When to listen to your Inner Wisdom For Guidance

There is a piece of us inside ourselves whispering…...listen, listen, listen.


There is a piece of us inside ourselves whispering ….listen, listen, listen,

>>  when you ignore the needs of your body when it tells you to slow down, to take a break.

>>  when you measure your value by comparing yourself to others instead of looking inward for guidance, truth and self-love.

>>  when you let the mental clutter pile up and up and up until there is no room for anything else but collapse.

>>  when you give and give and give without thought for what YOU need to receive, what you need to ask for.

>>  when you allow the negative words you say to yourself be how you define who you are.

>>  when your go, go, hustle, drive makes no room to properly energize your body with good nourishing food

>>  when your Yes is more about others than it is about you.

>>  when a firm No is oh so necessary for your survival, yet it never passes your lips.

>>  when you allow your womanhood (or those of other women) to be diminished, weakened or vanquished so another’s power remains strong.

>>  when you don’t stand in your courage, put on your brave and walk forward with strength and conviction.

Sometimes it not because we can’t or don’t want to listen. Sometimes it’s as simple as us forgetting that we, too, matter.

It’s forgetting to go inside with a deep inhale of sweet breath to check-in. It’s forgetting to drown out the outer noise with the sounds of your soul needs whispering to you instead. It’s forgetting that your work is not the whole of you even if it’s your passion.

When you’re in go, go, hustle, hustle cause your business needs your complete attention I want you to take some time to ask…

Is it time to begin listening to what I need?
Is it time to begin paying attention to the whispers?

If, after allowing time for introspection & contemplation and that space inside you starts whispering yes, yes, yes….

.…..then please, for all that is holy and sacred, take the time to listen. It’s the only way to hear your truths.

When you’re ready, know that I’ll hold space for you. This is part of the work you and I will do together, allow space for your whispers to be heard. Start here.