How to Make Vulnerability Work For You Instead of Against you

Reveal the beginnings of who you will be next
— Grace

I realized something quite awesome the other day. A lot more people are journaling. I’ve been on this kick to revolutionlize journaling and..... I think, it’s worked! I did it!  

Nah…. Wasn’t all me. Ha!


(this is my friend Liz revolutionizing the heck outta that phrase. Go on, take a listen, with the volume way up! 😁 )

Buuuuuut I’m totally excited that more people are doing it (including more men!!!).

There are so many ways and reasons why people journal —whether for art, personal note taking or leaving a legacy of thoughts for others. Some journal digitally, some strictly with pen and paper.

My journaling mostly takes the form of record keeping. Not in a scrapbooking kind of way, but more like visual and emotional observations I write or watercolour or collage about.

Journaling like this helps me to tap into my consciousness on a deeper level than just writing about my day. It also helps me find ways to bring more JOY into my life (and yours!). 

Because frankly, I believe that that's my job....leading you to a more Soul centered life through the use of your own words in tandem with fun and informative creative practices.

Today, I'm giving you a peak into something I’ve journaled about on many occasions, my secret fear and tell you how I moved beyond it. 

But first a story.

About 2-ish years ago I began feeling a shift happening.  A shift into my purpose, my true calling. I sat with this, journaled about it and ruminated on it some more.  

6 mths later { yeh, it took that long } I felt the urge to speak about it, to put it out into the Universe. So I put the call out there and created a space online to begin gathering my tribe.  Then, know what I did?


Nada.  Zilch.  Zero. I just let the names gather.  And each time I got a notice that someone else had joined, it felt good knowing that my words were resonating. It let me know that other women were definitely feeling the same way.

And still......I did nothing.  I stepped back from my dream of creating JOY + helping others manifest SELF.  I still continued to hesitate in bringing my dream to light. Know why?

I've found that the most terrifying thing to do is to start.

That first step is BIG.  It's like jumping off a cliff BIG ­even though you know you've done the work and have practiced enough and are even wearing the parachute that'll guide you safely to the ground.  That first step is the scariest of all.

So why do we stop dead in your tracks when faced with the thing we want?

Because that first big step is really more about VULNERABILITY. 

And vulnerability is about FEAR.  

And fear is about opening yourself up to CRITICISM, and laying yourself open to possible ridicule, JUDGEMENT or even an attack in word or deed. 

That's all the outward stuff you're trying to avoid. The inward stuff is even crazier.

Opening yourself up allows cracks to appear in your "Don't worry bout me" or "I'm all good" facade and then before you know it, the you-know-the-whos begin to show up.

Yup, those pesky doubting gremlins that wait for the right opportunity sit on your shoulder and begin whispering their yucks like "Who do you think you are" and "You know you can't do this right?!" and, that gnarly one...."No one cares!".

Words like these swirling about in our heads can continue to break us down and have us not wanting to start in the first place.

Sound familiar? Believe it or not, this STILL happens to me.  It's when I allow my own doubts to creep in and take hold. So how do you take that first step?

How do you move beyond these moments of "can I really do this thing"?

You stare fear in the eye and make a decision to face it head on. No if's, ands or buts do you allow to step into your path this time.

The best action is to move forward without doubts,  Letting go of the scary and, instead, choosing to trust.  

Ahh. There it is.   T R U S T. 

Trusting that no matter what, even if things are a big bomb or your heart goes kerplop as you begin, you needed to do that one thing, that one step to get you over the fence. Just.  This.  Once.

So that jumping over the fence, walking through the fire, climbing up that next rung becomes your new norm.

And you know what?  You WILL survive.  (and p.s. it will be beautiful)

That first step will be scary.

  • that first step will make your heart race like mad in your chest.

  • that first step will let you see that it's okay.

  • that first step will make the doing it again and again less hard each time.

  • that first step will open you up to the realm of possibility.

  • that first step will make you wonder why you took so darn long in the first place.

  • that first step might even propel you into the stratosphere.

Aww heck, imagine that!

I know this feeling. It's a feeling of sublime accomplishment, a feeling of stepping into your today, of catching that sweet spot, of moving into your light, of saying YES! to you ....that brilliant beautiful Soul that you are.

That's exactly what I did with my shop re-launch back in June 2016.  I gotta tell you it was flipping scary....terrifying really. The gremlins definitely found that one crack in my vulnerability armour and began their normal schtick. But I was ready for them.

  • what if no one comes? that's okay.

  • what if nobody purchases anything? that's okay too.

  • what it they don't like what I've created? that's okay as well.

Cause I will have jumped and, despite the fact that the above scenarios were all a possibility, I knew that I would land softly....and safely.   my favourite saying is...

Jump ....and the net will appear."

Because that truth-ism is about trust. But you know what, you really won't need that net cause you are gonna soar. 

I have to jump.  every. dang. time. 

Because I am choosing to trust myself instead of letting my doubts reign.

That doubting thomas err...grace is no good for me.  I've got things to do, goals to accomplish, a brilliant life to live and a successful business to grow ....and, best of all, a beautiful Soul tribe to nourish (that's YOU!).

THIS.  This right here is where the gold is kept, where my heart's desires are coddled and nurtured and where the visions for myself both personally and in business are brought to fruition.  

Because I believe in me.  Oh man do I wish this for you too.  To believe that whatever you wish for yourself, you will go out and find it.  That you will go out and MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. 

Yes! This. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Like I mentioned above, part of my new job (yes, my job 😊 ) is to nurture you through your struggles and laugh with you when things make no frickin sense and hold your hand when the stinkin heebie jeebies get you and show you how to be brave in your moments of vulnerability and stand strong behind you, supporting you because .....I got your back.

That's what Find Your Joy Life Coaching is about. Me having your back as we traverse the sometimes rocky road of your life.

And that’s also what the JOY Work Circle is about.  Because there is power in a Circle of Women.

we are women strong,

we are heart strong,

we are inhaling DEEP breaths together strong,

we are .... JOY filled.

in the next few weeks I'll be putting the finishing touches on the content that will bring us together and connect our souls.

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With heartfelt thanks and love,


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