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One of the quirkier things about me is that I love organization. Order helps me function better. 

I'm Grace, a Mindset Life Coach. I enjoy helping women figure out their why and dig deep into discovering who they truly are.

But, at the same time, I run a business and I know first hand that there are a lot of moving parts right up front before I can begin working with a client.

And, in order to make the process as seamless as possible for myself, and for my new clients especially, organization of all the moving parts is key for me. 

What I found, though, was that my process, truth be told, was a bit scattered. Remember, my brain thrives on organization but over time, the process I had set up was just not cutting it. Asking a client to do any work up front to get them to work with me (other than filling in required forms) always felt counterintuitive to the whole premiss of me supporting them. 

Needless to say, while working with clients, I was on always on the lookout for any new tools, systems or software to help me be more efficient and look more professional. With that said.....

Meet Dubsado

Dubsado at its core is a Customer Relationship Manager, a CRM. But, after working with it in my own business, I've realized it's far more than just a "manager". 

The beauty of Dubsado is it collates a few systems (e.g. following leads, designing & sending client forms and invoice processing) all in one place. It is a simple yet very robust system. One of it's best features is that it allows for the automation of repeated tasks into streamlined workflows. 

Saints be praised, this is exactly what I needed (and, I suspect, probably you as well). 

Since I started using the Dubsado system in my business, I've gone from having many disparate parts, tools and systems, trying to make them work together without forgetting a step to now a smooth running business where repetitive tasks are now automated.

Heck Yeh!

Working with this system, not only am I able to only track those who are interested in working with me, but I can quickly move them from a potential lead to a coaching client with some simple automated steps. 

Dubsado* users are creatives like web designers, photographers and coaches. There's quite a lot of information out there about it for creative service providers and I was determined to learn all I could to be able to utilize it efficiently in my own business. 

But in my search, I didn't see a lot of tutorials out there specifically geared to training coaches how best to use it in their coaching business.

I decided to step into that space with the course I am now creating called... 


In this course I'll teach you how to set up Dubsado, how to design all the different forms needed and create workflows and processes for getting and maintaining clients.

This in depth training will show you how to streamline your business, maximize the onboarding of new clients, while serving current ones, plus help you create a professional outward appearance.

Additionally you'll have access to virtual 1:1 coaching sessions, plus Live Q&A calls to to get all your questions answered. I am so excited about showing you what this system can do for you and your business!

This new course will be released October, 2018. Use the link below right now to sign up to be notified when this one-of-a-kind course goes LIVE!

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I'll be sending out updates closer to Launch Date, plus giving you sneak peeks of the course here on the blog, so bookmark this page to keep in the loop. You won't want to miss it!

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