Sometimes the only thing to do is to say Yes

That dream you have? It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger that you ever imagined Time to say YES. ~ soul nudger

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[NOTE: for this post I’m talking about those things that are good for you, not the things you definitely need to say an emphatic No to]

There comes a time when the only answer is Yes.

It’s not “No, I can’t” or “No, I don’t know how” or even “No, it’s not possible”. Because when the answer is NO, you’ve already and immediately hampered growth.

The words I can’t are a force unto themselves. It’s a hard stop that allows no other thinking to follow that could lead to a change.

No, I can’t is about stepping into the closed off territory of your fear and shutting the door tight on anything being different. I can’t is a definitive enough statement in and of itself, one in which it almost doesn't matter what action, thought or need follows those two words…it brokers no resistance or push back.

When we begin with No, I don’t know how to…, that’s about not wanting to acknowledge that fear even exist. And when you do that you’re allowing yourself to accept any excuse to reign as truth so that you don’t even have to face it, whatever your biggest fears are. 

When you start with I don’t know what you're really saying is I'm terrified to know what my fear feels like and what it will tell me about myself, my life and my abilities.

No, it’s not possible is about just that, not being open to possibility.

To me THAT is a scary proposition. Because when we’re open to possibility we're choosing faith and trust in ourselves, and not allowing the unknown to be a scary place, but rather a place of curiosity and wonder.

I revel in that. I welcome it wholeheartedly…these things called curiosity AND wonder. For me, possibility will always a beautiful place to sit in.


- - - - - - 

Saying Yes is about knowing that the only way out from under all the muddled, chaotic thinking and stand still non-motion is by saying Yes to something different than what you’re going through now.

Because in the end hon, there is no other way out than through.

It's about knowing that things need to change and that the only way change will come about is through you realizing you're in a place that no longer serves you.

Even though you haven’t a clue what it looks like on the other side of now, all you’re certain of is that you’ve got to find a way to move past what isn’t working….what you know hasn’t been working for a long time.

Because sometimes, saying Yes to the unknown is all it takes for the other side of now to begin taking shape, for the Universe to open up her portals to begin working on your behalf, for the manifestation of your desire(s) to show up as real and tangible.

You see, in order for change to take place, in order for the wheels to start turning and for the train to start moving out of stuck into something better, in order to take things to the next level…it takes forethought that must lead to some kind of action.

And, when you begin to say Yes to you, it’ll all begin slowly at first then, when momentum is gained, you’ll begin to see the needle moving forward and be able to gage some progress.

Energy drives action and for action to take place it has to start with that first step . . . .saying Yes.

What can you say a wholehearted Yes to that will begin to change what’s possible for you?



If you’re ready to say Yes and need some support as you traverse this new path, this new territory of possibility, please reach out. Know that I will hold space for you to make YOUR magic happen.