Begin discovering who you truly are when you’re not inhibited by your fears


Making brave, bold choices is hard.

Giving into your fears when you’re stuck in overwhelm can make decision making difficult and, knowing which way to turn almost impossible.

When you're struggling to silence your inner critic or are constantly feeling overwhelmed it can be hard to navigate your way through. 

I'm Grace and I help women who feel stuck in a cycle of frustration and overwhelm. I’ll ask the tough questions you're afraid to ask yourself.  

I'll help you work through your moments of "I' can't". Together we'll invite in more insight and clarity so you can begin living a life filled with more freedom + authenticity, to discover the beautiful, confident, brave person waiting inside.

Let's do some JOY work together


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Grace created such a safe and cozy space for our conversation that felt comfortable exploring whatever came up, without feeling the need to sensor it at all. Thank you, Grace, for a beautiful session  ~  Kris P.
Grace has a warm and curious nature and asks thought provoking questions. She has a way of pushing and challenging me that is infused with empathy and a bit of fun too. I always know that we’ll uncover something interesting during our coaching sessions  ~  Dara P.
Grace is a fantastic coach who always provides a warm space to explore my emotions. Her ability to have me question what I truly want is incredibly valuable  ~  Jackie V. 

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