Why your mindset is like a mountain

Your ability to do your work is so different than the mindset
you bring to the work.
~ Soul Nudger

I want to talk a little bit about mindset and mindset shifts.

Mindset shifts are about pushing yourself out of your comfortable and beyond where you think you’re capable. 

I’ve used the term move your mountain before, where you do the work to remove the resistance that shows up.

Think in terms of your mountain as your mindset. The top of the mountain is the end goal that you’re trying to get to and the mindset shift is what you’re trying to bring about.  

Imagine you’re standing at the base of your mountain and you have to scale it to reach the top, cause that’s what is needed right now in order to grow your business.

Oh, and you’re standing there with nothing but the clothes on your back, not even shoes.

Looking up there it is, that mountain, a gigantic beast of an element. Most likely you’ve not done any mountain climbing before (actual mountains I mean) and haven’t a clue how to start.

As life events go, you’ve jumped over some hurdles along the way, skirted around a large boulder (or 10) in your life before, but this one….this mountain you’re standing in front of is definitely outside your comfort zone.

And perhaps it’s even scaring you a bit (recheck….maybe a lot!). How would you get to the top?


This is what creating a mindset shift is all about. You know you have to move beyond what you know cause moving mountains can be scary sh*t.

What do you need to make this work? What is it you need to get to the top of that dang mountain?

First, you need tools and resources….and maybe some climbing shoes. Eh. Maybe.

It also would help to have a guide who knows this particular mountain, someone to make sure you’re correctly outfitted, someone to check all your carabiniers and ropes and the scalability of said mountain.

So good. You’re all in check. You can now attempt to scale up the side of that mountain and get to the top. BUT hold up, if your willingness and your capacity to move beyond what you know now is nonexistent, nothing will change.

What you’ll need, more than any of the tools you brought along to scale that mountain, will be a shift in your thinking. What we know is that if you come into any experience with the same thinking that you’ve had all along, even though you’re physically equipped to do the work, nothing will change.

You’ll remain in that same spot, looking up at your mountain with nary a chance to get to the other side. 

There needs to be a certain belief on your part that you will get to the top. You’ll need to believe that this bigger than big feat is possible and that the top of that mountain is yours for the taking.

There can be no complacency in your decision.

No time for doubt or feelings of uncertainty Your mountain will eat you up and spit you out otherwise (a thing you might have already experienced in life).

Now is the time to choose to be open to possibility….possibility that you will reach, with keen certainly, that top peak.

And, after all your prep work + middle-of-the-fray work + coming down the other side work, it will leave you feeling renewed and revigoured; able and willing to do the work you need to do like jump all those smaller hurdles or large boulders you’ll encounter in business…because your BIGGEST mountain will have been slayed.

Once you start on this journey up the side of that big monstrosity in front of you, there is no going back. What you knew before will be a thing of your past and new skills (thoughts, patterns, habits & beliefs) will define your future.

A future of possibility and light and authentic meaning & purpose.

Because you will now have the tools, the resources and help and support of your guide, not to mention the loads of experience and the unwavering belief you will have gained knowing that you are now more than capable of climbing and conquering any damn mountain standing in your way.

So I challenge you. Your time is now to Move. Your. Mountain.

Create a mindset shift, one so great that you can finally, finally get out of your own damn way.

- - - - - - -

To take your first step, schedule a Shift Session and let’s talk about you using me as your guide so you can begin to climb up your more than scalable mountain.

📷 credit: dylan siebelink