journaling :: the essence of thought

Connor homewrk on bed_10-30-2015.jpg
journaling has always been about capturing those minute moments in a day that adds up to the life we live
— Grace

i love watching him do his homework.  he came into my room last night asking to hang with mum while he did his homework.

my bed soon filled with all his schoolwork stuff spread all over my bed.  he was concentrating so much on writing that he didn't see me sneak this shot.  

he had only to write a short paragraph & ended up filling the whole page with the essence of his thoughts.

he says ... "sometimes i think i'm gonna stop and then i have more to say"

love the silence of these moments with him, each of us doing our own thing, being with each other. no words necessary except the occasional line from a song he doesn't realize he's singing out loud.  oh, the smile in my heart.  it's in these moments that life is the absolute sweetest.

question:  how do you capture the essence of thoughts?   leave a comment telling us how you take the time to journal your day OR use the hashtag #journaltheeveryday over on Instagram.