A Beautiful Thing Happened


Believe in your capacity to be all of who you truly are  ~ Grace Howes

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A few Saturday's ago I was witness to a beautiful happening. My own blossoming. 

I opened my home to a few women I'd invited to create space around ritual and space. I called it "A Gathering of Women" and the profound and beautiful thing about those few hours was that in addition to being the host for this Circle, I received so much in return. 

I always knew, as far back as I could remember, that in my adult life I would be working with women in some capacity. As a 12 year old young girl I had no clue how this would show up. I just knew. 

Fast forward all these long years later I have come full circle with that knowing. When I started life coach training back in January of this year it wasn't a question who my clients would be. Women. 

Women who need the space and breath to begin the deep dive into figuring out their true stories.

Women who seek gentle guidance and loving support in moving past the stuck.

Women who know deep inside their core that there is something more for them, and about them, that needs to come to light.

Women who are ready to pause long enough to listen to their inner wisdom. 

As I sat in circle with these women who chose to show up and share of themselves and listened and were present, I felt the most beautiful energy surround us. THIS is what I hope to offer the women of my tribe and the women who choose to work with me. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

And, speaking of how to work with me...

You know how sometimes, in order to figure out if you gel with someone, you need a starter pack, a taste test of sorts. That's exactly what I've created. 

The Clarity Spotlight Sessions

Commit to two-45 minute sessions. Come with 1 particular issue you need clarity around. Get help.  That's it. 

Well, a little more is involved but.....

I think you get the picture. This way you get some clarity + practical and helpful action steps to guide you AND, you don't have to commit to a longer term life coaching commitment ....at least not yet. 

Check out how it works here. Go on.....click over and let's begin.