No time to journal? Here's why you really need to

There are times when we really don't know, until we begin the journey    ~Unknown


So you thinking that you have no time to journal. You might be thinking something like this...

...maybe you can’t be bothered. 

...maybe you think you have nothing to say. 

...maybe you just don’t have the time.

All valid reasons for not journaling but.... you should anyway.  

I've been there. 

A couple of years ago I stopped writing regularly. I mean it was a hit and miss, but mostly a miss I'm sad to say. 

During that period I would look over at my journal and think I'm way too tired to even pick up the book, far less write my thoughts. And, when I actually picked up my journal to write I'd also be thinking... “girl you know you have absolutely nothing to say anyway” and I’d leave my journal right where it was  .

Mostly during that period though, I let myself believe that I didn't have the time. Notice I said let myself believe.

A friend who had always struggled with the plain notion of writing said journaling was hard for her because it meant she had to slow down and process stuff.

Yup, that's the gist of it. And, also, not. Bear with me a minute on this.

Slowing down and processing stuff is the gracious beauty of a journaling practice. But I have to tell you, that’s not all journaling is aboutI'm gonna let you in on a little secret....journaling isn't about long, endless passages of words. It isn't about waiting till something comes up to write to begin. It isn't about always processing stuff.

Journaling is about bringing all of you to the pages of your journal in small ways.....a couple of sentences sometimes to get the feeling, thought or event down ....and in big ways in long sets of paragraphs because your heart needs the release. 

(read more about the 15 long term benefits of journaling).

Here's my invitation to you. Today, find a small pocket of time to write. Start writing and stop when you feel you need to. Place no time constraints on yourself. Then, find some time in the same week to repeat the process. Then repeat this process the week after that. 

Before you realize it you’ve now started your journaling practice. it’s really that simple to begin.  

Because journaling is about taking care of you....your heart and your soul. Start taking care of you more.

Just start*. 

Toodles y'all,


- - - - - - - -

*Need some help beginning? Download "My Top 5 Journaling Prompts" to get you started. These are just a few prompts to get you on the road to a regular journaling practice. 

(btw....journal circle is on hiatus at the moment)


I'm restarting The Journal Circle! Oh yeh!!! On the last Friday of the month for the next 5 months we'll gather together in my "Zoom Room" to create some time and space to mingle and chat with fellow kindreds, plus get support around your writing practice. Learn more here**.

Friday, July 27th, 2018, 11:00am PDT is our first circle.

Come join me and some of your journaling kindreds. Let's get up to some fun mischief while writing our heartwords.

**Journal Circle is FREE but registration is required