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work/Life balance: declutter


for the month of september my co-host ho'o and i are vlogging about subconscious curating. what you say is that?  check this post and to watch our 1st vlog. this week for work/Life balance we tackle decluttering our spaces, both physically and mentally. watch now.....


how do you declutter your space?

is there a technique you regularly use?

no time to declutter your space?

if not then i suggest first you sit and mentally declutter. as i discussed in the video, 2 of the best ways to declutter is through meditation and/or journaling.  you know which one i want you to try first right?  nope, not journaling.


i want you instead to sit quietly for 5 minutes. yup, just 5.  so you can mentally decompress.  sometimes that 's all that's needed to be able to carry on with tasks and  family & home duties.

now think about this, what if you did this everyday?  just 5 minutes of self-love { that's love directed inward btw }. then go and tackle that closet or those containers of "stuff" sitting wanting attention or that fridge like ho'o suggested.

try it.  sit for 5. then go do some decluttering.  and afterwards.....take another 5 to write in your journal how flipping awesome you feel.  yeh that feeling is what we're after when we choose to declutter and release what is no longer needed.  cause you know...

it's all a work/Life balance afterall.

till next time,


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How to de-clutter and organize your fridgeFinding feathersShop for your 'grace journal"

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subconscious curating your dreams into existence

Subconscious Curating image

what exactly is it?

subconscious curating is allowing your mind, your heart and the Universe to work together to bring your desires, dreams and wishes to fruition.

it's about gathering to you those images and words and thoughts in a conscious way to allow your subconscious to work its magic in the background and help manifest your life vision.

a few months back a small group of us got together to work on the the rbbp { right brain business plan } vision board with our facilitator, my friend ho'o who is excellent as a curator of the subconscious for the rbbp program.

she had us create a vision board in an accordion style book for our businesses and lives { the beginnings of the work/life balance which i will get to in a moment }.

Subconscious Curating (Vision Boarding)
Subconscious Curating (Vision Boarding)

the top images are close-ups of the front cover & the bottom strip are some of the panels of the accordion book i got to complete.

this book now sits in a space in my studio, visible at a glance wherever i am as the subconscious curator of my visions, dreams & desires and, to help me bring forth and birth these ideas into my life and in my business.

{that 1st panel is what i dream for my business .....take a peak at my about page and read the last line....that's exactly what that first panel represents }.

the work/life balance vlog

ho'o and i recently recorded a vlog about the things we need to do to begin curating a work/Life balance. we started vlogging together  last year and, with one thing and another, it got sidetracked.

thing is we both know we loved getting together and talking and inspiring other women. so we decided to have a 2nd go at it which we're now calling "work/Life balance with grace & ho'o".  every week we'll be recording a video on a theme for the month.

Subconscious Curating banner

of course you can guess what this month's theme is......subconscious curating.  we believe it's a thing [she says knowingly] and know we need to do this for us, for you and for women we're trying to reach with a message of inspiration.

our aim is to share stories, our knowledge and experience with you, along with tidbits to enhance your work/Life in order to help you access many more aha moments.

so here's what's gonna happen.  on tuesday you can read ho'o's post about the week's topic.  on wednesday we record our vlog.  then on thursday we release the video along with my blog post.

so without further ado { that saying always intrigued me but i digress } check out our 1st video.


total fun that was.  btw.....we'd love to hear from you each week as well.  comment below about what you think about the day's episode/theme/topic or feel free to share any interesting tidbits our post or the video brings up for you

{ please know that you can email me anytime to get fresh perspective on anything you're thinking about }.

we record on zoom and will be inviting guests { later  down the line } to chat with us. some of those guests we hope will be YOU as we talk about....

work/Life balance. 



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