When doubt and uncertainty take hold... do this.

…cause when we let go of the details,
the Universe just might raise the vibration.

Photo credit: gabriel-76293

The other day, reading Michelle Obama’s book I came across some of the many words she wrote about her then boyfriend, Barack Obama…

She was always awed by the presence of his clear certainty and “his notion that he could make some sort of difference in the world”. 

For most of us however, doubt and uncertainty are a part of our lives at one time or another (well…maybe not President Obama’s).

You know, that squirmy feeling that sits right smack dab in the back of the shoulder that you want to just shake off but just can’t.

Today, however, I want you to do something different. I want you to practice sitting IN certainty. 

I know, I know….both those things, doubt and uncertainty, might still exist in you. But what I’m talking about is, for a few minutes at least each day, acting as if they are not a part of your life (mind blown right!)

This might mean standing a little bit taller cause you are in the space of firm certainty and strength and feeling how that feels, feeling how your body presents itself differently, how your thoughts have stopped swirling and clear vision flows in.

You’re not thinking about a particular thing you are certain about, this mindset shift is all in the feeling. 

SIT in the presence of certainty. 

Let it flow over you and through you. Take note of how it feels for future reference. Note the way your eyes might light up or your voice is stronger or ideas begin to flow unheeded, without having to pull your hair out to get them. 

SIT in the presence of certainty. 

Like Obama, sit with the notion that you ARE making a difference in the world, that the work you are doing is greatly benefiting someone who needs you to keep doing what you’re doing. 

SIT in the presence of certainty. 

You are strong and confident. You are bold and powerful with a your-shit-don’t-stink kind of certainty. THIS is what I want you to practice.

Because when we practice this, two things happen…we get good at what we do and we begin to manifest that change we seek. 

SIT in the presence of your certainty. 

Know deep down that your voice matters, your ideas are needed and your work is doing the good that you hoped it would.

Be in the presence of your own certainty. Own that shit. Cause your powerful, badass bravery and light needs to shine…for you and ALL the people you are called to help.

Sit in your own beautiful certainty hon. It’s exactly where you belong.