuff!  to learn more about each artist instructor tiare set up a blog hog and today is my turn at the helm!  i finally get to share a sneak peek of my lesson. whoop, whoop!

intrigued are you?  mmmmmmh......veddy veddy good. lol.

in this cool class, each instructor will WOW you with their creativity, ignite your passion for art and take you along on one BADASS journey through their world of art by teaching you one cool art journaling technique.

the bonus for you?  each of us gets to give away 1 { one } FREE spot in the class, so you now have 14 chances to winby visiting each of our blogs on our assigned day and following the instructions.

how can you win my FREE giveaway spot?  do at least one* { or preferably all  } of the following.....

  • leave a comment below telling me about 1 mixed media technique you'd still love to learn about or what your favourite mixed media technique is
  •  click the LIKEbutton on my facebook page{ you can share your technique there }
  • share this link  ~ ~  on your fave social media { twitter/ instagram/pinterest/etc }

*each task is equal to 1 entry, max 3 per person.  winner will be chosen by random draw and announced Jan 5th, one week from today on my facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

so c'mon......unleash you inner BADASS!  join us for this class { starts February 1st }.[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][/fusion_text]

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what if you already know you're ready to sign up? click here!

one badass art journal :: one cool blog hop

today starts the "one BADASS art journal" bog hop!  Woohoo!  tiare smith has gathered some cool art journalers for this new class.  each day for the next 2 weeks you'll meet one of the 14 instructors for this BADASS Journal class { see list below }.  of course meeting them is only half the fun .....signing up for the class is what you really need to do. One Bad Ass Collage with Wordsand do you know the best part about the blog hop starting now?  for the next 2 days* you get to take advantage of a sweet holiday discount.  use  the code IMBAD15  for 15% off the set price. click here to find out more and to sign up.

{ note: the link provided is an affiliate link. please be sure to sign up for the class by clicking thru my link to help me get credit for the class, thanks y'all! }

toodles, G

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Here's the lineup for the blog hop  { links are clickable }:

12/26 – Andrea Gomoll 

12/27 – Robin Mead

12/28 – PanArt – Cristin Stevenson

12/29 – Me .....{ Grace }

12/30 – Jeanette Montero

12/31 – Keri Sallee

1/1 – Soul Whispers Art

1/2 – Susanne Rose

1/3 – Amanda Trought 

1/4 – Ayala Art

1/5 – Kiala Givehand

1/6 – Nicci Battilana

1/7 – Tracy Scott

1/8 – Tiare Smith 


*( discount expires december 27th }