15 lessons to learn from journaling

To write is to know that you exist. To journal is to find out why.

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Trust the voice within          Slow down         Truth is Power

The way to patience              Listen more often

Self-care is a must do              Being creative is a necessity

Realize I do not know it all               I can only change me

Keep it simple            Deal with my Inner Critic

Don’t let overwhelm overwhelm me              Set boundaries 

Apologize (because love matters more)            Forgive (myself mostly)

What else?

The other day, after I had finished journaling I noticed that my mind was very clear and there was a gentle energy about me that I loved. It got me to thinking about my own personal journaling habit. 

I’ve been journaling regularly since I was 12 years old. This process of writing my thoughts and feelings down on paper is one I cherish as a real part of the way I help myself stay sane. No kidding! 

For quite a few years now I’ve been extolling the virtues of this simple act of self care. Because that's exactly what it is ... whole mind self care. 

What I noticed about myself after journaling was that my mind, my body and my Soul greatly benefitted from the act of putting pen to paper, of writing the words my heart needed to say.

You’ve seen or heard these words from me before ...write your heartwords.

I'm not one to say write down your feelings, record your day or spill your guts. Writing your heartwords, journaling, is so much more than a spillage of words on paper.

It’s about getting in touch with your Soul’s spirit and allowing her words of wisdom and light to come forth. This is the reason I keep all of my journals

(some people actually burn theirs. Egads!!!).

One of the things I absolutely love to do is to dig out one of my older journals and reread the words I wrote. And you know what? Every single time, I am surprised by my own wisdom and heart and I'm ever so grateful for this gift I give myself. 

An Inner Journey

This is what I want to offer you in a new mini e-course, to come along with me for An Inner Journey ....30 days of journaling into YOU. 

The practicalities...you’ll receive one journaling prompt every week along with tips and suggestions on how to use it to help you jump starting your journaling practice, plus extra incentives during the week to help you go deeper in your journal. 

Okay, so that's the easy bit. The part that will take perseverance & fortitude, pure gumption & willingness on your part is to take the time to write your heartwords. 

The benefits, however, are golden

  • You’ll create a practice around journaling that will help inform you
  • You’ll open yourself up in ways you hadn’t noticed you needed before 
  • You’ll become aware of a new found confidence building up because you’re writing the words you need to hear 
  • You’ll come to know the inside You better (this is THE best gift!)
  • You’ll become more aware of the things around you and of your surrounding that bring more presence to your life  
  • You’ll begin to find more pleasure in the simple and beautiful ordinary moments in your day. 
  • You’ll come away from this experience wiser and more fulfilled with a more keen  understanding of who you are. 

You can learn more about this mini course here but, in a nutshell, An Inner Journey is all about YOU. 

Join me. 

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