What do you need to manifest in your life?

M A G I C  lives outside your comfort zone. 



Remember these words for later but first, a story. 

Back in March of 2016 a couple friends and I did a mini retreat in Vancouver, WA. We met at the parent’s house of one of the girls for a workshop to create our own vision board but with a twist. My friend Ho’o was a facilitator fora business group wanted to do a small group session with 3 of us to create our own business vision boards.  

We had the house to ourselves for 2 whole days and enjoyed a fun time working and eating and playing and laughing. What we came away with was an accordion book of dreams and ideas and goals we wanted to achieve going forward.


My office/studio has occupied many different rooms in the apartments we’ve lived in these last 3 years here in Portland and, ever since I created it,

I’ve hung up this book on my inspiration wall which usually overlooks my desk. There are cards and photos and artwork and words (of course) hanging up beside that book, all part of the energy I want to surround myself with as I work.

About 3 months ago, I guess because I used washi tape as my “glue” for the folds of the book, the front part of the book fell off the wall leaving the back part still stuck to it.

I picked up that front part that fell off and lay it on my art table behind me to put back together later. I was in the middle of writing content for my new course, Dubsado For Coaches, and didn’t want to be distracted.

A couple weeks later (hard to believe but yeh) I look up to formulate some thought in my mind and my eyes happen to fall on the back page of the accordion book still hanging on the wall.


What I saw stopped in my tracks my mouth agape cause I could not believe what I was reading! There were those 3 words, the ones above that exactly described the system I was writing my new course about, Dubsado.


Do you believe in M A G I C ?

I do, but of a different kind than you might be thinking. I tell you this story because I want you to know firsthand the power of MANIFESTATION.... the act of visualizing something you want to achieve in your life thereby attracting that very thing and having it show up for you sometime in the future.

It's not about putting deadlines on it revealing itself or constantly wishing and/or moaning for it to show up. Just your energy as you send it out into the Universe so she can pick up your vibes and do her magic.  

You see, when we choose to manifest our deepest desires, our heartfelt and pure wishes there is a spiritual energy that rises up from within us, emanating from every cell in our body that we send so that thing we so desire is is ultimately answered. 

You most likely have already heard of vision boarding, where you gather materials and ephemera from magazines and the like, creating a vision of what you want to manifest in your future.

This is the type of thing we created that weekend in March, except it was for our businesses. I must tell you when I look back on all that I included in my accordion book....I.m almost blown away but what I’ve achieved already. Which definitely makes me think it’s time for a new one.

(btw....I held an in-person workshop here in Portland last year that I’m planning to do again, maybe as a days long retreat this time. Hmmmm..... if you’re interested, let me know)

Recognizing that I put this vision out into the Universe only to have it show up is still blowing my mind. I have to tell you though, I cannot for the life of me remember why I wanted to include those 3 little words, AMAZING WORKFLOW SYSTEM, that now mean something bigger than even I imagined. 

Gotta say it again. Whoa.  

As always, a question for you...a soul nudge so to speak....  

What do you need to make manifest?

What do you need to throw out into the ether and dwell in possibility about? What can you sit still and imagine for you (psst...play BIG here).  

Anything comes to mind that you need to mull over, get clarity on, let’s chat. Going through life’s transitions can be difficult but what about choosing instead to bring your souls desires into reality? What is it that YOU need?  

Cheers to beholding your visions and being open to new possibilities!