i'm at it again. oh my.

i've been making an effort these last couple of weeks to practice with watercolours, taking note of how it reacts with certain amounts of water and salt and other things.  well here's an "other thing" i recently tried , lol. tcv poppy frangments stencil

on a recent girl's day trip to an awesome store, called collage, here in portland { Liz McNabb you would love it! }  I picked up this stencil { among many, many other things....heehee }.  it's a crafter's workshop stencil called "poppy fragments".  and it sat on my new artspace table staring at me as I worked.  my immediate thought was, how could I use the stencil without spraying thru it which i really didn't want to do { i'm using watercolours people! }.

what i decided to do was spray the backside with adhesive so that as I painted, the juicy watercolour wouldn't seep underneath.  welllll......the only problem with that plan was who knows where my spray adhesive is?  remember i still have at least 65% of my studio supplies in our storage units downstairs.  ugh.  big UGH.

what I did instead was to rub a glue stick on the backside, stick that puppy down and use a fine brush to paint inside the stencil.  this way i don't have to have spray over the outside edges of the stencil thereby controling  where the colour ends up.  and.......


Fleur Watercolour

isn't she the loveliest lil thing?  totally doing this again { ahem! } ....once I find the other gazillion and one stencils I own.  storage here I come again.

toodles y'all, G

watercolour-y that even a word?

the number 5

my muse these days is watercolor. once upon a time I would shy completely away from using this medium but today I love the watercolour-y effects I can get with it.

plus have ya seen the rainbow of colour I can use all in one piece? oh my! my mind is racing with all the cool things I can come up with. for now tho i'm enjoying the this playtime.

for this one I drew my fave number in pencil then went to town adding the splashes of vibrant colour { I tend to go for bold not subdued pastel-y colours even with watercolours ha! }.

I wanted the five to be in black but in brush stroke like it was written with a large sumi brush in Japanese script. it didn't turn out that way and the bold black looked a bit stark against all that colour so I added the line work in white with a signo pen { my new fave writing tool }.

loved how this turned out. the experimenting continues.

toodles, G