What do you need to say NO to?

Courage is not the absence of fear or anger or doubt but the willingness to truly live   ~ Jeff Foster


Remember in this blog post I asked “What’s your next YES?” It was all about making a conscious choice to say hella yes to the things you want out loud so the Universe can hear you and work her own magic on your behalf. 

So let's chat about saying No.   

Knowing when to say No is almost as equally important as your Yes! moments. Saying yes is about manifesting your heart.  

Saying No is about knowing your heart. 
Saying No is about speaking your heart. 
Saying No is about trusting your heart. 

Saying No helps you to begin saying Yes to the things that matter most to you. 

Let me ask you...what have you recently No to?

An even better question is...

What did you say Yes to when you knew, deep, deep down inside you, where your sacred intuition resides, that you should have said a resounding and clear NO? 

Thought of something yet? Go on, take your time. 

Now I want you to think about what might have been different had you listened to your heart, your inner guide, instead of giving in to the strong pull of the strings that hold on to you.

Those strings that have Inner Critic written in teeny tiny letters up and down it's length or, the strings that are so completely and solidly attached to the people around you. 

What if you said No?

Not a shouted No.

Or a squirmy No.

Or an in-your-face No

(although sometimes that last one is needed when people are not heeding your words).

But rather a No fuelled largely by your own strength and purpose and sense of clarity. A No that says I cannot do that because it's not in the best interest of me right now.

What if, huh?

Would there be bells and whistles going off because you said No? Ehhh...probably not. But the whispers of your wisdom would not have had to shout at you to slow it down and ask "Is this really what we want, what our Soul needs". 

Cause sometimes hon, our Soul's needs must be put first so that we can do the giving to others unencumbered. 

A No for you right now means just that. Right now, in this moment. And this doesn't mean that it cannot be a Yes at some point in the future. So.....

What do you need to say a firm No to? 

What Yes of yours do you need to revisit so that your authentic voice is heard?   

What can you say No to so that you allow space for your vision, your voice, your Soul to have room to breathe? 


Next time, when a Yes is pursed on your lips....take a second to check in with her, your inner wisdom, your Soul spirit before you answer. Does your answer need to be No? 

Please know that that's okay. Remember, keep checking in with your heart.



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