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today my festive SOUL food lesson airs on community thrive.  yay!!! we had to create a lesson based around a holiday or festival from our hometown.   most of you know that i'm from the bahamas and what better festival to celebrate than the big one that happens at the end of every year.....


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for Junkanoo teams members create fantastical brightly coloured costumes to parade the streets of downtown, dancing and playing music for the crowds gathered.   my lesson is based on this concept of celebration.......and you know it had to have loads of colour, and be something you can journal in right?  of course you say!

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o access my lesson and all the other wonderful, creative lessons offered by the other festive SOUL food sous chefs for the month of september use this link:

http://bit.ly/FestiveSoulFoodSignup { NOTE: this workshop is no longer available through community thrive but will soon be available in my classroom site.  yay! }

of course there's still time to sign up.  plus, by purchasing now the lesson will be available to you 'till december so you can work on each one at your leisure.

i'll be sharing, in the next few weeks, a few of the journaling pages i've created so far for the month of september but here's video of a quick sneak peak at one of them.

toodles y'all, G

p.s.  for more information about the Bahamian Festival I talked about above check here: http://bit.ly/BookofDaysJunkanooExplained


what type of soul food creative are you?

festive soul food teachers

well they've done it again!

this time you're in for a treat with festive SOUL food coming to you for the month of september.  you'll get 3 head chefs { mystele, heather & jeannette }, 9 way cool sous chefs  { see them above including this girl too } and 1 celebrity chef { danita of danita art }.

register and sign up for some fun creativity using this link: http://communitythrive.com/festive-soul-food

{ NOTE: this workshop is no longer available through community thrive but will soon be available in my classroom site.  yay! }

want a sneak peek? mystele has created a free bonus lesson to get us started.  this girl is good...whoa!   click video to open in youtube and access links for bonus lessons below the video.

so c'mon along and join us.  it's gonna be good.