an adventure in Catching Stories


Come join me for an Insta Story Adventure!

I've been working on a new program (52 Weeks :: An Inner Journey) that's gonna be a year long program (yeh....I know!!!) but had to pull back the date for it's launch. Family stuff came up plus, I realized it just wasn't heart ready yet (so please indulge me a little bit longer on the rollout). 


because my brain never stops humming and buzzing along, I've come up with something new to share with you right now!

I mainly hang out on Instagram (IG). It's my fave place to say hello 'n howdy and to share my thoughts to get you inspired and motivated to be your best self.

Plus I have this real suh-weet love affair going on with insta stories right now and so what better way to combine my two loves—journaling and IG— than an insta story adventure! Let's you and me start....

Catching Stories

Catching Stories is a 14 day journey into knowing you. We’ll go inward through a beautiful maze of intricate paths, uncovering the stories we find there bringing them to light and create space for new information to take hold.  

Each day for 14 days on insta stories I’ll reveal the word of the day to set the day's intention and, as you write, draw, photograph or collage about the word I offer, use it to help give you insight, to take another step into your knowing. 

Excavate.  Discover.  Celebrate.  You

Share your stories on IG using the #catchingstories2018. Plus, if you're sharing on insta stories remember to use the same hashtag and to tag me @kgracehowes in the pic or video. 


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Catching Stories Begins March 27th, 2018

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