How’s this for frustrating?

You’re hot shit at what you do. You’re smart, determined and itching to make a bigger impact, one with a big, bold vision of the business you want to create.

for some reason, when it comes to really getting down to business, you’re a hot mess. 

Try as you might you just can’t seem to overcome the procrastination and overwhelm that shows up.

At least enough to do what you know needs to be done, if you’re ever going to take things to another level.  

You've finally realised that one more "how to" course, webinar or freebie is not going to cut it. 

You’ve considered hiring a business coach, but you know in your heart that you're not ready for that…yet.

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What you need isn’t another strategy or “proven system”.

Because it‘s not about figuring out what to do. It’s figuring out what's getting in the way of you just doing it already. It’s about figuring out why you keep getting in your own damn way all the time. It’s about facing your inner demons: your fears, your self-doubt, your loud (and sometimes obnoxious) inner critic. 

The work that needs to happen is about getting out of your head and taking the time to go inward, to shine a light on who you find there in order to see what’s possible.

This type of change requires a mindset shift.

But changing how you think takes time.
It takes tenacity and perseverance and straight up gumption.
It also takes a deep willingness AND commitment to start the process.


If we take a quick peek into your head right now I’d be willing to bet that this is the type of thinking that’s dominating your inner thoughts….

◆ You don’t believe you have the necessary skills or the smarts.

◆ You constantly compare yourself to others and always come up short.

◆ You fear judgement from everyone.

◆ You keep thinking if you could just get your website, marketing, branding, offerings, messaging etc, “just right” then you’d feel better with the way things are going.

◆ Because of your need for things to be perfect, you constantly rethink your EVERY thought and action.

◆ You’re unable to turn down the volume of your inner critic, the voice inside that keeps you stuck.

◆ All of this means you stall on making decisions so, in the end, nothing much gets done.

These thoughts are the very things that are holding you back from showing up and getting things done in your business. I know. I was once where you are.

If this is you, then it’s time for a change.
It’s time for a reset.  

Thing is, you don’t know how to change the old way of thinking that’s holding you back, that’s keeping you comfortable and safe. If so, you’d have done it by now, right!

When your fears prevent you from taking action, from playing bigger, this leads to you feeling like a fraud and further feeds your imposter syndrome. So how do you escape this unproductive cycle?

How do you let go of the untruths lingering in the recesses of your mind? How do you stop working against yourself and your business and turn this ship around?

What if I told you there was another way?


…where FEAR is not your constant companion, instructor and guide?
What if clarity and confidence ruled the way and the hazy path forward were clear again?  



Using a 5-step navigational process we’ll get to the heart of why you remain stuck and work to create a mindset shift to break your old patterns of behavior and shift your mindset from doubt and overwhelm to clarity and ease.


The work we do together is not about getting you to think more positively, though there’s no harm in that, it’s just NOT the thing that will move the needle forward.

You’ll need to do the deep inner work that will help you change your old scripts to create new, more sustainable habits that help shift you thinking and how you view things.

In this way you're able to be more present in your business. My mission, as we do this work together, is to support you to finally put down the burden of your limiting beliefs, and to do so with ease.

Together we’ll outline the steps needed to help you stay on track, to not only work IN your business but to do the passion work you enjoy and are called to do… that helps you change the world.


Who I work with. . .

Female entrepreneurs who want to create a deeper connection to the work they do, the clients they serve and to themselves as well.

This transformational work is not for everyone. It requires a resolute commitment and an impassioned desire to do the work necessary to effect change.

It will require you to show up more powerfully, to stand in your brave and be willing to go wherever the work takes us.

You will need to show up in truth with me but, most importantly, for yourself.


  • I will listen for the quiet whisper of words from your soul.

  • I’ll ask the questions you’re afraid to know the answers to.

  • I’ll nudge you to step more confidently into your brave self and help you practice showing up.

  • I ask (and require) that you be intentional about your actions.

  • I’ll support you as you find a new way to be you in a more bold, more powerful way.

I will always nudge you to go deep….and deeper still, until we find out what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck. I’ll walk alongside you as you begin this journey and celebrate each and every win until you get to the other side of now.

What will THE OTHER SIDE OF NOW look like?

  • You are more confident about who you are AND your capabilities.

  • Judgement no longer clouds your mind.

  • Comparisonitus is a thing of the past because you’ve stepped into your own worthiness.

  • You’ve gained clarity about your WHY, which reflects the mission and purpose for your business.

  • You are more present in your business…with your work AND with clients.

  • You show up more boldly and powerfully than ever before.

  • You are no longer afraid to to tell your inner critic to take a back seat cause you’ve got this.

  • Your day to day actions now align with your values and beliefs.

  • You now speak with more confidence and passion about the work you do.

  • Your are now ready to take consistent, targeted actions in your business.

And lastly, you are more than ready to show up as the Badass Female Entrepreneur you know you are.



Now you know what we’re capable of together,


Here's what happens next...

1) You and I get on a call and have a powerful coaching conversation where we’ll talk about what stuck looks like for you right now.

2) Towards the end of our call we’ll take a few minutes to talk about any small or large shifts that took place and, as well, what you want to achieve with coaching.

3) If, at the end of our conversation, we both feel a HELL YES and want to take things to the next level, I’ll schedule a 2nd call with you to discuss the logistics of working together.

4) Then we begin our work together to shift your mindset so you can show up more Bold and Badass in your business.


Conscious Business Intensive

  • 6—60 minute sessions over the course of 3 months

  • Exercises and practices to enhance our session work.

  • The Conscious Business Manifesto - a PDF workbook of questions to help you solidify your core values & beliefs.

  • Resources and tools to help you integrate the work you’ll be doing.

  • Support via email in between sessions.

Investment: $750


I would not expect someone to invest in coaching until they’ve had an experience of what it would be like to work with me. Click the button below to fill out a short application form. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a response.