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Here in the JOY Work Circle Classroom, you'll find the classes and workshops available to you to help you rediscover your JOY and reconnect to your Soul. My purpose in offering them is to combine all the JOY & all the Work, while still making it a fun endeavour to reach your highest potential.

Click below to learn more about each course or program. Plus, if there is a topic you would like me to create a class around, let me know by email. I'd be happy to speak to you about it to get your ideas. 


an Inner Journey

Most times journaling will just be thoughts you’ve gathered on a day. But oh, sometimes:

....your words are gems to be discovered or nuggets of information your Soul needs to pass on to the conscious you.

Give yourself permission to touch the deeper parts of who you are.

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5 Days of SELf-Love

Do you ever have those moments when all you want is for the world to stop for just one moment so that catch your breath?

I invite you to experience 5 Days of Self-Love, an e-course to help you recharge and get you back to full engagement again. 


The Journal Circle

In Journal Circle we'll use the awesome power of journaling and access our innate creative nature, using visual and art journaling, to do some needed Soul work.

We'll create poetry and symmetry through words and images that tells your story and further explores all untapped avenues of self expression. Come join in the fun!

Note: Registration for each Journal Circle is required.

The next Journal Circle: Friday July 27th

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