Please take a moment to read over the following important information for purchases.

Classroom Policy


Upon purchase of a workshop or e-course you will receive an email confirming your registration. 

For LIVE* workshops or Mini E-courses** the day before your course starts you will receive a Welcome Packet by email which will include any other information you'll need to access the course and/or your supply list. Passwords, should it be necessary, will be included in that email as well. As each course progresses, you will be emailed content for each week of the course. 

For Self-Paced Classes, 24-36 hours after confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email containing your Welcome Packet, including any materials & supplies list and the password if needed. You will have immediate access to the class at this time (exception: 1st time LIVE releases).


* LIVE Workshops: 1-6 months in length  

 **Mini E-courses: 5-14 days in length


I understand that sometimes life happens and schedules can change. Please note that request for refunds will only be issued a minimum of 3 business days before a LIVE class is due to begin (verified through email time stamp no later than 6pm PST).  There will be no refunds issued after access to any class has been granted. Email me here to ask questions. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Where will I access the course I purchased?

All courses will either be hosted on my website or offered solely by email.

For web hosted courses you will be given a password to access the course video, or other content, the day before a course begins. As well, you will need at least a working knowledge of computers and high speed internet access to watch videos. 

What if I forget my password?

The password will be in the email sent to you at the start of the course. Please be sure to save that email to access later.

Can I share the course emails, links or password with a friend?

That's a no-no. Please don't share any course information with a friend, co-worker or anyone else. Course content is to be used only by the person who is on record for having purchased the course. If someone wants to join you in taking the course...EXCELLENT! Please direct them to the Course page to register. Thanks!

Are course PDF"s downloadable?

That a big YES! You will receive a Dropbox (or other) link to the PDF's available for the course in your Welcome Packet email. Remember, please DO NOT share this information. Only students who have paid for the course should have access to it.

Can I download videos to my computer? 

If the course content contains videos, you will be able to access them thru the platform they reside on using the provided password. At this time, however, videos are not available for download.  

How long will I have access to the course?

Most of my courses, especially those you receive through email drip content, have LIFETIME ACCESS. Sweet right?!! You will be notified when a course you sign up for is for a certain period only, e.g. subscription based courses that repeat a few times during the year. 

Whom should I contact if I encounter a problem? 

Should anything arise or a problem occur that you cannot solve or you have a question that needs answering please don't hesitate to pop me an email. I usually respond with 24-36 hours (barring holiday or vaca days) but be assured I will, will, will get back to you.

For web/technical questions, If I can't address the problem right away please know that it may take a little longer than necessary to resolve if I have to get help from outside sources. 

Whom should I contact if I'm really enjoying the course and I'll burst if I don't tell someone?

Yup. that would be me again....PLUS you can also (please, please) shout it from the rooftops,  i.e. your social media—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest would be awesome! Spread that course love around!!!!