Begin discovering who you truly are when you’re not inhibited by your fears


Making brave, bold choices is hard.

Giving into your fears when you’re stuck in overwhelm can make decision making difficult and, knowing which way to turn almost impossible.

When you're struggling to silence your inner critic or are constantly feeling overwhelmed it can be hard to navigate your way through. 

I'm Grace and I help women who feel stuck in a cycle of frustration and overwhelm. I’ll ask the tough questions you're afraid to ask yourself. I'll help you work through your moments of....

"I cannot do this!" or "What the heck is next?"

Together we'll invite in more insight and clarity so you can begin living a life filled with more freedom + authenticity and begin to see the beautiful, confident, brave, loving person that's been there all along.

Let's do some JOY work together


When I started on this journey of life coaching, I never questioned who I'd be helping.


Women who know deep inside their core that there is something more for them.

Women who are finding it harder and harder to take action....any action

Women who seek gentle guidance and loving support in moving past the stuck

Women who know it's time to step out into their light instead hanging back in the shadows.

Women who need the space and breath to begin the deep dive into figuring out their true stories.

Women who are ready to pause long enough to listen to their inner wisdom.


If you see yourself in these word know that my mission is to help YOU gain clarity enough to see the path forward, bring in the focus needed so your path remains clear and hold up a mirror so you see and know your heart-centered wholeness.

I work with women who are ready to begin the deep dive into discovering who they truly are beyond the fear, the doubts, the  insecurities that blind us to our beauty within.


What you might be going through...

  • you might be experiencing a heavy loaded transition and need help managing the process

  • you need to silence the inner critic or at least work to understand her role in your life

  • you have goals & dreams you want to achieve but find it difficult to make them happen

  • you need to identify what is holding you back and work to resolve the resistance

  • you prefer to work thru an issue with support and guidance and trust

  • you want to change what's possible instead of constantly spinning your wheels

  • you want to move from stuck into ease and fulfillment and wholeness


Grace created such a safe and cozy space for our conversation that felt comfortable exploring whatever came up, without feeling the need to sensor it at all. Thank you, Grace, for those beautiful sessions ~ Kris P.


There are two ways to work with me:

Discovery Intuitive

The Discovery Intuitive includes 2 sessions every other week (for a total of 6) where we begin to peel back the underlying layers in an attempt to get to the core of where you're stuck. Choosing this coaching package allows for more expansive work over a longer period of time.

Deep Dive Intensive

The Deep Dive Intensive is just that, one session every week for 4 weeks. The work you'll do is intensive and focused. And, because it happens in a shorter amount of time you'll need to be truly committed to doing the work you'll need to do for greater long term success. 

With both of these coaching sessions you'll have at your disposal tools and resources that I provide, in addition to practices you'll take away from each session to bolster the insights received. 


Grace has a warm and curious nature and asks thought provoking questions. She has a way of pushing and challenging me that is infused with empathy and a bit of fun too. I always know that we’ll uncover something interesting during our coaching sessions  ~  Dara P.

Grace is a fantastic coach who always provides a warm space to explore my emotions. Her ability to have me question what I truly want is incredibly valuable  ~  Jackie V. 

Life is about living ALL the truths.

It's about digging deep and discovering all the bits you've kept hidden from view. And just so you know, in some of our sessions together you're gonna laugh and then, in some, you might just might cry.

Because while we're talking and figuring out and you start to face those hard to look at truths, we'll need these two emotions in our arsenal to help you get to the root why you're not moving forward. 

In our time together what I commit to you: 

  • to help you see a way forward unencumbered by the fears that holds you back
  • work to get you clear on what you want and the steps needed to achieve it
  • offer informative, practical exercises to sustain the work in between our sessions 
  • encourage self-care practices to help you to help sustain your growth
  • a detailed pre-session packet to help guide and tailor our sessions
  • a session summary, including any take away exercises

There's a space within each of us that holds no fear, insecurity or doubt. It's filled instead with courage, bravery, self confidence & love. 

Start your journey into you.

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Not ready to make a full commitment?  Just need a couple of clarity focused sessions instead?  Then you'll be interested in my Clarity Spotlight Sessions. Head here to find out more.