Come with me on an adventure . . .


...a 14 day journey into knowing you.

Let's connect and create community around just being ourselves....with no concern about how we show up, only that we do. 

We’ll go inward through a beautiful maze of intricate paths...each self created...uncovering the stories we find there, bringing them to light and, creating space for the new to take hold.  

We'll briefly step into our center to explore this heart territory, unhurried and uninhibited. 

Come along with me as we catch our stories.

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How will Catching Stories work? 

  • Each day for 14 days on insta stories (Instagram) I'll share the word of the day and my story I'm catching surrounding the word (sign up below to receive an email each day with more info on that day's word to help guide you and set your intention).

  • You choose how you want to interact with the word....write, draw, collage, find a quote, record a video or take a picture. Most days I'll be video journaling and sharing it on insta stories. Don't forget to follow me @kgracehowes on Instagram.

  • Then, share your word stories each day on Instagram using the hashtag #catchingstories2018

  • Don't forget to follow the hashtag to see what others have posted. Let's create connection and community around catching our stories.

  • To take this adventure deeper...head to your journal & write down the feelings that came up for you around the word of the day. Step into your truth.

Think of this as a way to gain some new insight, to take another step into your knowing and see how the idea of each word rings true for you. 

Excavate.  Discover.  Celebrate.  You.