A Beautiful Thing Happened

A Beautiful Thing Happened

I invited a few friends to join me in Circle to create space around ritual and breath and to bring their ask from the Universe. I called it "A Gathering of Women" and the profound and beautiful thing about what happened is what I received in return. 

What do you need to say NO to?

Knowing when to say No is almost as equally important as all your beautiful Yes! moments. Because sometimes our Soul's needs must be put first so that we can do the giving to others unencumbered. 

Comfort zones. . . why you need to ditch them

Our comfort zones are comfortable because they have us not taking risks which means we remain small, and continue to hide our brilliant light. Isn't it time to ditch the comfort zones and begin living LIFE again?  

How to Make Vulnerability Work For You Instead of Against you

Why do we stop dead in our tracks when we come face to face with the thing we want? It's all about a teeny tiny thing called TRUST. Find out how I make my own vulnerability work for me and not against me.