Ready for an online kindreds meet-up. . . 

where journaling creatives connect?


Join us in The Journal Circle!

In our circle of kindred souls, I will act as your guide on your journey to self-discovery.

Through selected prompts, guided worksheets and creative exercises we will excavate, challenge and encourage your Soul to whisper her heart-centered wisdom into the pages of your journal. 

We'll use the awesome power of journaling in a variety of ways—writing, collaging, sketching, drawing—all parts of visual journaling to create poetry and symmetry through words and images that tells your story and explore your untapped avenues of self expression. 

In Journal Circle you will . . . 

  • have fun exploring creative ideas that will expand your journaling practice

  • let the power of your intuition guide you to follow the path your inner divine lays out for you

  • discover different ways to ground yourself and release that energy into your journal pages

  • find the perfect opportunity to schedule some much needed "Me" time, to settle into a comfy spot and take time for you

  • get to be YOU in your journal and express your thoughts and ideas, your dreams and goals in each of our Circle sessions

  • lovingly receive support from kindreds in the Circle

  • find that your journal, from your own searching and writings, will become a wonderful vessel to contain your heartwords.


join your kindreds In Circle

**Registration is required each time we meet for Journal Circle. This gives me a headcount for each Circle meet up. 

Next Journal Circle: Friday, September 28th

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Mark your calendars for these upcoming dates:

Oct 26th, Nov 30th

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and. . . it’s about coming together in community

Supplies will you need:

  • a favourite pen to write with

  • a beautiful journal to release your heartwords into

  • extra art journaling supplies to tap into your creative side*

  • to be open & willing & free to connect to your Soul + all the wisdom she has waiting inside for you

  • a willingness to give but, oh so especially, to receive

*you'll be notified when you'll need to bring art journaling supplies


...each time after we gather in Circle is that you find JOY welling up through you at beautiful and inspiring moments throughout your day and that you Journal Soulfully. 

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