The 30/50 Coaching Challenge

In the last 5 or 6 months I’ve been sitting on a precipice. 

I’ve wanted to find a way to serve differently, to show up differently for the women I want to serve. In talking with my own coach we came away with a new way to help women. And, I must tell you, it’s something I immediately embraced and felt my own power behind.

What is this new way of serving?

In the next 30 days I’ve decided to book 50 powerful coaching calls in my calendar. 

That might seem like a lot but notice I said “book”. The appointments for coaching will be booked in the next 30 days but the beauty of this challenge for you especially, is that your call doesn’t have to take place during this time. You can schedule it for any future date.

So, if you are grappling with something you need to get clarity around and would like to apply for a complimentary coaching session, I invite you to fill in the form below.

A few things to keep in mind…

  • Our calls will be 90 minutes in length, a good space of time to get to the heart of the matter for you.

  • Each call is a complementary, no obligation call. That means I will not pitch to you to sign up for one of my coaching packages. My sole gift to you is as a Soul Nudger and coach.

  • These calls are gifted on an application only basis. Why? Because I need to make sure that the women who accept this gift are ready to get the most of out of the work we will be doing. 

  • The calls are for women who desire a deeper connection to themselves, are ready to shift something in their lives and, most certainly, to do the deep work that’s required.

  • As well, on each call I will ask, and require from you, that you not be afraid to go wherever the session takes us. In other words you will need to show up in truth with me but, most importantly, for yourself.

  • I will treat our call as the same type of session I have with my paying clients. I don’t intend to give half of me, that’s not how I work. You get all of me, 100% in.

  • Finally, in order to be gifted a complimentary session you must be willing to dwell in possibility and be open to all that that brings to you and for you.

A session with me will be powerful for you if: 

☁︎  you’re working in a job that leaves your soul unfulfilled and yet, you can’t help but remember that long ago childhood dream you had that, right now, keeps rising to the surface. 

☁︎  your fears are always shouting the loudest in your head but you crave to live more in line with the soul enriching thing that resonates in your heart that fear stops you from pursuing.

☁︎  you know that you are ready to put on your own brave cape, take the risk and step into your courage more often but don’t know how.

☁︎  you wish you had a stronger voice to be able to ask for what you want & what you need or, to be able to speak up when you see something that doesn’t fit right with your soul. 

☁︎ you’re ready to step off on your own and create a life designed by you, all about you but you haven’t a clue where to start

THIS….this is the work I choose to do with the clients I support. This is where my heart lies. To be a guide and support to women as they traverse the path to transformation. 

If this feels like a HELL YES for you, if you’re already geared up to jump on one of these calls, fill out the form below to take the next step on your path of discovery. After I receive your form I’ll will be in touch about the next step. 

Note: if you know of someone who would benefit and be excited to get on a one of these calls pass this on to them.

Remember, you can schedule your call for anytime in the future but your call must be booked in my scheduling calendar no later than Friday, Dec 7, 2018