There had to be a better way!

in order to understand why I wanted to create this course I thought it best to take you back to the beginning...

Who was I before Dubs? 

As a fresh-off-the truck, newly minted Life Coach I hadn’t a clue what I didn't know yet.

I had this pie-in-the-sky type of thinking about what I was about to embark upon—find All the clients, help them where they are, make sh*t loads of money and have a very successful business and live a wonderful fulfilled life. 

Ok so not that pollyanish. Ha!

What I didn’t know, was how hard it world be to get clients, to let my people know I was now available to help them get unstuck.

So I took extra courses on marketing and building up your email list and figuring how to talk about me in business (totally enjoyed this course but dang did it test that me!) 

At the same time knowing that I wanted to be ready for the barrage of clients I’d start getting any day now *she says with a wink, wink*,  I thought I’d prepare myself by getting my new business set up right and ready for my people to show up.

In my previous businesses as a crafter (bookbinder & quit artist) I had a couple of systems in place to help me run these businesses—they were a website, an online shop and an email list. That’s it. I chose Etsy as my shop platform so all I had to do was make my books and journals and upload them to my online shop.

As a Life Coach, however, I found that I really needed more systems in place to make this coaching business work and, after a while realized that I didn’t much like having to go here there and everywhere in order to make my business work the way I wanted it to. Was this you too?

I knew there had to be a better way.

I kept holding out hope that soon I wouldn't have to do the constant running around from system to system doing all manner of tasks to make it seam as if business is running smoothly.

And I found it. There is a system out there that fit my needs and I bet it will help you too. 


I've got so much more to tell you. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting more information about how this system works and how it can help you in your coaching business. Stay tuned. 


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