holding space

7 steps to claim YOUR space

Claim your space (wksht)

i am a great observer of people { okay, really i'm people watching, lol } but i get to view a lot of different things happening around me. i watch their little quirks and tendencies, the way they move their bodies, the way they sit, lean, hug, speak ....the funny stuff they do when they think no one is watching.  i smile inward at this one because i know how it can feel when you find someone watching you.

i also observe how people move through the world claiming their space, the way they let  themselves be seen, taking up the space meant just for them and fretting not at all at what others think.

i love watching a child play.  they see no barriers.  they play and smile and crack up and cry without thought for what others may think.  they claim space with such brilliant childhood abandon that i wish we, as adults, would also do.

did you pick a word of the year to guide you?

my word of the year this year is a phrase: holding space.  i needed to sit in this space i wanted for myself....personally, spiritually and especially when it comes to claiming my space as a woman in business.

my goal this year was to hold on to it { i already knew where i wanted to be }, to accept it, to claim it, to figure out how i wanted to move thru it and step into that space that only i can claim for myself.

in claiming my space in this world, as opposed to most of my life trying to hide from the light, i step forward and plant my feet solidly, choosing these days to be seen by all, not only by the few i'm comfortable with.

THIS is the action that has you claiming your space.  is this where you are?

oh hon I know this one, vulnerability, can be tough to accept in yourself but claiming you space is about this and so much more.

  • it's about accepting ourselves where we are and being ok with whatever comes up.
  • it's about taking ourselves by the shoulders and shaking the "shi't, i'm scared" out of us till our heads rise strong.
  • it's about removing the cloak of i can't and stepping forward into "heck yeh, why not".
  • it's about BE-ing and living and doing and.......
  • it's about letting your JOY escape one small moment at a time to envelop you in sweetness
  • it's about letting YOU, that beautiful specimen of humanity, kindness and love shine thru

yeh, that is what claiming space is about.  are you doing it?  if not yet, no worries.

i'm holding space for you right here

....until you can claim your own.

DO it.

C L A I M   Y O U R  S P A C E

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

to help you move thru this process with ease i've compiled a list of steps you can take right now to help you claim your space.  use the form below to access.

till next time,


are you 100% in? { feb journal prompt/1 }

where in my life am i not 100% in?where am i working hard to move forward but subconsciously holding myself back? ~ amber bonicci

i read these words in a newsletter i received today and got stopped in my tracks.  how did she know i was in overwhelm this morn?  how did she know there were thoughts of "what's it all for?" ringing in my ear.

Are you 100% in?

she didn't of course.  but the Universe did.  the Universe heard my query, saw my waryness and sent this message to me to hang in there, to keep going, the rewards will pay off and to....

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and boy do i know i'm in that space of uncertainty and query when i knowingly choose to do housework instead of sitting at my desk and working { duh right? } or when i allow myself to go down the rabbit hole of blog reading { or binge watching youtube art videos..heck yeh! } that has nothing to do with what i'm doing or need to do.

yeh, i was in overwhelm and needed a jolt that came in the form of those words planted in my inbox { btw....i got that email yesterday and didn't open until today cause i didn't have the time.  today i did }.

so now your turn.

in which way are you not 100% in?

are you finding yourself a bit like i was today...dragging, trying to gather up the energy to move another step closer to the goal, wondering if you actually have it in you to do it, to attain that 1oo%?

it can be daunting and scary to be in that doubt.  i know as well that that space of tranquility and certainty can be difficult to access when the gremlins are constantly tapping you on the shoulder reminding you that deep shit is possibly on the way. but....

i believe it's in these moments, these precious moments in our lives that we need to step back from the mess piling up in our heads, to seek a different avenue, to go to our store of self-care ideas and pull one out to restore the imbalance.

i know this. i do.  and today......today i got a reprieve.

thank you Universe.

thank you fate.           thank you serendipity.

100% is looking once again like it can be done.  i can do this.

can you?  if you find yourself in this space go get your journal and write.  write your heartwords.  release all that junk of uncertainty into a space you that's always available to you. write until you're dry of words, relief spreads over you, and you can see that 100% light again.

take care,


p.s.  if you're in a space where you need a shoulder i am over here for you making space. email me or leave a comment below and release.

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living in the light

living in the light

one of the things i know for sure is......i always have to be true to my voice, my truth and stand in my light.

i am a journaler, and my journals are where i hold space for the words and the art and the ideas that matter to me so that i'm always living in the light rather than hiding in the dark.

i have a few journals where i create art { my art journals }, a couple of journals where i write my heart-words { to work thru issues and record my gratefuls } and then there's this virtual space, my blog, my public journal where i journal about creativity and business and laughter and everyday life,  a space where i choose time and time again to shine my light { altho hard this might sometimes be }, a place i get to share ME with YOU.

i started blogging years ago, { btw, this link is a hoot } at first because i wanted to share my work.  at that time i was an art quilter and loved the audience i built.  over the years i have made some wonderful cyber & in-person friends who are brilliant textile artists { susankarenwho are 2 very cool peeps } and, even tho i'm a mixed media artist now, this space has remained true to who i am as an artist and as a person whose touchstones remain....

light,   truth    &     JOY

yesterday i wrote a post about the new workshopthat i'll be teaching in ... SPECTRUM and......i have to tell you, i am blown away by the beautiful and heartfelt comments old and new friends are leaving and also by the release of control i'm hearing in these words to finding one's path to creative spirituality and development.  you guys have made my heart smile ...WIDE.


i am now working on the content for SPECTRUM workshopand knowing that what i'm create for YOU to enrich your creative spirit and that you are ready to embrace it all makes working on this so much more satisfying and brings much JOY to this heart of mine.

T H A N K   Y O U.



...to read about and enter the giveaway go here.

....to sign up for this beautiful workshop go here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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new year resolutions again?  wait, there's another way. 

so rather than feeling guilt and shame for the rest of the year because i've failed yet again, i started implementing christine kane's WORD OF THE YEAR { woty }.  what a flipping difference to how my year shows up for me, my life, my business for those 12 months!

Choosing a word of the year is your best bet to manifesting your dreams and goals
— Grace

my woty for 2015 was E X P A N D .  it took its time making itself known { didn't really solidify till feb of last year...i mean seriously right! } but once it showed up it was game on.  it made so much sense in one respect in that our family had already decided to do one BIG expansion ... move from charlotte, nc to portland, oregon this past summer.

yeh, let’s hear it for BIG moves baby!

E X P A N D also meant something to me and my husband, moving from the rut we found ourselves digging thru for the last few years in our marriage to something better and more fulfilling for both of us { next year we will be celebrating our silver anniversary.  booyah! }

E X P A N D was also a catalyst for me in business.  the previous year i took a 10 month long business course that helped me implement ways to be more visible as a creative in business { financially not so much yet but creating a presence online was key } so much so that, without going after it, i was asked to be an instructor in one of the big online class.  so blown away that i opened the email, read the 1t few lines and immediately closed it cause i couldn't believe what i was reading { can i say booyah! again and not be redundant?  ha!}

E X P A N D, on a personal front,  was very freeing for me.  my tendency has always been to hang in the background.  i rarely stepped out beyond my own shadow to shine my own light, but that changed.  i opened the door and things began to manifest themselves, something i hope to encourage others to do in the new new year.

so that brings me to this year, 2016.  my word of the year is...


yeh, i know, it's a phrase but it is what kept showing up this last month of december { which is a bit late as well cause it usually starts making itself known around sep/oct }.

even as i write it my woty, it calms me as i take a deep breath inhaling its essence and all that it means for me for the new year.