What does it take to live Simply?

Let go. Slow down. Create more space. 

Seeking a life of simplicity has always been one of my joys.

As I've gotten older I've realized that the gathering of things to keep near doesn't do nearly as much to satisfy the urge to sit in my space of peace and tranquility. 

So over the years I've learned to let go, to purge, to be okay with not hanging on to "stuff" just because. I've also done this with the people I choose to hold dear, the thoughts I choose to think (that inner critic work was hard) and the things I surround myself with on a daily. 

For instance in our move from North Carolina to Portland, Oregon I went through the rooms in the house I'd lived in for 11 years not with the idea of feeling sentimental but really choosing those things that have true meaning for me, those things I wanted to fill my new space with.

What does this idea of simple look like for me these days?  

➤  It looks like slowly waking up, where the rush to get up and out has been relegated to be performed on another day.   

➤  It looks like like putting on clothes to match my mood, whether carefree and soft, slouchy and comfortable or sweet and sexy. 

➤  It looks like creating space in my day for breath and wide openness because this is how I care for my body, my mind, my inner goddess. 

➤  It looks like purging and paring down possessions to those I truly need and want surrounding me 

➤  It looks like doing the work I’m meant to be doing and doing it with heartfelt joy cause I’m fulfilling my purpose. 

➤ It looks like be okay with where I am* and who I am rather than constantly questioning or denying the true essence of me.  

➤ It looks like allowing myself to find pockets of joy in all parts of my life. The simpler the better and more enjoyable I say. 

so the question for you is..... 

Where can you simplify your life?

Where can you pare it down to just the basics*? What can you let go of in order to bring in more simplicity? 

*just a side note here, remember that your basics will most likely look different than mine...and that's okay. What you choose to keep in your life is all in keeping with who you are. You do you your way...but simplified.


- - - - - 

I wrote this post as my family and I were traveling abroad visiting relatives but also taking time time out to enjoy each other’s company. Last time we we’re all together was 2 years ago—my oldest is in the Air Force & these days get togethers are when he can get the time off. So you betcha we’re making the most of our time together. 

But I wanted to come in today to get you to start thinking about paring things down, to think about what you really, really need and, think about what your heart and soul wants so that you can live the life you’re meant to be living. 

Begin the purge of all the extraneous stuff. Our planet will definitely thank you for it but, I have a feeling you will as well, and will love how you begin to feel.

start with Simplifying Your Life

Simplify what you surround yourself with. from your home furnishings to your clothes to all the miscellaneous things you keep around just because. Hey, I’m not talking a minimalistic existence, just one that creates meaning for you. Live a life you adore. 

❊ ❊ ❊  

Don't know what that looks like for you? Download my FREE pdf “Your Personal Manifesto”. In it I ask you a series of questions to help open you up, so you can take a deep dive into knowing and discovering what you're about.

Here is where you'll begin burrowing for the information only you have access to about the things that are important to you and the values you hold dear.

Then, with these truths of yours in front of you....start to simplify how you exist. 

Go on, START NOW.