Clunky vs efficient. . . which would you rather?

What does onboarding new clients look like for you? Did it look like this (my “system”…..

  1. Potential client contacts me through Contact Form on my website or DM me on social media

  2. I emailed (using Gmail) them a link to my scheduler to book a Discovery Intro Chat

  3. As soon as they booked an appointment I email again to thank them

  4. After our call, I emailed yet another thanks attaching a PDF (in Dropbox) outlining my services

  5. If they decided to become a client I sent another email with my Client Agreement Form attached (uploaded PDF form to Dropbox)

  6. Then off I go to Paypal to create and send an invoice

  7. After receiving payment I send another email to thank them for making a payment (a quick acknowledgement to let them know I received it) and include a link for them to book their first appointments in my scheduler which I them added to my calendar (how many systems is that so far? ...7)

  8. In the beginning I sent my Client Agreement (CA) as an attachment via email and (Shock! Horror!) asked them to copy and paste the "Accept Terms" in the bottom portion of the CA in a reply email as acceptance of said agreement. This is was the way I got clients to sign the Agreement

  9. Then I got wise and started using Hello Sign (system #8).

  10. After I received their signature I needed them to complete the Client Questionnaire which was originally another PDF in Dropbox. But, getting fed up with that, I decided instead to design interactive forms in Adobe InDesign (#9) for both the CA and Questionnaire to make it easier for me to gather the information I needed from my new clients

It's only after all of this that I get to begin helping them...which is all I wanted to do in the first place.

You might now be able to see, when I discovered Dubsado the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing (okay so not like that really) but my business took on a different flavour of ease and efficiency when I started using Dubsado as my CRM. 

From 9 different systems I am now down to 2, Dubsado and Acuity, my scheduler*. EVERYTHING else I do inside Dubsado.

When I say it streamlines your business I am not kidding. One place to go for the majority of the daily tasks I need to work with my clients.

And, unless I need to add a different service offering to my Acuity scheduler or tweak my schedule (e,g. change my availability for certain days) I don't even have to visit it because all appointments are emailed directly to me (I have my scheduler set up to automatically add the appointment to my calendar which then automatically shows up in my synced Dusbado calendar)

Can it really be this easy?


But, like everything else there is a learning curve to using it. This is where Dubsado For Coaches, a resource to learn everything Dubsado, will become your best friend.


Going through the content of videos, PDF's and resources available means you don't have to flounder figuring out all the bells and whistles and getting frustrated trying to learn a new system on your own. 

In Dubsado For Coaches I've broken it down step by step on how to set up and use Dubsado for your coaching practice. 

I'm on this for you!

 *psst.....btw, the folks at Dubsado have already announced that a built in scheduler will be part of a new roll out soon so we'll be down to 1 system for everything! 

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