How to find Home Within You

Trust…. Deep Breath…. Say thank you.... Repeat.

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When there is no space available, no air to breath free, how do you walk through life? Where is home within? 

I vividly remember this constricted feeling. I was 19 and living in my Uncle’s house (my father’s youngest brother) with his family.

My “room” was a really just a bed in the basement.

I remember feeling the most alone I had ever felt up to that time. I remember desperately wanting to be home with my Mum and brothers and sisters. 

I lived with his family so I could go to college. That was the arrangement. At the time there were no good prospects for me in Freeport (my home town in The Bahamas) after graduating from high school so I was sent to live with them.

I vividly remember though, each time stepping outside to go to my job in Manhattan or to my college classes and feeling total and complete freedom once I stepped outside the house, like I could breathe free once again. 

Now don't get me wrong, this feeling nothing to do with how my Uncle treated me. He was, and still is, a kind and sometimes funny man (the conversations we now have all these years later are a treasure). 

This was just how I felt. I was desperately shy and extremely introverted and never felt like it was my place to ask for anything. So anytime I was in their house it felt more comfortable to just stay in my basement room. 

The free air for me was always outside of where I happened to live.  I was a girl lost; a girl who hadn't a clue who she was or what she wanted. 

When there is no space available, no air to breath free, how do you walk through life?

When there is no space available to breath free in your business how do you manage?

Back then I did it by escaping each day. I might have been shy but I was extremely curious by nature.

Walking to the subway and sitting on the train I was always looking everywhere asking myself endless questions about what I was seeing, what I was witnessing, about the places I went, the people I saw.

I perfected my skill of people watching then, observing the nuances of emotion twirling across someone's face, the way they held their body, the skillful way they maneuvered through the world. And I wanted to be like them.

Confident. Affirmed. Seemingly so much more knowledgeable than I ever thought of myself at that time.

As I write these words…..for a few minutes it was if I was right back there, those same feeling arising but, unsurprisingly, not affecting me. I'm just witnessing these feelings like I did the people on the subway.  

THAT Grace doesn't exist in this body today. 

I am confident, affirmed and more knowledgeable. The Grace of today  is more sure of her steps, her role, her passion AND her purpose.

I now walk through life knowing my own worth. The air is free and clear wherever I stand, deep rich breaths of sweet knowingness. 

Where is home within you? 

Where do you go when things get so tough you want to break free and run away from whatever is constricting you…even if that thing is your business?

For me, when I can feel the tension start to rise as I sit at my desk, it truly is within each deep, intentional breath I take, each clearing exhale as I seat myself surely and completely into my body for a quick moment to recenter and recalibrate.

THAT is where my soul self lives, within each beautiful breath. Over the last few years I've learned how to access her, to tap into the wisdom she holds for me when things go awry or I get overwhelmed or when I begin to feel anger rise. 

She is right there in each breath informing me, guiding me, safeguarding me. . .letting me know all is well & guiding me back to center, this place called home. 

How do you find that space within? One of the resources I use to help my clients is getting them to regularly practice breath work.

The next time this off-center feeling comes up I want you to just sit still and listen…listen for your breath. Pay close attention to your breath.

Pay attention to the rise and fall of your chest and, as you breath in sweet intentional breath. And, as you do, notice when your body relaxes and what that feels like. Give words to that feeling.

After a few purposeful breaths in and out notice if maybe you need to stretch your legs or circle your feet and wiggle your toes.

Notice also the openness you feel from the slow arching of your back or the clarity you get from softly massaging your temples or the outstretching of your arms from your shoulders all the way down to your fingers...a body ready to begin receiving again.

THIS is the beginning of the slow resonant transition into your home within.

Find your home space, that sweet spot of peace and ease and comfortability within. Reach deep inside. Keep going there. Stay awhile. Feel the air available for you to breathe freely. 

Practice going home. 

- - - - - - -

Haven't a clue and want to find out how to access your internal home space? Hop on a complimentary call will me and let's start the work, your deep dive back home to you.