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The Client Questionnaire

I remember when I designed my first Pre-Session Questionnaire. In a few hours I had frustrated myself so much I had to walk away from my computer. 

Because I chose Life Coaching as the work I wanted to do I knew I’d have to get much more information from my clients that is ordinarily collected in order to begin working with them. 

My form was long, filled with lots of questions….questions to learn about who my clients are and where they are on their journey of discovery.

Plus, as a Life Coach, I needed to be informed of any mental health conditions that would affect the work we did together. So my questionnaire was extensive because I needed to safeguard my client and myself in business. 

But, what I didn’t like about the intake process I initially set up was that in order to get all this information from my client I had to ask them to print the form out, write in their answers, then scan and email me their completed form.

Every time I sent out a form I cringed because it was not how I wanted to do business. I like order and keeping things simple. This did neither.

In the end, I decided instead to learn how to create an interactive PDF in Adobe InDesign. By the way, I had never used the software before but I learned just enough to make my form and create something that looked more professional.

With this interactive form clients could fill out the form in the actual PDF and hit submit to send to me. This way I’d bypass all that extra work the client had to do.

Yes, I could have gone with Google Drive or one of the myriad of other platforms out there, but it would have been the same thing….another platform or system to integrate into my business.

Then, a few months after switching to an InDesign created form I found Dubsado. This girl was very happy. 

Using this system I could now not only design the Pre-Session Questionnaire on the platform with their drag and drop feature but send it directly to my new client.

Now when a client signs up to work with me all I have to do is send the questionnaire to their portal—their Private Client Portal (more on that in another post) that only the 2 of us have access to. There they fill out the form and hit submit. It. Is. That. Easy. 

Soooo....are you ready to learn how to use Dubsado for your coaching business?  *she says with a smile* 

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