5 Days of Self-Love E-Course

5 Days of SELF-Love E-course
SELF-Love Kit
5 Days of SELF-Love E-course
SELF-Love Kit

5 Days of Self-Love E-Course


SELF-Love is a way of directing the mind to take care of the SOUL so that acceptance and kindness sway true.

The 5 Days of SELF-Love Mini E-course offers daily exercises for you to get more fully engage in connecting with yourself and trying to shift the focus into being more empathic and kind to yourself.

My hope for you is after taking this course is:

  • a deeper, more profound connection to your innate wisdom
  • a more sustained self-compassion
  • reconnection to your inner goddess, that beautiful soul center of you
  • a path to start or renew a journaling practice
  • a celebration and acceptance of all parts of you, light and shadows

For 5 consecutive days, you'll experience one lesson of  SELF-love. Each day's exercise, building one upon the other, will guide you in creating space for yourself while allowing you to take the necessary time you need each day to celebrate you and direct some love inward.

It’s time for some SELF-Love don't you think?

Start your journey here.

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NOTE: I've also created the SELF-Love Kit to work wonderfully in tandem with the 5 Days of SELF-Love Mini Course.

Each kit contains a handmade journal, a talisman energy stone, 2 beeswax tea lights and an archival print of The Articles of Truth. Click the link above to purchase.