the Universe

are you 100% in? { feb journal prompt/1 }

where in my life am i not 100% in?where am i working hard to move forward but subconsciously holding myself back? ~ amber bonicci

i read these words in a newsletter i received today and got stopped in my tracks.  how did she know i was in overwhelm this morn?  how did she know there were thoughts of "what's it all for?" ringing in my ear.

Are you 100% in?

she didn't of course.  but the Universe did.  the Universe heard my query, saw my waryness and sent this message to me to hang in there, to keep going, the rewards will pay off and to....

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and boy do i know i'm in that space of uncertainty and query when i knowingly choose to do housework instead of sitting at my desk and working { duh right? } or when i allow myself to go down the rabbit hole of blog reading { or binge watching youtube art videos..heck yeh! } that has nothing to do with what i'm doing or need to do.

yeh, i was in overwhelm and needed a jolt that came in the form of those words planted in my inbox { btw....i got that email yesterday and didn't open until today cause i didn't have the time.  today i did }.

so now your turn.

in which way are you not 100% in?

are you finding yourself a bit like i was today...dragging, trying to gather up the energy to move another step closer to the goal, wondering if you actually have it in you to do it, to attain that 1oo%?

it can be daunting and scary to be in that doubt.  i know as well that that space of tranquility and certainty can be difficult to access when the gremlins are constantly tapping you on the shoulder reminding you that deep shit is possibly on the way. but....

i believe it's in these moments, these precious moments in our lives that we need to step back from the mess piling up in our heads, to seek a different avenue, to go to our store of self-care ideas and pull one out to restore the imbalance.

i know this. i do.  and i got a reprieve.

thank you Universe.

thank you fate.           thank you serendipity.

100% is looking once again like it can be done.  i can do this.

can you?  if you find yourself in this space go get your journal and write.  write your heartwords.  release all that junk of uncertainty into a space you that's always available to you. write until you're dry of words, relief spreads over you, and you can see that 100% light again.

take care,


p.s.  if you're in a space where you need a shoulder i am over here for you making space. email me or leave a comment below and release.

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I pulled 3 cards today and oh my!

3 card pull

I believe in fate. I believe in the power of the Universe. I fervently believe in serendipity.

we are 3 weeks into living #ourportlandlife.  it's been a struggle at times with periods of overwhelm for each of us....teary, dreary moments when everything gets to you and nothing is right.  

the light at the end of the tunnel kept moving further away.   o was the first one to get there about 3 days into unpacking.  o knew i was a mess and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and pour my eyes out.  so i did.

overwhelm is nothing to shirk at.  it takes hold and, mired in its midst seems absolutely impossible to move forward.  nothing short of making yourself physically climb out that dark space.  

hardest thing was watching each of my kids experience the same thing a week later. i am glad to say, tho that we all survived our big move and are thriving { throwing out a silent high five! }.  

the kids moved across the country to a place they had never seen but trusted me that this place called portland was the place for us.  

we've had some hiccups with the house sale back in north carolina { closing been  postponed twice now. Ugh. } but fingers crossed the new owners will finally be handed their new house keys and take possession tomorrow.

i hadn't been able to access my oracle cards since before we started packing in ernest back in June and this morning came across them....looking for something else of course.

oracle pull 2

sometimes i can so easily have squirrel moments when trying to complete a task, unwittingly at times allowing myself to be sucked into something else and down that other rabbit hole i go.  

i've diligently been working on changing this strange phenomenon of mine { lol }  but when I saw that  box of oracle cards i hadn't seen in weeks, it really seemed like they was calling to i answered.

the 3 cards i pulled......

i usually pull 3 cards and, according to collete { the cards i have are these } the positions of the 3 card pull is:

  1. the past influence
  2. the present point of vantage
  3. the probable future destination
oracle pull 3

the fact that I pulled "home" for the past indicates to me that my old home is no longer an influence on my life....hence the closing WILL take place tomorrow.

the second and third cards almost blew me away!  last week i had a conversation and planning session with my friend and fellow artist jackie { her new website launched last week...go check it out pronto! } about our routines and schedules and committing to our art and doing more to make our businesses thrive....and in comes these next 2 cards.  whoa! right?

i am light stone

omg i love how the Universe speaks.  even when we're not paying attention or feeling the overwhelm or are just asking for guidance, there are little whisperings of soul speak that guides us on our journey.....if we just pause long enough to listen and tap into our own inner wisdom.

may you each hear the Universe's whisperings and may it touch your soul in wondrous ways,


p.s.  it's real good to be back.   so tell me....what new things are you getting up to as this new season approaches?