NOTE: You can still download the Reflections PDF. New journaling prompt will be released November 2019.

As you’re reading this, most of the year is behind you and there only a few more months to go. 

Every year you make plans to do better— to show up more, to make better connections, to foster relationships, to get healthy, to do the work you set out for yourself…you get the picture.

You make plans to do #allthethings and, as one month heads into the next, living life has a way of not letting you check in and savour or reminisce or take stock. Going, going, going is what you always do.

By the time you get to the end of the year you haven’t a clue what just happened in the previous 10 or 11 months and you find yourself thinking “where did the year go???”.

Reflections on a Year

This year I’m inviting you on a journey to find out what happened for you in the past year so you can plan your new year with the knowledge of what went on (success and failures), what still needs your attention (keep or let go) and better prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming year.

So the question I want to put to you is …

What can you bring to your life, to your inner being to move you thru to the end of the year and get your heart and soul ready for the new year to come?  

– – – –

Hey there, I’m Grace, your personal soul nudger.

First, I believe that woman have innate power.

……just by the fact that we are women, we are nurturers, we are care givers; some of us are mothers and we have careers or own businesses, but at the very core, we are women strong.

I also believe that most of don’t know or acknowledge this fact. But we need to tap into that power within us more often (to do the work we’re good at, the work we are called to do).

One of the best ways I know how to do that is to tap into our inner guides and let them inform us. Some call it expressive writing, some call it morning pages…I just like the simple term journaling.

So many of us trudge along each and every year not knowing who we are, what we’re made and are not even aware that we possess innate female power that we’re not using.

I know firsthand the power of journaling. It has helped me over the years to get unstuck, to find out who I was deep down inside, to discover the me that was always there and the innate power I possess to lead or inspire or take charge (yes, especially THIS!).

That’s what this tool of Reflections on a Year (yes, I want you to think of it as a tool in your backpack) is all about.

In Reflections on a Year I’ll offer a question a day that’ll have you traveling inward to assess, gain knowledge, show up and, of course, reflect.

You choose how deep you want to go in but I gotta tell you…the best way to be present is to allow yourself the space to show up and be willing to step into ALL of you.

Because hon, this is about opening up your heart and your soul for deep reflection and honesty, without judgement.

You’re just gathering information to better prepare yourself for the new year. It’s that simple AND it’s that deep.

I cannot wait for you to dive into these prompts to reflect back on you and your year. I cannot wait for you to experience the revelations and the ahas, the highs of good periods and the lows of others, even the I-will-do-better moments ….because all of it informs.

May this transition bring in more space &

more quiet to begin the work to guide the outside within. 

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