About The Portal

Your Client Portal will be the hub of our all communication going forward. Here is where you’ll find everything related to your coaching experience with me.

Your Client Portal alleviates confusion and prevents endless searching for forms or emails I send or you having to locate adn errant document that contains your homework practices. Everything will be contained in ONE convenience place. It’s a system I love using that definitely helps me be more organised but also streamlines and improves our communication.

What will you find in your Client Portal?

  • your Client Coaching Agreement

  • all forms and questionnaires

  • all emails that go out

  • each individual invoice (downloadable for your records)

  • a list of each appointment you have

  • session notes & homework practices

  • links to each session's recording

  • other special notes & documents

pink line.jpg

You will have received the “Welcome to your Client Portal” email. In there you will find the direct link to you portal.

When you click that button a new tab will open up (see image). Enter the password you find at the bottom of that email and hit “Login”.

To help better you navigate around your Client Portal, I’ve created a video to give you a walk-through of what you’ll find there. Click the button below to watch. If you have any questions, or something is unclear or not working as expected please reach out.