Why do you need your own Resilience Team?

Behind every successful woman is….her resilience team
~ soul nudger

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Do you have a resilience team set up? Don’t know what that is? Don’t think you need one?

Uhm….you do. 

Most likely you probably already have a few people on your team or all least one other person in your life you call on for support but maybe you’re not using them correctly or even at all.

First, Let me explain what resilience is.

Resilience is about our ability to recover from any adverse situation.

It’s about our ability to bounce back from being knocked over by whatever life hands us, whether that be in our lives or in our business. 

Resilience is the difference between giving up when a storm has blown smack dab right over us AND getting right back in the game to ride again and not. It’s that simple.

Usually resilience is talked about in individual terms….one person’s resilience, but I truly believe that in order to be our best selves and do the work we are called to do, we also have to have a team we can call on as well. 

Who do you call on when the going gets rough and you need a helping hand?

Who you turn to for support or guidance when you feel things might explode into teeny tiny pieces in front of you?

Who do you reach out to for help when the road ahead narrows so much so that you can’t see your way forward, your path is unclear or  things are too fuzzy in your head to think clearly?

The people you have on your resilience team are those who help you out of  those deer in the headlight moments where taking one step either way seems an impossible feat and you'd rather curl up in a ball at your feet to momentarily stop the world for spinning so fast. 

Your team, large or small, consists of those who, when you need to reach out and shout “HELP!” they show up, no questions asked. No turn for them is too heavy.

Cultivating these soul relationships is key to living a rich embodied life.

It allows us to to the work in our business knowing others have our backs if needed.

Now don't get me wrong. You are a capable, strong, intelligent human who can do most things…..but you hon, are still, only human. And as such, you still need community connections. 

Connections that give you a barometer for your life; a base camp to come back to; a love so abounding that your life is beautifully enriched because of it. 

Who are your connectors…..you ride or dies? Do you know?

For me, these women are the ones I go home to. These are women in my life who I know I can count on in a pinch, to build me back up if necessary or take a jab for me in a dire situation.

My resilience team is fairly small. It consists of….

my Mother for all mothering things of course. I can call crying or stressed and she will hold me and lift me up like no other…EVAH! Bless that woman’s heart cause she’s been through the ringer with me and back again.

➢ my sister I call to get out of the thinking that winds me the heck up. She is my girl-put-your-head-on-straight connection. She knows all the secrets and will keep them safe for me. 

➢ my daughter because she is a tower of strength and a good balance for the testosterone filled world we both live in at home.

➢ a close friend who has become like a sister (you know who you are) that I can bounce ideas off, ask for honest feedback and get exactly that, no judgements. Her words of wisdom always get me thinking and pondering in a different way about any stuckness or “Agrhhhh!” issue I bring to her. 

As we talk about our businesses and our lives I realize that they run parallel in a few ways that's connects us even more. To tell you the truth I've not encountered a person like her before and I am so very grateful for her wise council. 

➢ my business coach, someone I now call friend, whose knowledge and support I didn't even know I craved. She guides me to see the good in the work I'm doing as a Mindset Coach. She helps me to better serve my community of powerful badass women who want to do good in this world through their businesses. 

➢ Lastly, the one who is always available at a second’s notice and has been with me since the absolute beginning of time….my inner compass, my soul self. Her wisdom and guidance is invaluable. It wasn't always this way believe me.

It took a lot of work for me to know her and trust her.  

She is the converse of my inner critic, the other side of that balance scale. She is the center that continually grounds me and brings me home. 

Now that you see who I have on my resilience team, and why.….who are these people for you? If your resilience team is not set in place yet, take some time today, today, today to have a good think on who these people need to be for you.

Name them, then . . .Claim them.

Let them know how you feel about them (they will be tickled pink!), plus why you’re choosing them. And then, ask them to be on your team. You gotta do the ask.

Remember, the people on your team should be those you trust implicitly. They will be the keeper of secrets, the issuer of your get-out-of jail-free card, the shoulders you lean on, the wiper up of tears, the giver of truth when feedback is needed and the wise council of wisdom to guide you along your life path.

Reach out to them, not only in times of needs but also so you can feel their presence in your life, to know the truth of your relationship and to reconnect to the ties that bind you both.

That hon, is where the juice is. IN THAT connection.

Cause when sh*t hits the fan, when you need a shoulder to cry on, when you haven't a clue which way to turn, when life hands you lemons and you forgot the dang lemonade recipe (again!)….

….these are the people of your resilience team who will pick you up, dust you off then send right back into the arena of life (or business) to stand strong again being you, because you’ll know in complete certainty that they’ve got your back.

Call in your resilience team.

Find them. Feed them as they will feed you in your time of need. Do THIS work, this soul enriching work. Your heart …and your mind with thank you for it.  

Namaste love, namaste. I bow to the divine spark in you.


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