a february SELF-Love prompt on storytelling

Story Telling with your journaling

story telling is so very much a part of the art of journaling.  it is part recounting history  { writing about events in your life } and part legacy leaving { stories you leave for the next generations }.  

imagine finding a journal written by one of your ancestors and getting to read about their daily lives....this is what you will be passing on.  plus, not to mention, being able get a fresh perspective on re-reading your heartwords.

so with all that said let's get to this week's journaling prompts for our february of SELF-Love.  this week we're writing about what we love and relaying a storyabout why we love it so, what feelings it brings up.  some suggestions to get you started....

  • your favourite person in all the world that whenever you think of them it makes you smile
  • your favourite meal { in a restaurant or cooked by/for you }
  • your favourite quote { inspiring or funny }
  • your favourite time of day  { mmmh.....yes, this. }
  • the best dessert your mouth ever, ever had the pleasure of tasting { and you can taste it right now! }
  • something sweet/funny your kid said { hint: start a separate journal just for these captures }
  • your favourite ritual { 1st thing in morn / last thing at night }
  • your favourite prayer or spiritual blessing
  • a favourite activity { yoga?  reading?  crafting?  jump roping?  sleeping?  no judgements people! }
  • your favourite phone app
  • your most comfy pj's or slippers

your writing each day can be a short and sweet "love" story or a long and involved one...it's up to you.  however, if you find yourself writing and writing and writing......heck, DON"T STOP!  this is how building a regular journaling habit unfolds.

remember, this is about what YOU love.  reach in, dig deep, savour the memory and write.

till next time,